The Voice 9 Knockout Round Preview

THE VOICE -- "Knockout Reality" -- Pictured: Rihanna -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 9 Knockout Round begins tonight at 8/7c PM, featuring pop superstar, Rihanna as key advisor to all 4 coaches–Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. The Top 32 will be whittled down to the Top 20 ahead of the LIVE 3-night playoffs, which begin in two weeks, on Monday November 9.

Team members will be paired up, each singing a solo song of their choosing. The coach will pick the winner of the round. Each coach can steal one eliminated contestant for their team.

Beginning November 10, the Tuesday night episodes will move back to 8/7c PM.  The special Wednesday results show, on November 11, when the Top 12 is revealed, will also begin at 8/7c pm.

Sixteen Knockout Rounds will be spread out over 3 episodes and 5 hours, which possibly means there will be no montaged performances at all!  Tuesday November 3 is a clip show, “The Road to the Live Shows.”

Logistics out of the way, let’s talk about this Top 32.  It’s been pointed out by astute commenters, that Gwen Stefani’s team has been montaged more than the others. Three of her battle rounds were montaged, for instance, vs NONE for Adam Levine. It really points to the relative weakness of her team vs the others. Only ONE of her eliminated contestants were stolen. It didn’t help that she went ahead and nabbed soul stylist, Regina Love–a singer that probably won’t make it out of the Knockout round.  She did steal the talented Riley Biederer from Team Pharrell, and Korin Bukowski is also a standout. But on the other hand, there is the underbaked Braiden Sunshine, and the rest, are unmemorable.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton had two and three members of their original team stolen, respectively.  I do question Blake snatching Ivonne Acero, who may not be ready for the rigors of competition.  I will also never forgive Blake for choosing the blandy bland Chris Crump over rootsy folk artist Krista Hughes. STILL BITTER! Adam has standouts Shelby Brown, Viktor Karali, Dustin Christianson and Jordin Smith. His team is so strong, he’s going to lose good singers in the upcoming round. Blake’s standouts are pop vocalist, Chance Pena and young country singer, Emily Ann Roberts. Barrett Baber is the husband and father who almost died. He’s going to go far, whether we like it or not…

Pharrell Williams gave up two contestants for steals, and as he typically does, has an eclectic roster of talent. His standouts include the young, quirky, Siahna Im, the song stylist, Amy Vachal, the versatile, Evan McKeel, and R&B scene stealer, Mark Hood. He also stole creative country singer, Morgan Frazier from Team Blake. Right now, arguably, Adam and Pharrell have the strongest teams going into the knockouts.

What do you think? Which is your favorite team? Favorite contestant?

Team Adam Levine

Andi & Alex – Audition – Battle Round
Shelby Brown – Audition – Battle Round
Dustin Christianson – Stolen from Team Blake  – Audition – Battle Round
James Dupre – Audition – Battle Round
Viktor Karali – Audition – Battle Round
Blaine Mitchell – Stolen from Team Blake  – Audition – Battle Round
Keith Semple – Audition – Battle Round
Jordin Smith – Audition – Battle Round

Team Blake Shelton

Ivonne Acero – Stolen from Team Pharrell – Audition – Battle Round
Barrett Baber – Audition – Battle Round
Blind Joe – Audition – Battle Round
Chris Crump – Audition – Battle Round
Nadjah Nicole – Audition – Battle Round
Chance Pena – Stolen from Team Adam – Audition – Battle Round
Emily Ann Roberts – Audition – Battle Round
Zach Seabaugh – Audition – Battle Round

Team Gwen Stefani

Jeffrey Austin – Audition – Battle Round
Riley Biederer – Stolen from Team Pharrell – Audition – Battle Round
Korin Bukowski – Audition – Battle Round
Ellie Lawrence – Audition – Battle Round
Regina Love – Stolen from Team Adam – Audition – Battle Round
Braiden Sunshine – Audition – Battle Round
Summer Schappell – Audition – Battle Round
Kota Wade – Audition – Battle Round

Team Pharrell Williams

Tim Atlas – Stolen from Team Gwen – Audition – Battle Round
Madi Davis  – Audition – Battle Round
Morgan Frazier – Stolen from Team Blake – Audition – Battle Round
Mark Hood – Audition – Battle Round
Siahna Im – Audition – Battle Round
Evan McKeel – Audition – Battle Round
Darius Scott – Audition – Battle Round
Amy Vachal – Audition – Battle Round

The Voice Promo featuring Rihanna

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