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The Voice - Season 8

Tonight, The Voice 8 Top 8 take the stage for YOUR votes. Plus, it’s HOMECOMING NIGHT! Former coaches, Cee Lo Green, Usher and Gwen Stefani are back to help advise coaches, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera. Plus, watch out for The Voice alums backstage and sitting in the audience!

The Voice 7 runner-up, Matt McAndrew will debut his new single, “Counting On Love.” Coach Blake Shelton will perform his new single, “Sangria.”

The show kicks off with a group performance.  It’s the guys who sing Avicii’s “Hey Brother.” The girls are next with “Wake Me Up.”  It’s an Avicii medley! The coaches on their feet with a standing ovation! Whee.

Hannah Kirby – We Don’t Need Another Hero by Tina Turner – Team Blake – Hanna is bummed that CeeLo didn’t bring his cat. It looks like Hannah chose the song for herself. Blake calls Hannah and CeeLo “kindred spirits.” Is that a compliment? CeeLo wants to add a kids choir. Oy. Hannah wants to showcase her desire to be a THEATRICAL artist. Actually, I haven’t been a big fan of Hannah, but this song suits her. She can belt and it doesn’t feel like an assault. She riffs with the guitar players, before the kids choir comes out. They aren’t in robes though. They’re not singers, but funky dancers. I’m guessing also CeeLo’s idea. I’m remembering some of the crazy performances he put together for his singers. Another reason not to miss him. The kids hop and skip around quirky Hannah, who seems to be in her element. She really is an oddball. Blake gives her a standing ovation.  Christina felt it had CeeLo’s stamp on it. She suggests she develop her lower end a bit. Pharrell loves that she’s doing it her way. “You’re waving a flag for everyone who is different,” he says. “Those kids were so friggin adorable,” says Adam, “You’re always great. “You sang that song perfect,” says Blake, “You’ve become one of my all time favorite artists.” – 1-855-864-2301 – Text 1 to 8642 –  Download from iTunes

Joshua Davis – Fields of Gold by Sting – Team Adam – Joshua CHOSE this song. So you can stop blaming Adam if all goes wrong! Heh. He says it reminds him of an old folk song.  Adam and Usher give him advice on phrasing and how to connect emotionally to the song. “This is for you,” says Usher. It’s a deeply personal song for Joshua, about the decisions he’s made for his life and how it’s affected his family. “It’s me swinging for the fences,” he says.  I didn’t think, for one minute, this was a bad song choice. It’s a beautiful song, and perfect for his warm vocals. He needed to get back to basics and who he is as an artist. This gentle Sting ballad is serving that purpose perfectly. Josh is best with intimate material. He’s not a powerhouse singer, but when he’s connected to a song HE CONNECTS. This is absolutely lovely. Josh is back. And he should ALWAYS pick his own songs. Blake is glad he’s back to where he belongs. He calls last week a “left turn.” Adam says he sang with class and elegance. “An absolutely stunning job,” he says.   – 1-855-864-2302 – Text 2 to 8642 –   Download from iTunes

Kimberly Nichole – Creep by Radiohead – Team Christina – Christina wants her to have a super vulnerable moment. Kim will add a few jazz elements to her interpretation. Gwen and Christina urge her to break down her walls. Christina demonstrates and Kimberly begins to cry. “Broken, insecure,” is what needs to be expressed, says Gwen. “Creep” IS a sad song, and comes from a place of such self-loathing–a singer has to bleed pain to get it right. It’s a lot to ask a singer who isn’t used to exposing their emotions.  It is the most vulnerable Kimberly has been in a performance, and her vocals are amazing as always, but she’s not getting to that place of deep hurt. Belting a note isn’t going to cut it here. Really, it’s my issue with most covers of this song. But man, THOSE VOCALS. Kimberly can sing her face off. The crowd goes WILD. The coaches are on their feet. “That was masterful,” says Pharrell. Adam calls her rendition, unique and powerful. Blake is amazed she came up with her performance in only a few days. Christina is “in awe…you are an artist…you embodied what this competition is about.” ETA: Kimberly tweeted that Haley Reinhart’s version inspired her. I didn’t find the arrangements identical. Haley’s had a New Orleans flavor absent from Kimberly’s R&B version. – 1-855-864-2303 – Text 3 to 8642 –  Download from iTunes

Shakira sent a VIDEO message from her home in Spain. SHE MISSES EVERYONE! “I want to send you all a big big kiss from Barcelona.

Here’s Blake Shelton singing his hit single, “Sangria.”  Excuse me while I check out.  Gwen Sebastian from season 2 sang backup vocals.

Meghan Linsey – Something by The Beatles – Team Blake – Meghan always wanted to be on Team CeeLo. Does she watch this show? She sang this song last year at the Apollo, which impresses him. The first time she heard the song, the message about “true love”  made her cry. CeeLo loves her soulful spin. “You gotta go over the top,” he says. His advice is so bad. He’s suggesting a huge orchestra. This is NOT the kind of music I want to hear from Meghan. I want my swamp girl back! But this is the type of tune that wins competition, if it’s sung well. She needs to dial it back on the high notes, but other than that, her interpretation is emotional, heartfelt. Her phrasing in the verses is exquisite.  She looks very pretty tonight, in a black lace dress. “You are bad ass!” says Adam, who correctly calls that Blake did not choose the song.  Blake thinks she getting better and better every week. He expects to see her in the finale. – 1-855-864-2304 – Text 4 to 8642 –  Download from iTunes

India Carney – Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland – Team Christina – India is going back to her roots. “Make sure you have all the joy in the world,” says Christina. Gwen can’t get a sense of who India is as an artist. India realizes that’s something she needs to work out, and The Voice is helping her. She wants to make a record like Adele. Gwen compares India to  Anita Baker.  India goes back to her classical roots, where she’s comfortable and sings a lovely version of a beloved classic, albeit with runs and fancy stuff that it doesn’t really need. This song is such a crowd pleaser, it will likely keep her in the competition for another week.  That she seems to have no idea who she is as an artist is a problem, not only for her survival, but for her career going forward. “It was magic,” says Blake, “I definitely see you moving on to next week.” Christina says, “You took me there, whole heartedly. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous,” says Christina.- 1-855-864-2305 – Text 5 to 8642 –  Download from iTunes

After some fun with twitter from the sky box. (LET’S READ TWEETS FROM FANS YAY)…

Matt McAndrew takes the stage to sing his BRAND NEW SONG “Counting on Love”!  It’s very energetic. If I’m being honest, I’m a bigger fan of “Wasted Love” and was a little sad it was never sent to radio. The new song is too conventional for our left-of-center Matt–but it suits his voice. Jim Valentine from Maroon 5 played guitar.  I’m rooting for Matt! I hope his first album era works out for him. DOWNLOAD FROM iTUNES

Sawyer Fredericks – Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd – Team Pharrell – He has ELEVEN guitars! One is made by Ray Lamontagne.  “It was like he was being rather than singing, says Gwen after watching his rehearsal. Pharrell is pushing him to work the crowd more. ‘There’s something very raw and very honest about him,” says Gwen.  Sawyer’s performances are compelling because he connects. Nope, Pharrell. He doesn’t freaking need to walk around with his guitar to greet the crowd. He’s meeting them without even moving a muscle. But halfway through the song, he does stroll around, and the crowd seems pleased.  Bandzilla is at it again, though. Sawyer’s delicate vocals get swallowed up by the music. The band should always be dialed back for Sawyer. What am I saying though? He could fart for 2 1/2 minutes, and probably still top iTunes at this point.  Adam says his raw vocals don’t need to be anything other than what it is.  Pharrell begs his fans to vote for him. As if that’s necessary.  Why the hard sell? Not necessary!  – 1-855-864-2306 – Text 7 to 8642 – Download from iTunes

Corey Kent White – When I See You Smile by Bad English – Team Blake – Corey needs to rattle the cages this week! So Blake picked a song he could flip. Corey is obviously NOT feeling it. “The only thing country about this song is me singing it,” says Cory. Oop. Blake and CeeLo disagree. Blake thinks it would be a country song if it came out today. WUT. No. It’s an 80’s new wave power ballad. You can throw in a banjo and a twang, but it’s still not country. It would be shame if this was the performance that did Corey in. He’s giving the song what he can, but it’s really boring. It’s not right to make a kid sing a song he’s not feeling. But then, finally, the song ramps up on the bridge. Corey is leaving it all on the stage! The second half is much better than the first. Unfortunately, the young singer  has potential, but he’s dwarfed by the rest of the talent this season, and seems to be an afterthought, for Blake. His favs are clearly Meghan and Hannah. Adam thought it was an interesting song choice. He wanted the explosion earlier in the song. Blake insists that the subtle moments have to come first. Blake calls it the moment he needed. “A breakout, everyone is going to talk about.” Uh. No. Solid, but not a moment. – 1-855-864-2307 – Text 7 to 8642 –  Download from iTunes

Koryn Hawthorne – Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys – Team Pharrell – Koryn is happy to get a “girl perspective” from Gwen. Alicia will probably have nice things to say after this performance.  Gwen tells her to flip between vulnerable and strong as she sings. Good advice from Gwen!   Koryn’s vocals aren’t perfect, and sometimes she oversings, but man, she is FEARLESS when it comes to opening herself up to an audience. She’s not afraid to feel stuff. Maybe she’s young and hasn’t had the kind of experiences that can spook a person. She’s unrefined and raw in many respects, but age is only going to make this girl better better as long as she keeps her courage.  Koryn is something special, a real diamond in the rough. “You are the dream that is this show,” says Adam. He’s amazed by her evolution. Christina thinks she’s thriving under the pressure of competition. Pharrell is inspired. Oh, he’s begging for Koryn too. The appeals are to Christians and gospel music lovers, which I don’t understand. – 1-855-864-2308 – Text 8 to 8642 – –  Download from iTunes

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