The Voice 25 Recap: Live Shows Continue, Top 9 Perform Live Blog (Videos)

Serenity Arce - The Voice 25
Pictured: Serenity Arce — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 25 Recap: The Top 9 sing songs dedicated to their home towns, plus trio performances

The live shows continue tonight on The Voice!

The Top 9 will perform live for YOUR votes! Vote at

On Team John Legend, we have Nathan Chester and Bryan Olesen. On Team Dan and Shay, we have Madison Curbelo, Karen Waldrup and Tae Lewis. On Team Reba McEntire, we have Josh Sanders and Asher Havon. On Team Chance the Rapper, we have Serenity Arce and Maddi Jane. Carson Daly hosts.

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The Top 9 will perform a solo song dedicated to their hometown, plus trio performances inspired by IF.

Team Reba – Josh Sanders – “White Horse”

Josh is adding some cool grit to his performance. Perfect song for his voice. He just became a country rocker with this one.

John says he loved that Josh is showing a different side of himself and he showed he’s a star to be reckoned with. Reba said it was absolutely wonderful and he drew the audience in.

Team Dan and Shay – Madison Curbelo – “Time After Time”

Madison’s voice and vibe is perfect for these types of songs. So so pretty, as always. This song is just flowing out of her. That falsetto she ended with! This is equivalent to a Disney Princess performance.

Chance says every time she performs it’s something special and says it reminds him of a 90s Disney soundtrack (!!!). Dan says she keeps getting better and radiates positivity. Shay says she’s someone he would want his kids to look up to.

Trio – Bryan, Maddi and Nathan – “Just Like Heaven”

Definitely an interesting pairing. Not a good song for Nathan’s or Maddi’s voices unfortunately, but it’s perfect for Bryan’s. This entire thing was like watching The Masked Singer rather than The Voice, with the animal head masks and the carnival footage in the background.

Team Chance – Serenity Arce – “We Can’t Be Friends”

The stripped down version of this song is perfect for her voice. Between the voice and the dress, she’s also giving Disney Princess with this one. She’s also similar to Ariana Grande, but in a good way.

Reba says she looks gorgeous and sang beautifully. Chance says he’s proud and the song highlighted her vocal.

Trio – Tae, Karen and Josh – “Forever Young”

Karen is killing this one. Love the campfire ambience. Great song for all three of their voices. It’s a lot less chaotic than the last trio.

Team Chance – Maddi Jane – “Greedy”

Feels very similar to Tate McCrae. This song doesn’t showcase how great her voice is. Almost sounds like she doesn’t have enough breath throughout the song.

Chance says it was insane and incredible, then calls it a Grammy-level performance.

Team Legend – Nathan Chester – “Try A Little Tenderness”

The outfit, the shades, the voice. Nathan keeps bringing something completely different to the competition. He looks like he’s having the time of his life. He shows his entire range throughout the last few notes.

John says the only thing missing was the splits, then says he showed every side of his voice and we’ve got to see him in the finale.

Trio – Serenity, Asher and Madison – “Fix You”

Beautiful song for their voices. The contemporary dancer on the racecar bed with the giant teddy bear, on the other hand, is something else.

Team Legend – Bryan Olesen – “Against All Odds”

This song doesn’t sound like it quite fits his voice. Not the way “Just Like Heaven” did. He can hold high notes though.

John says he felt him connecting to the lyrics and this performance was just what he needed to do.

Team Dan and Shay – Karen Waldrup – “Stay”

Some notes come out beautifully while others almost sound like they’re tough for her. Overall it’s a pretty performance.

Dan and Shay say it was unbelievable, she wore her heart on her sleeve, and she delivered.

Team Reba – Asher HaVon – “Irreplaceable”

Asher is really taking on the emotion and attitude of this classic song. And that high note near the end. That one note at the end should win this thing, not going to lie.

John says his dad texted him this week and said, “Asher is The Voice.” Reba says this performance floored her and he’s grown so much.

Team Dan and Shay – Tae Lewis – “Amazed”

Beautiful song choice. It’s such a a perfect country ballad for Tae’s voice and style. That final note! He’s also giving country rockstar like Josh.

Dan and Shay say they saved the best for last and you can’t send this man home.

Join me back here tomorrow night for the results where the Top 9 will become the Top 5!

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