So You Think You Can Dance 2024 Recap: Season 18 Brand Challenge (Videos)

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The Top 4 will compete in a brand-themed challenge on tonight’s new episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

The Top 4 open the show with a Contemporary routine.

With the help of HiHat and Dancing With The Stars alum Witney Carson, the Top 4 will create a brand ad for Gatorade Water.

They’re all dressed in white for the ad. Dakayla looks a little off compared to the others. Easton’s confidence is back during it. Madison did this with severe hip pain, and Anthony is just such a natural.

JoJo and Allison also filmed their own ad for Gatorade Water.

They each also filmed a solo ad.

Easton – Solo Ad

Easton pulled out a bunch of tricks for his solo, and finally whacked out his smile.

JoJo says he’s an incredible dancer and he’s finally giving them life and excitement.

Dakayla – Solo Ad

DaKayla’s ad felt more model-esque than dance-esque.

Maks says he knows she’s not going to let him down. Allison says she’s a female powerhouse.

Anthony – Solo Ad

Anthony just kills every movement he does.

Allison says Anthony is authentic and she sees the growth every single time he steps on stage.

Madison – Solo Ad

Madison adds a sexy aspect to her ad.

JoJo says during the takes, you’d never know she was in pain. She also says it’s rare for someone to go the entire season without being in the bottom and Madison has.

All four will do a solo to compete for a spot in the Top 3.

Anthony – Solo

Anthony’s solos never feel repetitive despite always being the same style.

DaKayla – Solo

DaKayla gave this solo her all!! So emotional, and is in tears after performing in front of her dad in the audience.

Easton – Solo

Gorgeous turns. Easton demonstrates great balance.

Madison – Solo

Madison has such a uniqueness to her dancing. It’s nice to see a solo that isn’t a more Contemporary style.

The Top 3 are… Anthony, Madison and DaKayla.

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