The Voice 3 – Live Results

We will narrow the field to 12 tonight. I missed last night, but caught a couple of clips. I’m hoping my faves make it through. They include Amanda Brown, Cody “Bam Bam” Belew, and my Chicago Urkel girl De’borah. Who do you want to advance? Apparently Sylvia rocked last night. Did Xtina make the right choice of her over Joslyn? I think so. Sorry Adam!

Here we go! Cee-lo and Christina color coordinated. Maroon 5 and Jermain Paul (last year’s winner) will be performing.

I have to say, red glitter lipstick looks good on Christina. Blake is bragging about his team, saying they set the bar. Adam makes a joke about Blake knowing a lot about bars. Team Adam and Team Blake are performing “Stronger.” I hope Kelly Clarkson gets some royalties. This is almost as cheesy as the pointy pose numbers on Idol. The Voice has been doing their homework.

Team Adam’s fate is up now. The two artists with the most votes will stay. We get a recap. America chooses Amanda! Woot. Not a shocker there. Brian Keith also got America’s vote. Can he lose that hat? Adam can save one person: Loren, Joselyn or Melanie. Adam chooses Melanie. Joselyn gives a pageant speech. Loren has bitch face.

Team Adam: Amanda, Brian and Melanie.

Christina Milan is screeching again. Jermaine Paul is still tall. His album comes out in Dec.

Maroon 5 is performing. They are all dressed in blue. I think the song is “Daylight.” Lots of flashing “M’s”

Jermain Paul is up now performing his first single, “I believe in This Life.” He has dancers. The Voice is giving him a nice pimp here.

Team Blake results. America saves Terry! Yay. We’re not so dumb after all. Next saved is Cassdadee. Maybe we are. Who will Blake save? He picks Michaela! Not shocked by that either. Liz and Julio are clearly fodder.

Team Blake: Terry, Cassadee, and Michaela.

Team Christina and Team Cee-lo sing “Drive By.” Oh how I love me some Bam Bam. Actually, lots of these kids on these teams are decent. This is better than the first group number. Fun. Pointy pose!

Team Christina recap. Not as certain what America will do. America saves Dez. Sigh. Okay. Sylvia. I’m good with that. Christina, for all that is holy, save De’Borah. Dang. She chooses Adrianna.

Team Christina: Dez, Sylvia and Adrianna.

Cee-lo’s team is up now. I have no clue! All guys. Trevin Hunt! I’m down with that. He can sing. Nicholas is also voted safe by America. Please Cee-lo. Pick Cody. Cee-lo is babbling about community. He picks Cody! Whew. Thank you Cee-lo. :-)

Team Cee-lo: Trevin, Nicholas and Bam Bam!

What did y’all think? Did the judges make the right decisions? What about America? We have our top 12!