The Voice 3- SirMac’s Top 6 Power List

Hey guys. Well, I got it right this week. I predicted Cody and Dez would go home in last weeks power rankings, not even knowing what they sang. Where’s my head at this week?

6) Terry McDermott- I think this Scottish rocker just barely got saved. His Itunes sales aren’t great, and I’m afraid he’ll turn back into an 80’s rock cover singer next week. Blake sees a potential winner in Cassadee and all his energy and focus is going to her right now. I don’t think Terry will survive next week.

5) Trevin Hunte- He scraped by this week after delivering a boring rendition of Greatest Love of All, and the previous week was Scream which had everyone predicting his elimination. He is routinely last in the Itunes sales, meaning he’s lost that support. Trevin’s support is dwindling, and another poor song choice and he could be gone. However, with the RIGHT song, Trevin will knock #4 or #3 out of the finale. Also working against him is his complete lack of stage presence. He can barely function on stage with choreography.

4) Melanie Martinez- She’s come a long way this season, but I still think she stands on shaky ground. She’s doing well on Itunes, and another week in the top 10 could save her. She can’t really do much more than sit and play guitar and do a slow song. I think Adam knows this, and isn’t going to screw her over, but now is not the time to change the pace and try something different.

3) Amanda Brown- Logic would say that she will be near the end (after opening this week), and that should help. I think she’s just not connecting with the right material, and Cassadee and Nicholas have been doing that for the past two weeks.

2) Nicholas David- The last two weeks have been excellent song choices for him. Even though he has no place in current mainstream pop radio, he’s doing quite well for himself. He even managed a Top 10 Itunes finish this week. He’s got forward momentum. I don’t think he can win. I think he and Melanie are both too niche to appeal to the mainstream vote.

1) Cassadee Pope- If Amanda kicks it back into high gear, she MIGHT garner enough support to be a contender. But if somehow the finale is Cassadee, Nicholas, Melanie, and Trevin… Cassadee is going to take this in a landslide. A #1 and a #2 ITunes to her name is really pushing her to the front of the pack. She’s got so much momentum the other acts can’t help but to get out of the way. If you had asked me at the beginning of this if Cassadee was going to win, I would have pointed to Amanda and Trevin and laughed at you. But now… how can she NOT win?

What are your thoughts? Are you hoping for a second Team Blake win, or are you hoping Cee-Lo can somehow get his first win? Sound off in the comments below.

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