The Voice 7 Live Blog – Blind Auditions #3

The Voice - Season 7

Goooood evening everybody! Thanks for joining me in tonight’s live blog of The Voice! I have tried to remain spoiler free (I can’t help it, I like surprises and am one of those weird people who get upset when I find out what it is before I should). I’m looking forward to seeing all of tonight’s contestants, and I’m especially waiting for that ONE voice to completely WOW me. It hasn’t happened yet but… *fingers crossed*

This is…The Voice! Blind auditions start NOW!

The teams stand as follows:
Team Pharrell – 5
Team Adam-3
Team Blake- 4
Team Gwen-4

John Martin, Chicago IL -“Sweet Pea” by Amos Lee – Download From iTunes
Works for a shipping supply company, works 50 hours a week and gigs on the side. Got into music through his dad in church, didn’t graduate from school because he had to work and support his family.

Strong start, he’s very commercial. And there goes Blake, I KNEW he’d push. Gwen and Pharrell both push their buttons, Gwen has a HUGE grin on her face.

Blake says John is very good looking (duh). He says he seems so cool and laid back, and that he’s on board with him. Pharrell was listening to the technicality, Gwen turned because she thought his voice was “delicious” and that he has the whole package.

“Delicious, creamy and package” ~Adam, referring to Gwen’s sudden love fest of John Martin.
Adam didn’t push but urges John to go with Blake.

“You’re my boo” ~Blake, to Adam

And John picks…. Team Blake!!

Next artist is Jessie Pitts, Burmingham, AL-“The Story” by Brandi Carlile – Download from iTunes
She comes from a big family, she grew up singing in the choir. She’s homeschooled, and suffered 3rd degree burns from a childhood accident (but seems to have recovered?)

Gwen is first right out the gate, next is Blake. Her voice reminds me of Melanie Martinez a little bit. Or Sarah Simmons/Caroline Pennell too. It’s pretty but nothing that we haven’t heard before.

Gwen LOVES Jessie’s voice, says it’s like an angel. Loved the scoops and dips of her voice. Pharrell liked her yodel. That song was Blake’s wedding song when he and Miranda got married (awww).

Jessie goes with… Team Gwen!

Michael Stein, Los Angelos CA – “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”  
Has been a cantor since the 1990’s, has a music group with his family called The Rolling Steins (ha! I love it!). Played fiddle for the United States Navy Band and played for 4 different presidents. I like him! He’s got character.

I don’t know if it’s right for this show though..hmmm…. The coaches look like they’re enjoying it but no one is turning. It was a good effort, but for a show called The Voice it wasn’t enough.

Blake wanted him to show more range, Pharrell says the song was limiting. Gwen said his personality came through, Adam enjoyed it.

Kudos to Michael! 62 and still rocking it!

Up next is Ricky Manning, Cape Coral FL – “Love me Again” by John Newman – Download From iTunes
Plays music with all his siblings, admires Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder. Studied musical theatre, his parents divorced and they all moved down to Florida. His dad gave him one year to pursue music and to live with him rent free.

This song always reminds me of Season 5’s fan favorite Will Champlin, I ADORE his version. Ricky’s isn’t bad but it’s a little pitchy, not quite feeling the passion. Pharrell sees something in him though, he pushes his button. Blake too!

Pharrell said his runs were consistent, Blake liked how invested he was in his singing (maybe it’s me? I don’t know, I wasn’t feeling that).

And Ricky chooses… Team Pharrell!

Awww artist montage of those who didn’t make it. This always makes me sad lol. :(

Kelli Douglas, Dallas TX- “Danny’s Song” by Loggins and Messina – Download From iTunes
Single mom, used to have a problem with stage fright. She majored in Corporate Communication and eventually became a teacher for 6 years. She decided to resign and pursue music, she’s doing this for her son to show him that you can be anything you want to be.

Her tone is warm, very good range. Adam is first to push! I love this song, I especially loved when The Swon Brother’s did it on their season. You can tell Kelli is nervous but the potential is there. Gwen pushes her button too, anddddd there goes Blake at the last second.

Blake gets excited when he knows where she’s from. Adam said he pushed his button “6 years” before everyone else. He knows that she’s petrified and nervous but can really help her.

“Quit flirting with her!” ~Blake to Adam

Gwen loved her song choice. Blake says her voice is haunting and has some quick breaks in her voice.

And Kelli goes with… Team Adam!

Blessing Offor, New York, NY- “Just the two of us” by Bill Withers – Download From iTunes
From Nigeria, played in a lot of bars around NY. Seems like a very accomplished musician. He was blind in his left eye when he was born, and had a congenital eye defect in the right eye. He had an accident when he was 9, and eventually went blind in both eyes. He wants to be an inspiration to others.

Really nice voice, alright Blessing! I think this song is a little old fashioned but who I am kidding? This is probably a song Blake would have given a contestant in the past. No one is turning…ahhhh there they go!! All 4 coaches!

Gwen thought his voice was beautiful, reminded her of Pharrell’s. *cute boomance moment* between them both.

“I think I’m gonna throw up” ~Blake

Adam wants to get involved with his passion in music. Pharrell liked his take on the song. Blake said wants to get him in touch with the Nashville songwriting community.
And he goes with….and I am actually SHOCKED by this but Team Pharrell!

Next up is Troy Ritchie, Trabuca Canyon CA – “Out of my League” by Fitz and the Tantrums  – Download From iTunes
Is really good at impersonations. His impersonations are actually pretty on point lol! He started playing the guitar in the 6th grade and became interested in heavy metal. He buses at a restaurant and plays there nights. I hope he does well, because I like his personality!

Interesting song choice, I don’t think we’ve ever heard this song done on the show before. Gwen likes him, she pushes her button!

He does some pretty wicked Dave Matthews facial expressions. Anyone see that…? LOL

Gwen doesn’t have a lot of guys on her team and she really liked his chest/head voice transitions.

Welcome to Team Gwen Troy! Something tells me he was hoping for Adam but I feel like he and Gwen will be a good fit.

Cole Wilkinson, Southlake TX – “Classic” by MKTO
Lives on a farm, and joined a performing arts school when he was in sixth grade. Very marketable!

He’s super adorable but his voice/performance is pretty karaoke. No one pushed their button. Aw, poor kid. Only 16, he’s got a lot of time to train his voice.

Blake says he can tell he’s an entertainer. Adam says he’s gonna come back and not move (dance) as much. Pharrell wants him to come back next year.

Mia Pffirrman, Temple City CA -“Unconditionally” by Katy Perry – Download From iTunes
Her parents were in a band called September, she is currently in college studying music. Is trying to find out who she is as an artist.

Tessanne Chin sang this song Season 5 and KILLED it. Mia is young and seems a bit nervous, but you can tell there’s a lot of power behind her voice. Pitchy in parts. There goes Blake and Adam! And Pharrell and Gwen! Congrats on 4 chairs Mia!

Blake, after giving her sage advice, feels naturally he should be her coach. Adam said there were some spectacular moments, but she does need some work. Gwen would love to try a different song on her and help her find what sort of artist she wants to be. Pharrell said she took a lot of chances in the song.

Mia chooses…Team Adam!

And here comes a quick montage of other artists who made it onto a team and sadly The Voice never seems to have the time to show them all. *sigh*

Alessandra Castronovo – When Love Takes Over – Team Adam Download From iTunes
Jordy Searcy –
 Skinny Love – Team Pharrell Download From iTunes 
Kensington Moore – Team Blake – Love Runs Out Download From iTunes 

Bree Fondacaro, Orange County CA- “It ain’t me babe” by Bob Dylan – Download From iTunes
She comes from a musical family and has been gigging locally for about 8 years.

I really like her raspy voice. This is my favorite audition so far tonight. Why is no one turning?? :( YES BLAKE! She’s got this country twang/rock edge to her voice, I love it.

Gwen was SO close to pushing her button. She liked the originality in her voice. Blake loved the rawness in her voice and compared her to Bonnie Tyler.

“You fit perfectly on my team” ~Blake

Welcome to Team Blake!!

Last contestant of the night is Anita Antoinette, Boston MA- “Turn your lights down low”  – Download From iTunes
She auditioned back in Season 3 with “No Woman, No Cry” but didn’t make it. She has had stage fright for the past few years but she knew she had to come back to finish what she started.

Blake and Gwen push right off the bat. Anita’s voice fills the room. Adam and Pharrel both push theirs too. Another 4 chair turn!

“Oh my god!” ~Anita

The coaches are on their feet!

“Hey! We know you!” ~Blake

Gwen says it was so heartfelt, she needs her on her team. Adam mentions Tessanne Chin who is also from Jamaica. Pharrell wants to know what kind of music she wants to make. He’d love to help her do just that. Blake says country music is similar to that feeling, and that he can help her be even better than that.

Anita picks… Team Gwen!! (Perfect choice, I’m happy she went with Gwen. I’m glad she’s giving the other coaches a run for their money!)

The Teams:

Team Adam

  • Clara Hong
  • Damien
  • Joe Kirk
  • Kelli Douglas
  • Mia Pfirrman
  • Alessandra Castronovo

Team Blake

  • James David Carter
  • Allison Bray
  • Taylor Brashears
  • Reagan James
  • John Martin
  • Kensington Moore
  • Bree Fondacaro

Team Gwen

  • Bryana Salaz
  • Taylor John Williams
  • Sugar Joans
  • Menlik Zergabachew
  • Jessie Pitts
  • Troy Ritchie
  • Anita Antoinette

Team Pharrell

  • Luke Wade
  • Elyjuh Rene
  • Danica Shirey
  • Maiya Sykes
  • Taylor Phelan
  • Ricky Manning
  • Blessing Offor
  • Jordy Searcy

Thanks so much for joining in, I love looking through the comments (they crack me up, you guys are awesome!). I’ll see you tomorrow night for more Blind Auditions!

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