The Voice 7 – Contestant Reveal Day – See the Names!

The Voice producers have given contestants permission to reveal, via social media sites, that they have auditioned for the upcoming seventh season. Thanks to Amy Beth, we have 29 contestants so far. I’ll add to this list as more names emerge.

In the meantime, if you know anything about these singers, please feel free to post in comments! I may put together another post featuring more details on each of the singers.

See The New COME FROM AWAY Cast In ...
See The New COME FROM AWAY Cast In Rehearsal

Brittany Butler @brittanybutler
Taylor Brashears @taylorbrashears
Grant Ganzer @GrantGanzer
Armada Lee Peers @AmandaLPeers
Chris Jamison @iamchrisjamison
Ricky Manning @TheRickyManning
Luke Wade @lukewademusic
Jordy Searcy @jordytSearcy
Roman Alexander @romanrojas12
Griffin @hellogriffin
Gianna Salvato @GiannaSalvato
Mayra V. Alvarez @MayraVAlvarez
Damien @iamdamienmusic
Matt McAndrew @MattMcAndrew
John Martin @iamjohnmartin1
Joe Kirk @JoeKirkMusic
Taylor Phelan @taylorphelan
Ethan Butler @iamethanbutler
Allison Bray @TheAllisonBray
Clara Hong @iamclarahong
Craig Wayne Boyd @CWBYall
Sugar Joans @SugarJoans
Jimi Milligan @saxmman1210
Madeline Boreham @MadelineBoreham
Kelli Douglas @iamkellidouglas
Kensington @kensingtonmoore
ROEM @Roem
Caitlin Lucia @caitlinlucia
Jean Kelley @JeanKelleyMusic
Rebekah Samarin @rebekahsamarin
Bryana Salaz @bryanasalaz
Jonathan Wyndham @jonathanwyndham
Anita Antoinette @AnitAntoinette
Bradley McKee @bradleymckee
Fernanda Bosch @FernandaBosch
Taylor Williams @MrTaylorJohn
Kate Falcon @Katefalconmusic
Mike Stein @musicmikestein
Jerome Rodney @sirjeromerodney
DaNica Shirey @NicaShirey
Beth Spangler @IAmBethSpangler
Tanner Linford** @Tanner_Linford
Mistee Merritt @MerrittMistee

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  1. Here’s a few more:

    Kambria Moncrief @KillerrrKam
    Stuart Clawson @StuartClawson
    Aaron Pfeiffer @Aaronpnyc
    Weston Wilson @WilsonWeston
    Mia Pfirrman @miapfirrmann
    Cole Wilkinson @colecwilkinson

    FYI, there may be more than 48 because even non-chair turners are allowed to reveal that they auditioned.

  2. This girl is one of my favs out of the singers who revealed they auditioned today is Taylor Brashers and country isn’t even my thing

  3. I am good friends with Joe Kirk. He is an 18 year old senior in high school who lives in a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee. I’m also best friends with his girlfriend. I know if/when he was eliminated and what team he is on but I don’t think I am allowed to reveal that.

  4. Allison Bray is the only returning auditioner I see so far.

    She was the blonde teenage country singer with the conservative family that refused to let her gig in bars. After that intro, she sang “Where The Girls Are”. She didn’t get any chairs, probably because the coaches thought she was 45 years old!

    If she sings something age-appropriate this time, I expect her to do well.

  5. NOPE anita antoinette who auditioned foe season 3 auditioned again. She was in the first look promo that was released last month

  6. Wow… no plant or someone with bigger fanbase this season? I don’t recognize any name, does anyone?

  7. so far no one has been able to find any BUT not everyone tweets about auditioning

  8. here a photo of her from the promo. Not everyone who auditioned posts about it.

  9. As far as i know anyone that auditioned can reveal themselfs so this is not necessary the top 48

  10. Unless they reveal, it’s a spoiler. MJ asked me not to post spoilers. Therefore, I’m waiting.

  11. If it was in a promo, how could it be a spoiler? The Voice release it.

  12. Btw, I’m sure you’re right. I’m just trying to be a good blog citizen!

    Maybe you can find something since you know her identity.

  13. here is a quirky indie girl that everyone on another site is going crazy over and I wanna see what you guys think about her

    Reagan Carter

    (note: SHE IS NOT MY CUP OF TEA)

  14. The promo doesn’t identify anyone by name. Forever504 recognized her because he/she is a fan. But today is the day they can confirm speculation. That person hasn’t “outed” herself yet.

  15. BTW their are others from that promo people found on twitter who haven’t revealed anything yet

  16. I have no doubt about that. Some people are weird about self-promotion.

  17. Ok, I guess it doesn’t give her name but I also remember her from season 3. So I knew her name also, and I won’t call myself a fan.

  18. Here’s another batch of names:

    Rebekah Samarin @rebekahsamarin
    Bryana Salaz @bryanasalaz
    Sydney Cubit @SYDNEYCUBIT
    Jonathan Wyndham @jonathanwyndham
    Anita Antoinette @AnitAntoinette
    Bradley McKee @bradleymckee
    Fernanda Bosch @FernandaBosch
    Taylor Williams @MrTaylorJohn

    As Forever504 mentioned, Anita is returning. She auditioned with a song I can’t remember and got no chairs. With talking to the coaches, she mentioned that she usually sang reggae and asked to sing again, knowing it wouldn’t count. Then she sang an a capella version of “No Woman, No Cry” that was much better than her original audition.

  19. The highest follower total on Twitter I found so far is Brittany Butler with about 6.2k. Her FB page has about 2.3k likes.

    Most of them have about 200-500 followers.

  20. Umm no it wasn’t after she got no chairs turned she sanged it at the end

  21. Some stragglers:

    Mike Stein @musicmikestein
    Jerome Rodney @sirjeromerodney
    DaNica Shirey @NicaShirey
    Beth Spangler @IAmBethSpangler

  22. another thing most of these people won’t even get any screen time

  23. There’s NO need to delete spoilers in this thread. I never said NO SPOILERS. I said NO SPOILERS IN THE HEADLINES THREAD.

  24. After a good night’s sleep, I found some more hiding in plain sight on Instagram.

    Ryan Sill @ryansill
    Troy Ritchie @iamtroyritchie
    Ty Callis @TheTyCallis
    Elijah Rene @Elyjuh_Rene
    Athena Geldis @ATHENAGELDIS

    There was one more, Conor Clemmons, but he states right in his IG post that he was cut right before the Blinds. He still had the official banner though.

  25. This year they seem to have moved on from YT singers to Vine singers. I don’t get it because the posts are 6 seconds long, but what do I know?

    Anyway, Ricky Manning seems to be a Vine star.

    That’s all I got.

  26. If he did, he got cut before the Blind Audition pool. However, he seems to be besties with someone who made it.

  27. Is there any way that someone from the site could delete this comment? It got switched to guest when I attempted to delete it and now I can’t do anything to it. Thanks in advance.

  28. None of them ring any bells unlike Paula DeAnda and Christina Perri. That could be a sign..

  29. They filmed the Battles August 13/14 and the Knockouts August 27/28.

  30. Saw this on my twiter feed this morning:


    #Secret’s out. I’ll be on the upcoming season of #TheVoice airing Sept 22. @NBCTheVoice

    He is followed on twitter by Nashville’s indie radio station, Lightning100 (who also re-tweeted his tweet). In fact he is going to be on or already was on, that station this morning. He’s an Americana/rock artist.

    Here’s his websitre:

    And here he is performing at Music City Roots show:

  31. I know Ethan Butler but I haven’t heard him sing for years. Always thought he was very good. Can’t wait to see how he does.

  32. Even some of those that didn’t get aired are phenomenal and worth checking out. And many will probably get pulled for future seasons. Production likes to keep a revolving list. Stuart Clawson is phenomenal. I’ve seen him play live at Tequila Cowboy on Broadway in Nashville a lot and has a pretty decent YouTube channel His cover of All of Me has big numbers.

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