The Voice 6 Top 8 Power Rankings

The Voice 6 Top 8 Power Rankings

So… apparently 3 people are going home this week on The Voice and FOUR will have to sing for the instant save.  Apparently thats a thing now. Anyway, hey guys! It’s Adam, here again with the top 8 power rankings. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and tell me what your power rankings are.

8- Kat Perkins (Last Week: 5th)- Poor Kat! Who once looked like a front runner has now fallen to the back of the pack. As The Voice’s history has shown, EVERY time a contestant was instant saved, the following week they are eliminated. Unfortunately, with three people going home this week, I just don’t see her breaking the curse. I’ll miss Kat though, her Paris cover was pretty epic. I’d suggest she go out with a bang, as I sadly don’t see anyway that she can save herself.

7- Delvin Choice (Last Week: 8th)- This week, with four people having to sing for the instant save, I think the eliminations will catch up with Delvin. If the bottom 4 consists of who I think it inevitably will be, I’m going out on a limb to say Delvin will be eliminated this week, which is a shame as I loved his Bright Lights cover. Delvin needs a showstopper to remain out of danger this week, and I just don’t see it happening.

6- Sisaundra Lewis (Last Week: 4th)- Don’t beat me up in the comments yet, let me explain. As I’ve said in the past, I think Sisaundra has the best voice in the competition. Her covers have flawless vocals and glory notes that would make a cover of Gangnam Style sound like the best song ever. That all aside, here is the biggest issue with Sisaundra: Itunes. Her cover’s sales have been dismal to the point she almost seemed like she would be at risk this past week. With a bottom 4 singing for the instant save, I’m taking a risk but I think she will end up singing for it. However, should she have to sing for the save, I am pretty sure she will get it. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: if Sisaundra wants to last in this competition she needs current songs to appeal to the more general audiences, if she doesn’t she is doomed to a early exit from The Voice.

5- Jake Worthington (Last Week: 3rd)- America loves this guy. I don’t, but clearly I am in the minority. His performance’s this far have been predictable and safe and I don’t see him going out of his comfort zone anytime soon. He is Blake’s token country guy and like all country guys on these reality singing shows, he will last longer then he should. Granted, I actually rather enjoyed his last performance, but I think in the end, either him or Audra will end up singing for the instant save. If the bottom four this week is Kat, Delvin, Sisaundra and Jake, I hope the save goes to Sisaundra, but I have this horrible feeling that Jake will get it.

4- Audra McLaughlin (Last Week, 6th)– If Jake isn’t going to be in the bottom 4 this week, Audra will. I’m actually very impressed by Audra’s voice and even how well her covers have been selling. I think she could be here for the long run, but right now, she is splitting votes with 2 other contestants. Of the three country contestants, both her and Jake are in danger of having to sing for the save. Should she have to sing for the save, I think she has a good chance of getting it. Audra should stick to what got her here. America loves her country ballads and I think by sticking to them she could be here for a while.

3- Josh Kaufman (Last Week, 1st)- This week, Usher picked a horrible song for Josh to sing. The song didn’t sell well and was a step back. However, Josh is a huge fan favorite and I’m predicting he will have a huge rebound this week. A finale without Josh would be missing something it needs. With the right song, Josh has major potential, and while this past performance didn’t show an iota of what he is capable of, he still has tons of fans and a voice that should propel him to the finale.

2- Kristen Merlin (Last Week: 7th)– And now we get to Kristen. I don’t know quite how to put into words my thoughts on her so I’ll say this: I’m floored by her progress. Who once looked like cannon fodder destined for an early exit, has managed to fight all odds and propel herself to second on my power list. While this placing could easily change in the coming weeks, I doubt it will and I think Kristen will now, deservingly, be in the finale. Kristen has shown a consistent pattern of greatness and her performances have always been one of the best selling. And I think she might actually have a greater chance of winning if it wasn’t for-

1- Christina Grimmie (Last Week: 2nd)- Ah Christina Grimmie. All season, she has been a front runner and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. With a consistent streak of great performances and a personality that America seems to love, I don’t see any way she won’t be in the finale in the end. I’m predicting that not only will she win this season, but she will compete with Cassadee Pope for being the most successful post season winner.

So those are my thoughts! Do you agree or disagree? Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to join me Monday at 8 for the live blog of the performances!

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