The Voice 9 Top 12 Performances – Live Blog and VIDEOS

The Voice 9 Recap Top 12 Performance -- Pictured: Amy Vachal -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 9 Recap Top 12 Performance Live Blog VIDEOS

Tonight, join us as we live blog The Voice 9 Top 12 performances. Contestants from Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Gwen Stefani and Team Pharrell Williams compete for YOUR VOTES. Click for Voting Rules.  No phone. No texting. Online voting only at, The Voice Facebook or via The Voice smartphone app. And of course, iTunes downloads count as votes!. Don’t download until 10 pm ET! Voting during the show ONLY on the smartphone app.Click for tonight’s Top 12 Song Spoilers

Cold open with the Top 12 assembled on stage. Host  Carson Daly offers support to the people of Paris on behalf of the show. “You are in our thoughts, our hearts and our prayers.”

After, The show kicks off as usual.

Braiden Sunshine – Team Gwen – Renegade by Styx – Performing first! Before The Voice, he was in a rock band singing AC DC. This is his song choice. Gwen reminds him that singing a rock song takes 100 percent “body confidence.”  He admits he’s got to work on that. Oh boy. Braiden has always wanted to do a rock song on a big stage. And here he is. Sans curls and glasses. Please, Braiden, don’t fall off the stage.  Welp. This is Tuesday night at the High School talent show–he looks so YOUNG. He’s hard to take seriously. But it’s not a trainwreck. He’s got a decent voice. I just keep saying–underbaked. At 15, Braiden’s not really ready. Oop. And his voice just broke. Adam thinks it’s awesome he was in a band at 9 years old. “I’m a fan,” he says.  “This kid can do anything!” enthuses Blake. “This kid needs to do a country song.” Pharrell is super impressed with his versatility. Gwen was scared to let him do a rock song, but he nailed it, she says. “I think you did an amazing job.”  – Download from iTunes

Adam and Blake do their bro thing for a Nissan commercial.

Amy Vachal – Team Adam – Hotline Bling by Drake – Ooo. Death spot for Amy. She says she would have never thought of “Hot Line Bling” as a song choice. But that’s why Adam chose it. He accompanies Amy on guitar during rehearsal. Pharrell suggests an upright bass. “Let youself go too far,” counsels Adam. “You have to have an emotional breakthrough on that stage.”  Yes, exactly! On stage, Amy is playing electric guitar! She looks super cool. It was so smart to pull Amy into the 21st century. This is still too sleepy, but the overall effect creates an interesting mood. A million points for atmosphere and cool, but she still lacks substance. Amy has yet to have that emotional breakthrough Adam was talking about.  Blake calls it the most elegant and classy performance of a song about a booty call he’s ever heard.  Adam scoffs when Blake claims he hears it on the radio every day, The Blake drops this: “Gwen sang it to me on the Tonight show.” Alrighty then. That’s the moment everyone was waiting for. The audience kind of melts down! Pharrell recovers enough to say Amy always makes songs her own. It’s why he pushed his button during the blind auditions. Gwen can’t believe how pretty she looks. “I thought it was gorgeous.” Better than the Fallon version, she says. Heh. “You took a risk and did something bold,” says Adam. “You should be so proud of the artistry.” – Download from iTunes

Jack Coleman from “Heroes Reborn” is in the audience.

Mark Hood – Team Pharrell – Against all Odds by Phil Collins – Mark. Death spot adjacent.  Pharrell wants him to sing “Against All Odds” like an English hymn, rather than a gospel song. Wut? Mark goes on about how great the team is and how much he’s loved the experience. It’s like he’s saying goodbye already. Wow. Pitchy moments. Every time Mark slows it up, his vocal weaknesses are revealed. This rendition is so lackluster too. That’s on top of the execrable song choice. Why did Pharrell even bother to save him? For THIS? The only hope for Mark to survive would have been an upbeat song. Amp up the entertainment factor. This is so hammy, I’m cringing. Poor Mark. Gwen saw a different side of him. “You’re so full of heart and spirit,” she says. Adam thinks he has passion and determination in spades. “You give 200% every time.” Pharrell stands, “Let’s do it again!” Uhm. Let’s not.  –  Download from iTunes

Christina Grimmie is back to talk Kohl’s fashion. Is that a contradiction in terms?

Emily Ann Roberts – Team Blake – Blame it on Your Heart by Patty Loveless –  Blake tells Emily saving her was a no brainer. He’s certain she could be a star. He chose Patty so we could see attitude this week. “It’s about dumb boys!” Emily says of the song. He gives her tips on body language. All her girlfriends are obsessed with Zach Seabaugh. She’s all I’M A BARRETT BABER FAN. She’s sassy, for real! Forget the next Danielle Bradbery–maybe she’s the next Kellie Pickler. Blake sure picked the right song for her. I love her tone. But she could be bringing even MORE to her performance. She’s holding back. She’s in her head, thinking about the next step. The performance is awkward and stilted–but she’s cute. It’s unlikely this song will zoom up the charts like last week’s hymn. Gwen doesn’t know the song, but she likes it! Adam thinks Emily has grown up “before our eyes.” She’s ready to go, he says. Blake feels like she’s finding her confidence on stage. –  Download from iTunes

Korin Bukowski – Team Gwen – Titanium by David Guetta w Sia – Korin says she really relates to the lyric. She’s so grateful that Gwen has believed in her all along. Meanwhile, Gwen believes dying Korin’s hair blonde will fix her confidence problems. Alrighty then. Gwen brings back Korin’s big voice, which can only help her. Last week’s performance lacked dynamics. The blond is nice, I guess. Hm. There are some pitch things here. The band is swallowing her up some. She hits some big notes, but everything feels tentative and strained. No Gwen, changing her hair didn’t change Korin’s personality.  I will say–the performance is an improvement over last week’s. Blake loves that she’s unassuming and “not cool.” Don’t change that, he says. Korin says she feels like she’s entered another place. Pharrell says that’s how performance is supposed to feel–transformational. Gwen feels so blessed to be a part of her journey. “You did it exactly the way I envisioned it to be done.” – Download from iTunes

Barrett Baber – Team Blake – Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx – Blake and Barrett decide not to “country up” the song. He brings passion and soulfulness, says Blake. He promises that we’ll hear him on the radio. Didn’t he say the same about CWB? Ahem.  Here’s Barrett’s family.  He’s dedicating the song to them, blah blah blah. He and Blake have a bro moment. “I’m about to bring the thunder on this one!” declares Barrett.  During the live performance, the singer does his “Barrett thing” with the “heartfelt emotion” and what not, tingling those daddy feels. The mamas at home are swooning, most likely. He hits a key change.  He scrunches up his face… Hm. Adam loves that he attacks every vocal. “That just shows how much determination and passion you have.” Is that Adam’s go-to critique tonight? Blake notes that he can’t stand still. But he loves that! His passion makes him a great artist, and a great singer.  –  Download from iTunes

Madi Davis – Team Pharrell – Who Will Save Your Soul by Jewel – Pharrell doesn’t intend on getting in her way. THANK YOU. She’ll be picking her own songs. That’s why tonight’s choice doesn’t suck. She decides to lose the guitar. She’s firmly in charge. A band member suggests a reggae thing. “Why not!” she says. She’s more nervous about revealing her upbeat happy side. Pharrell advises her to get out of her head. Reggae vibe…Madi commands that tricky vocal and rhythm. This is an artist who is self possessed. She’s effortless, putting her own spin on the tune. Madi is the real deal, ya’ll. She gets right to the heart of a song. She’s got the thing that, in my opinion, Amy still struggles with. She feels what she’s singing deep down inside, and delivers those emotions with assured vocals. “It was so fun to see you in a different way!” says Gwen. “It’s awesome to see a different side of you.” That’s Gwen’s go-to critique tonight. Blake thinks changing it up a bit makes viewers take notice. “Ladies and gentlemen, 16 years old!” announces Pharrell to a cheering crowd. “You know exactly what you want to do.” –  Download from iTunes

Jeffery Austin – Team Gwen – Let it Go by James Bay – Jeffrey lost his dad when he was nine, as a result, he has a hard time letting go of people in his life. He really connects to the lyrics of the song. “I need to show I am evolving as a performer,” says Jeffery. This performance is sensational! JEFFREY BRINGING IT YA’LL with so much emotion and that rich gorgeous tone. He’s leaving it all on stage. Easily the best performance of the night. That’s not saying much. But even on a competitive night, he’d be a force to be reckoned with. Adam notes his growth, “You’re our greatest dream,” says Adam. He’s so proud of Gwen and the show! “Your voice is so strong,” says Blake. He envies Jeffery. “You definitely could win this thing.” Gwen gets out of her chair, “OH MY GOD THAT WAS CRAZY.” She dyed his hair too. Not that he needed it. – Download from iTunes

Shelby Brown – Team Adam – In Color by Jamey Johnson – When Adam tells Shelby to get out of her head, she bursts into tears. Aw. She’s just a kid. “Adam really helped me today,” says Shelby, “he really helped me see I do better when my head is clear.”  I wasn’t impressed with Shelby’s recording, but she’s giving the song everything tonight.  Her big rich voice just flows out of her. She takes a strangled, growly tone on a high note, and it works. OK. This is the second best performance tonight.  Shelby is NOT in her own head, that’s for sure. Blake noted a moment that she lost the timing. She gets away with it, he says, because she recovered with an amazing note. To be honest, I didn’t even notice. Adam said she came back from a mistake with one of her best moments on the show.  –  Download from iTunes

Evan McKeel – Team Pharrell – This is It by Kenny Loggins – Evan admits he didn’t feel as comfortable singing “Overjoyed” last week. This week, he’s freeing himself up. No standing behind the mic. Pharrell tells him to do what he needs to do, but don’t THINK about it.  Sorry, I don’t get this song choice. Why not give Evan a contemporary R&B song? His vocal is pretty solid here, but so what? So hopelessly out of date. OMG and the awkward shuffling around on stage. Yikes. So corny. Evan is better than this. There are some nice vocal runs, and I love his tone. But where is the artistry? Gwen says there was something so free about him tonight. Pharrell asks the “how are you feeling?” question. He had so much fun! Pharrell says he proved something about being yourself…or something. Pharrell wants America to vote for him. Hm.-  Download from iTunes

Jordan Smith – Team Adam – Great is Thy Faithfulness – Jordan shares how he has loved singing church music. He tears up talking about his faith. The band isn’t going to play. “It’s a chance for me to show who I really am,” says Jordan.  He stars a’capella, before accompanying himself on piano.  Well, choir boy is in his element, I’ll give him that. His pure, clear tenor serves the song well. When he goes for the big notes, the crowd cheers. A proper Protestant hymn, sang properly. Mama is crying in the audience. Adam gives him a big hug. Blake invokes the tragedy in Paris. NO! Don’t go there! Too late. “Thank you for that,” Blake says. “You had me standing up in the middle of the song,” says Pharrell. He orders us to download the song from iTunes. “You come along and make us…feel joy,” says Adam, dittoing Blake’s sentiment about how Jordan’s magnificent voice has the power to heal us from tragedy. Ugh. –  Download from iTunes

Zach Seabaugh – Team Blake – My Love by Easton Corbin – He’s done theater in school. That’s where he got his “moves.” Blake and Zach duet on “Footloose” in rehearsal. Blake compares him to Elvis again. He’s sure tonight’s song will be an “iTunes moment.” Blake instructs him to sing to the girls in the audience, obviously hoping to create a country teen idol. Blake is really trying to make this dude happen? This performance is so lackluster. Elvis, he is NOT. Zach floats around the stage, wanders into the audience to grab a few hands–it’s like he’s sleepwalking. Dude, this is where you give it everything you’ve got. Zzzzz. The pimp spot? Really? For this gulpy, amatuer vocal and high school level performance? Pharrell calls him a “professional” and compliments his range. Uhm. Gwen’s all HOW OLD IS HE? She also notes his “professionalism.” She thinks he’ll be a huge star. Uh. Adam prefers the “Elvisy stuff.”  NO. Blake says he’s ready for a headlining tour! Have I entered opposite world? –  Download from iTunes

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