The Voice 24: Rocker Huntley Brings Blind Auditions to a Powerful End

The Voice 24 Blind Audition 7- Huntley
Pictured: Huntley — (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

The Voice 24 Blind Auditions: Raspy singer Huntley earns 4 chairs and impressive comparisons from the coaches

It’s crazy to believe that we are at Episode 7 of The Voice Season 24 Blind Auditions and that Monday night the auditions came to an end. The judges’ teams may have been nearly full, but the talent was still remarkable. The auditions ended with a bang with two 4 chair turns including the show opener who could be a potential front runner. This opener, named Huntley, racked up comparisons to many famed singers, and he is ready for the spotlight even if he hasn’t caught his big break just yet. (Read our Recap)

Huntley is a 33-year-old father from Fredericksburg, Virginia. His story opens with a chaotic video of him and his kids introducing themselves. He says, “They are the light of my life.” the singer co-parents them, having them one week on, one week off. He says, “I want to show them how to love and chase their dreams.”

His dad disappeared when he was 8 years old, he shares, adding, “When I found music, I feel like I found my place.” His friend Robert heard him sing at 14 and they started a metal band. He moved to Nashville at 19, but came back to Virginia feeling “defeated” as Nashville wasn’t doable. But then he had his daughter which changed his life. He does music for his kids. He now is a booking agent and plays gigs 3-5 times a week. His daughter is with him, and he jokes that her crush is Niall. His mom is a big fan of Reba.

The Voice 24 Blind Audition 7- Huntley
Pictured: Huntley — (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

Huntley performs a powerful version of Black Crowes’ “She Talks to Angels”

Huntley feels grateful his daughter is there and he notes his son is cheering him on from home. He emotionally says, “I think the scariest thing is not getting chairs turned and having to face my daughter afterwards, but I know she’s proud in general.”

He steps up on stage with a very powerful sound singing, “She Talks to Angels” by The Black Crowes. His voice feels like a mix of southern rock and grunge music as there is some twang there but his sound is pure grit. His tone and rasp simply cuts through the music. I hope to hear him take something a little less on the nose for a raspy tone as the season goes on. Either way the vocal is effective as all four judges turn very early on. Vocally this audition was as flawless as it gets as Huntley didn’t miss a beat.

Huntley and his daughter Stella pick Team Niall

Reba McEntire calls Huntley’s voice “incredible” comparing him to Chris Stapleton noting that It’s a “huge compliment.” Niall Horan says he heard Daniel Merriweather and James Morrison in his tone. He states, “you sing your own way, you sing very direct, and so much power in the control you have.” Gwen Stefani jokes that she used to have the same hair. She calls his voice “automatic,” describing the rasp as “pure and honest.” John Legend observes that it sounds like Huntley’s “been on big stages before” and calls him “ready.” Gwen goes on to say that Huntley reminds her of Bradley from Sublime, and Niall says he heard some Radiohead in his voice. During this segment, Huntley racks up quite the comparisons.

Huntley brings his daughter Stella out to help make his decision, and she announces his coach pick, which is Team Niall. Niall calls Stella “a smart girl,” adding that with “Huntley’s tone you could do whatever you want.” Stella gives Niall a hug, and he takes her hand, as Huntley and his family share a moment with his new coach.

Other auditions that impressed in the audition closer included Team Reba’s Dylan Carter who sang an emotional tribute to his late mother, Team Niall’s indie folk singer Lennon Vanderdoes who had an interesting tone, and soul singers Taylor Deneen and AZAN were perfect fits for Team Legend.

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