The Voice 6 – The Playoffs #2 – Liveblog and Performance Videos

The Voice 6 Playoffs Results continue with Team Shakira and Team Adam!  I’ll be liveblogging The Voice the next two weeks while Adam is away for the holidays.  Join me while I blog the results and contestant performances.

Each of he artists take the stage with songs they choose for themselves.  At the end of the night, the coaches will cut two contestants from their teams.

A very strong night of singing, many of the contestants sang their personal best tonight! The only truly weak performance was the young Deja Hall.  Shakira cut Deja and bluesy singer Patrick Thomson. Her all female team made of of country belter, Kristen Merlin, passionate singer, Tess Boyer and the big voiced Dani Moz is impressive.  I’m hoping Shakira does not throw away what she has with bad coaching and song choices.

Everyone on Team Adam delivered good to great performances.  Rock singer, Kat Perkins’s rendition of the schmaltzy 80’s ballad, “Open Arms” was just about flawless.  Christina Grimmie was impressive tonight, but apparently not so much in both of her Battle Rounds. I wonder if she’ll be consistent enough to last in the live rounds?  I don’t blame Adam for choosing her, though. Her performance was solid and the Youtube star has a built in fan base ready to vote for her.  Morgan Wallen was the weak link here.  Choosing to sing country was a smart gambit, but in the end he was no match for the competition.  Delvin Choice made the cut with a smooth R&B rendition of “Let’s Stay Together.”  He arguably deserved to advance, based on his strong vocals, but I can’t help thinking that Jake Barker would have added something more than just a great voice. There’s something about that guy that I really liked. He could have cut his own lane with his Timberlake/Thicke vibe, and those good looks…

Tomorrow, Team Usher is up. By the end of the hour, we’ll have our Top 12! The live rounds begin next week.

Team Shakira is first!

Kristen Merlin – Team Shakira – “Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood – Country singer makes Blake nervous because she’s not on his team! Kristen has been montaged a lot. She feels like fodder to me. Shakira advises her to dial it back a bit. She’s a good singer! She hits high notes with ease. She has a growly quality that gives her a honky-tonk vibe. She’s got ‘tude to spare and lots of personality. The crowd goes crazy! Adam says she had a moment. He congratulates Shakira on great coaches. It was Blake’s favorite performance so far. Flawless, he says. Blake regrets not hitting the button. Usher calls her a strong singer. Shakira says she was strong and in control.

Deja Hall – Team Shakira – “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks  – It’s Idol night on The Voice! Heh. Shakira is excited to be the coach for somebody as young as the teenaged Deja. This is so subdued. Deja needs to sing the chorus like a battle cry. Her vocal is so soft and unassuming, she’s only convincing me that it’s time to go home.  The performance was total high school assembly.  Blake says she’s come out of her shell (Er. No) Usher echos Blake’s sentiment. He says she almost oversang the track. (NOPE). Blake says she’s learning to control her instrument. He admires her progress. Shakira calls her terrific and admires her growth. Hm.  Despite the praise, I bet Shakira doesn’t choose her.

Tess Boyer – Team Shakira – “Human” By Christina Perri –  Tess was stolen twice–first by Blake from Usher, and then by Shakira.  She’s currently in law school. It’s been hard for Tess to be a pageant girl (FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS).  Her lower register is a little wonky but when she sings in full voice, she’s powerful. She can hold a high note, that’s for sure. A very emotional performance. Adam admires her power and control. As the only coach who hasn’t had her on his team, he calls the coaches who let her get away “idiots.” Usher calls her ability to hold notes “Super Human.” Blake notes that she steps up to every challenge presented to her. Shakira calls her a “little miracle.”

Patrick Thomson – Team Shakira – “Trouble” by Ray Lamontagne –  Shakira didn’t turn for Patrick, but she stole him anyway.  Canon fodder? His voice is disturbingly gravelly. Like he needs to hawk up a loogie.  I have to admit, this performance is less annoying than in the past. He makes the most of what he has.  He does know how to turn a phrase and imbue a performance with feeling. He’s very Joe Cockerish.  Adam has dreamt of singing high notes that sound like his. He called it his finest moment. Usher didn’t understand who he was until now. Blake thanks him for not picking him as a coach. He calls Adam dumb for letting him go. He throws some shade at Adam by congratulating the singer for having the right coach. “You are so dumb!” whines Adam. Shakira feels Patrick revealed to America who he really is. She’s proud of him.

Dani Moz – Team Shakira – “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga – Shakira wants her to strip down her voice, to reveal her emotions. She needs to let her soul be seen, says Shakira.  Dani breaks down a little during rehearsal. She performs at the piano with strings backing her up. With her voice front and center, it’s like hearing her for the first time. I don’t remember her being this good. Girl can sang! Strong, emotional and powerful.  The best performance so far. Shakira is nutty if she doesn’t advance her. When Dani hits a high note, the crowd roars and Shakira rises from her seat. “Those better better be tears of joy,” says Adam when Dani tears up.   Blake loved the emotion. He calls her a game changer. Usher says it wasn’t perfect, but her passion made up for it. He was close to tears. Shakira saw a true artist. She admits she has a hard decision to make.

Results!  Shakira chooses her team

  • Tess Boyer
  • Kristen Merlin
  • Dani Moz

Patrick Thomson and Deja Hall are eliminated.

And Shakira made no stupid mistakes. I was a little afraid she’d feel compelled to choose Patrick, as the only male. Nothing wrong with an all female team.

Team Adam Levine is next!

Delvin Choice – Team Adam Levine – “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green – Delvin auditioned for season 5, but no chairs turned. He’s returned and beat all the competition to make the playoffs. Adam is a little worried about pitch issues.  His performance is perfect smooth jazz. It’s not the kind of thing that would make you jump out of your seat, but his voice is smooth and sweet. A very tasteful, beautifully phrased rendition of the 70s classic.   Blake thinks his change of hairstyle has had an affect on his voice. Usher calls his voice unique, and a threat to the compeition. Shakira calls his voice “delicious.” Adam cannot believe that nobody turned around for him the first time he auditioned.

Jake Barker –  Team Adam Levine – “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 – Everyone loves his falsettos. Bravely, he chooses Adam’s song.  Adam is  excited to coach Jake. He feels they are cut from the same cloth.  This is a good song choice for Jake.  He’s not a strong singer, but there’s something about his tone that I really like.  His falsetto is so pretty–a very likable performance. He’s a good pop singer.  Blake mentions a Justin Timberlake influence. His former coach, Usher, still believes in him. Shakira calls it a solid performance. Adam admires the way he went from 0 to 60 and put his own spin on the song.

Kat Perkins – Team Adam Levine – “Open Arms” by Journey – Before her blind audition, she was a full time nanny. The Voice experience proved to her she’s still got it.  Adam advises her to NOT pull back on the song. Kat is nailing this performance. Hitting all the high notes, perfect dynamics and phrasing. every note in tune, including the high notes.  She went full throttle, yet the performance never felt forced, or like she was trying hard. Effortless. Her best to date. Usher thinks she should be proud of herself. Flawless. Shakira loved her emotion and control. Effortless. Open arms my ass, says Blake. OPEN LUNGS. He said it sounded like her song. Adam is delighted and thrilled by her performance.

Morgan Wallen – Team Adam Levine – “Stay” by Florida Georgia Line – Morgan is doing a 180 with a country song. He falls off the groove sometimes, but everything else is perfect, says Adam. Morgan has a very pleasant rasp in his voice. It’s smart to try and find a lane in the competition. But I’m not sure this will be enough. While he’s pleasant and solid, Morgan is up against some stiff competition. The band is overpowering him and he’s slightly underpitch. Bye Morgan. Usher feels Adam is a better fit for him and feels he should have started out with country music in the first place. Blake hears Pearl Jam “that guy, whatever his name is.” (Oy Blake). He brings country from a rock perspective, he says.  Shakira thinks he’s improved substantially. Adam gives Morgan all the credit. “Excellent,” says Adam.

Christina Grimmie – Team Adam Levine – “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz – Christina comes into The Voice with a You Tube following. It’s one of the reasons why they want her, I suspect.  Christina has been montaged, and it appears to be about inconsistent performances. Can she triumph, finally, tonight? Her upper register is almost bell-like. Very pretty.  She’s navigating tricky rhythms well. When she pushes her chest voice, it’s a bit strident, though.  Adam jumps out of his seat for joy. Blake calls her the best singer on Adam’s team. He’s amazed that such a big voice comes out of such a little person. Usher calls her a baby Celine Dion. Shakira loved her falsettos. Tender, sweet and powerful, she says. Adam is impressed with her song choice. He feels her potential has been unlocked.

Results! Adam Chooses his Team

  • Christina Grimmie
  • Delvin Choice
  • Kat Perkins

Morgan Wallen and Jake Barker are eliminated. When Kat was left with them, they had to know they were toast.   Adam chose the best singers on his team, but I still hate to see Jake go.

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