X Factor 2 – Top 13 – Results, Recap and VIDEOS

That was a really weird show. The awkwardness of the Khloe and Mario tag hosting team still prevails, although you can tell Khloe has been trying to improve. They still step on each others lines. Despite his experience, Mario has had a few stumbles. There is no chemistry between the two hosts AT ALL.

And what about Simon revealing the contestant vote order AFTER Jason Brock was eliminated? What the hell was that about? Well, I think Simon wants to light a fire under certain fan groups, namely HIS pet acts, Lyric 145 and Emblem3. He can’t be happy to see the 37 year old country singer, Tate Stevens, at the top of the leader board. LET THE DE-PIMPING BEGIN! And what these results tell me is that X Factor’s demographic isn’t very different than American Idol’s and I will be crafting future power lists keeping that in mind.

I put Lyric 145 at the top, when in reality, they ranked 9th!  Lyric is an incredibly talented woman, but she’s also got a ton of attitude and swag. A total no no in the world of singing competitions.  Ditto the Emblem3 guys who, despite their talents, have a whiff of the douchbag about them.  I’m thinking Simon will sit down with both to make some major IMAGE adjustments. It will be interesting to see what he does to humble them up.  It’s also a little disappointing.

My pick for elimination, Paige Thomas, was at #8, but I was right on the nose with CeCe. That whole judges going to deadlock deal was SO SET UP. They wanted Jason gone, but it would have been pretty awkward for the judges to ditch him after he sang rings around CeCe.  With Jason eliminated, Mr. Entertainment is now a Ms and she is CeCe Frey. Holy moly, her trainwreck performances are A+ entertainment! Watching her caterwaul a Cher classic was seriously beyond my imagination. I’m glad she’s still around, if I’m being honest.

I am really surprised that Vino Alan came in 3rd.  But, if the voting demo is older folks? Then it makes sense, and explains why the audience finds Lyric 145 scarier than Vino. Personally, even though the rap thing Lyric does is not my cup of tea, I want to see the group rise to the top. I think they have charisma and talent and a real chance at pop stardom.  Vino doesn’t need the win. He can make a throwback soul album and get some AC radio play. He’ll do just fine.  If Tate Stevens makes the Top 3, he’ll be cool too. Lucky for Tate, he’ll be able to break into music despite nearing middle age. The country world is a little more forgiving in that regard…at least when it comes to male artists.

If Beatrice doesn’t improve her vocals, she’s not going to last long in the competition. Britney has to think hard about what to do with her next. I don’t think the singer/songwriter thing is working for her. She’s too young.  And Demi, for God sakes, quit wasting Jennel’s talents on this fake rocker girl crap.  Help fashion her as a relevant pop artist! Diamond White at the top of the list really surprised me. That performance she gave was not good. Maybe we’re in a honeymoon phase with Diamond since her “save.”  Also I said earlier that I may have been underestimating the popularity of Fifth Harmony and that turned out to be correct, as the girl group’s 5th place finish proves.

I’m just fine with Jason Brock going home. He was a decent singer, but not phenomenal, and his performances just didn’t bring enough of the batsh*t to make him Sanjaya-levels of entertaining.  CeCe has now become the trainwreck we love to hate, and I’m perfectly fine with that, too.

I hope Simon reveals the vote totals every week, but somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen.  But he needs to incorporate it as part of the elimination. Otherwise, the episode loses momentum.


One Direction will be performing two songs tonight! Are you ready?

Eliminated: Jason Brock

One Direction opens the show with “Live While We’re Young”. When did that one kid become bald? Niall isn’t a very good singer, is he? Neither is the one with the frosted tips. Sorry, I mostly don’t know their names. Ha. BALLONS.

Now Mario and Khloe will awkwardly interview them. Bald kid says Drew Brees is a “very good footballer” Uhm. Now, it’s time for an awkward segment with Drew via fake satellite. HOW HOT IS 1 DIRECTION Khloe yells aimlessly. Yep. This is every bit the cluster eff I expected!

Glee star, Lea Michele, is in the house tonight!

Time for useless and boring recap. Clips of the kids backstage with their parents and their mentors. Simon lectures Demi on how to deal with her charges. She tells him he’s just jellus.

Britney Spears and the Teens take the stage. Demi Lovato and the Young Adults are next. Here comes LA Reid and the Over 25s. And last but not least, Simon Cowell and the Groups.

Mario and Khloe reveal the first 6 contestants to advance to the Top 12

One Direction take the stage again. But first a little video introduction detailing their fateful RISE TO THE TOP!  The boys sit on stools to sing their latest song “Little Things”. They look at each other like they’re in love. THE GIRLS LIKE THAT. They’re screaming in the audience.  Actually, this performance is nice. The album, “Take Me Home” drops this Monday!

More results!

Five more contestants are advanced to the Top 12. CeCe Frey and Jason Brock are the bottom 2! BYE JASON.

CeCe Frey Sings For Her Life – “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” by Cher – OMG this is pretty awful, but awesomely dramatic. What a delicious trainwreck.  CeCe brings the lulz ya’all. SHE CAN’T GO HOME NOW.

Jason Brock Sings For His Life – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – Jason totally outsang CeCe here. But it doesn’t matter, I think he’s going home.  That was a very controlled performance from Jason.

Demi Lovato  is sending home  – Jason Brock
LA Reid is sending home – CeCe Frey
Britney Spears is sending home CeCe Frey
Simon Cowell is sending home Jason Brock




1.Tate Stevens
2. Carly Rose
3. Vino Alan
4. Diamond White
5. Fifth Harmony
6. Emblem3
7. Jennel Garcia
8. Paige Thomas
9. Lyric 145
10. Beatrice Miller
11. Arin Ray

SAFE (In No Particular Order)

  • Arin Ray
  • Paige Thomas
  • Diamond White
  • Vino Alan
  • Jennel Garcia
  • Emblem 3
  • Carly Rose
  • Tate Stevens
  • Beatrice Miller
  • Lyric 145
  • Fifth Harmony
  • CeCe Frey

Bottom Two

  • CeCe Frey
  • Jason Brock
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