The Voice 3 – Battle Rounds Part 4 (VIDEO)

Join us tonight as the battle round continue on The Voice.

Once again, we review the previous episode with the coaches providing commentary. We are reminded that Rob Thomas, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mary J. Blige and Michael Buble are advising. Carson mentions the steal because, you know, we might forget about it.

Liz Davis and Nicole Johnson are Blake’s duet for tonight. Liz is a Nashville veteran and Nicole is the youngster who had Blake at “thang.” Liz is a huge fan of Michael Buble. Blake chooses Miranda’s “Baggage Claim.” He says you need an attitude to perform the song. Blake think Liz needs it to happen now because she’s 25. Blake warns Liz to pay attention to her diction. Blake warns Nicole about pitch. He also wants to see who will deliver the pissed-off Miranda Lambert attitude. Liz is ready to get past the honky tonk scene in Nashville. Nicole feels pressure because her parents moved to Nashville for her. They seem pretty well matched to me. Xtina thought it was great and she was entertained. Cee-lo says Nicole won him over. Adam says they sounded alike. He thinks it was really close. Nicole might have taken it, he said. Blake thought Liz was laid back on stage, which surprised him. He heard Nicole lose her breath. He goes with Liz because of Nicole’s breath issues and Liz’s experience. Nobody saves Nicole. She cries. Blake comforts her.

Team Adam is up next. Allesandra Guercio vs. Kayla Nevarez. Allesandra is excited about Mary J. Adam chooses Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake.” He thinks Kayla has power and Allesandra has precision. Mary J is worried that Allesandra thinks too much and worries about being perfect. Adam says Kayla is natural and Allesandra is studied. In the last rehearsal, Adam mentions Kayla is sharp. Allesandra is working the stage a little better. The girls hug at the end of the song. Blake enjoyed Allesandra’s raspyness and not her vibrato. He likes Kayla’s vibrato. He says it is neck and neck. Xtina agrees. She wants them to take risks and be unique. Cee-lo thinks Kayla’s voice is precious, but he goes with Allesandra. Adam though Allesandra didn’t let herself go. He thought Kayla had some pitch issues. He noticed Allesandra had some insecurity. He thinks Kayla needs to be more humble. He chooses Kayla as the winner of the battle. Xtina thinks she deserves the opportunity gain confidence and find herself. She steals Allesandra. Adam thinks Xtina can teach her a lot.

Cee-lo team members Ben Taub and Mycle Wastman get the fodder edit. He chooses Mycle. Adam pits Adanna Duru against Michelle Brooks Thompson. Adam chooses Michelle. Xtina asks Beat Frequency and Laura Vivas to battle. The round goes to Laura.

Cee-lo pits country singer Emily Earle vs Mackenzie Bourg, the WGWG with the heart condition. Mackenzie is excited because Rob Thomas is his idol. They will be singing “Good Time.” Cee-lo likes their youthfulness and energy which is why he paired them. Emily thinks the song is out of her comfort zone. Rob tells Mackenzie to get used to not having an instrument as a prop. Cee-lo takes the guitar away in the last rehearsal to challenge him. Emily wants to show she can grow and sing a pop song. Mackenzie wants to show he can perform without his guitar even if it’s out of his comfort zone. Adam says what they think doesn’t mater because Mackenzie has a proud papa. Adam didn’t like the chemistry. He would probably go with Emily. Blake tells Mackenzie has a good ear, but has too many breaks in his voice. He says Emily has a good country voice and he chooses her. Xtina had a better time watching Emily. Cee-lo thinks Mackenzie is multi-talented. He is torn about who to choose. He decides to pick Mackenzie. Mackenzie’s dad is really, really excited. Nobody steals Emily.

That’s a wrap. What did you think?