The Voice 25 Recap: The Knockouts Premiere Live Blog Results (Videos)

The Voice 25 -
Pictured: (l-r) Asher HaVon, Tae Lewis — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC)

The Voice is back tonight with the start of The Knockouts!

Country singer Keither Urban will serve as this season’s mega mentor for the coaches – Reba McEntire, John Legend, Chance the Rapper and Dan and Shay – and their teams. Two contestants from the same team will go head-to-head with songs of their choosing, and afterward, their coach will choose a winner. Each coach also has one steal they can use at any time.

Team Reba – Tae Lewis vs Asher Havon – “Unbreak My Heart” vs “Nothin On You”

Asher starts off with his deep, smooth voice. His voice comes out effortlessly.

Tae has such a unique voice, I’m impressed every time I hear him. Perfect song for his voice.

Chance calls this one of the best performances on this show. He compliments Asher’s range and Tae’s star power. Dan and Shay talk about Asher’s restraint and say Tae stepped up. John says whoever Reba doesn’t choose, there’s a place for them on Team Legend, then calls Asher “King Asher” and says Tae sang the hell out of that song. Reba says they give her chills and make her cry and both have so much soul.

Reba chooses Asher.

John, Chance and Dan and Shay all hit their steal button for Tae!

John reminds him he was the first to hit his button and the only other coach to turn during his Blind audition. Chance says he might give him challenges to have fun with on his team. Dan and Shay say they can help him get to the next level. John then says Dan and Shay already have a lot of country artists on their team.

Tae chooses Team Dan and Shay.

Team Dan and Shay – Frank Garcia vs Olivia Rubini – “El Triste” vs “Tiny Dancer”

Frank has the coolest outfits that match his voice and the super cool notes he was hitting.

Sounds like a different song for Olivia but she’s killing it all the same. Her voice probably would’ve paired well with Frank in the Battles.

John compliments the song choices, calls Frank’s voice rich and Olivia’s range. Reba calls Frank talented and says she’s a huge fan of Olivia’s voice. Chance says Frank wows everybody every time he comes on stage and it was very close. Dan and Shay say they were blown away by Frank and Olivia came such a long way from rehearsals.

Dan and Shay choose Olivia.

Team Legend – Nathan Chester vs Val T. Webb – “Fooled Around And Fell In Love” vs “Sweet Love”

What a perfect song for Nathan’s voice. It’s old school and so fitting for the kind of artist Nathan seems like.

Val definitely matches Nathan’s vibe. Her voice is more laid back and the performance feels a little underwhelming.

Reba says she was blown away by Nathan’s tone and Val took us to church. Chance compliments Nathan’s energy and confidence and says Val had a couple of pitch issues. Dan and Shay says Nathan got down working it and calls Val’s voice beautiful. John says Val’s highs were so high and Nathan’s performance felt cinematic.

John chooses Nathan.

Team Chance – Dani Stacy vs Serenity Arce – “Jaded” vs “Unfaithful”

They’re all choosing great songs for their voices, and this one is perfect for Dani’s. She’s got a great roughness to her tone.

Serenity’s performance isn’t living up to her last ones so far. Her voice almost feels too big for the song.

Dan and Shay compliment Dani’s lower register and say Serenity sang with conviction. John says Dani didn’t fully sell her passion for a song while Dani’s performance wasn’t as accurate as usual. Reba reminds Dani the importance of connecting with her audience and says Serenity did that. Chance says he wishes Dani would try more with the song and Serenity’s wasn’t as technically solid.

Chance chooses Serenity.

Team Reba – Josh Sanders vs Ashley Bryant – “Wild As Her” vs “Heads Carolina, Tails California”

Josh always looks like this all comes so naturally to him. He’s like a genuine country artist with a voice that’s pleasant on the ears. And that final note, wow!!

Ashley is like the new Kelsea Ballerini. Her voice just flows out of her. This is the toughest Knockout yet, in my opinion.

Chance says it was a cool performance for Ashley but wishes she took more risks, while Josh took risks and compliments his energy and passion. Dan and Shay say Ashley is what country music is all about and Josh’s last note was absolute flames. John says Ashley’s performance was illuminating and Josh stuck the landing with his final note. Reba says Ashley did great and Josh can sell a song so we’ll see believes it.

Reba chooses Josh.

Team Dan and Shay – Anya True vs Kyle Schuesler – “Runaway” vs “Say You Won’t Let Go”

Anya has such a “now” voice. She seems so seasoned for how young she is. She does seem a little ahead of the music though.

I don’t think this song showcases Kyle’s voice well. He had some great notes but overall was another one that felt underwhelming.

John says Anya’s tone is gorgeous and Kyle has magical parts of his voice. Reba says Anya has a wonderful voice and she loves the tone of Kyle’s. Chance says he gets so excited to see Kyle perform but the start of the song threw him off, while Anya reminds him of Joni Mitchell. Dan and Shay say they love the way Anya approaches each note and Kyle has amazing breath control.

Dan and Shay choose Anya. Chance immediately steals Kyle.

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