The Voice 23 Recap: Battles Premiere Live Blog (Videos)

Allie Keck, Cait Martin - The Voice 23 The Battles Premiere
Pictured: (l-r) Allie Keck, Cait Martin — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

After six episodes of Blind Auditions that filled the coaches’ teams with talent, the Battles begin on The Voice Season 23! Coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper will pair up their team members for duets where only one singer will be crowned the winner by their coach.

The losing contestant will either be eliminated, be stolen by another coach with their one steal, or receive a Playoff Pass. New in Season 23, a Playoff Pass can be given to a contestant once per coach, and sends the contestant straight to the Playoffs without competing in the Knockouts.

Team Blake – Tasha Jessen vs. EJ Michels – The Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson

Coaches are very excited. It starts with EJ and a big reaction from the audience. Tasha begins singing and gets big smiles from Kelly. Blake looks on very proudly. The audience goes crazy as they continue to sing. Niall and Kelly say that it was so good. Chance said insane. Kelly comments on how it was evenly matched. Chance favors EJ and Niall says he regrets losing Tasha. He adds that he must have had earplugs in when EJ performed back in auditions. Blake compliments both of them.

Blake picks Tasha.

EJ gets stolen from Chance and Niall. EJ picks Niall.

Team Chance – Jamar Langley vs. Mariah Kailia – Gravity by John Mayer

Jamar comes out playing guitar and Mariah wears a very cool outfit. Both of them start the song with big reactions from the coaches and the audience. Coaches love their high notes as they sing with perfect harmony.

Kelly said that Mariah brought youthfulness and sass while Jamar has an ease at singing which makes him very gifted. Blake is in disbelief that Jamar doesn’t already have a record and that he would invest a lot of money in Mariah. Niall tells Mariah that she should be very proud and how much he loved Jamar. Chance notices he has a tough decision to make.

Chance picks Jamar

Team Niall – Gina Miles vs. Kala Banham – Skinny Love by Birdy

Niall gives them both a pep talk during rehearsals. They are both nervous and he lets them know that he knows how that feels as he was once there in their position. They both come out on stage and start very strong. All coaches are mesmerized. This leads to a standing ovation from Naill and Kelly.

Kelly lets Gina know how impressed she is with her tone. She really loves Kala’s voice and tells her that she has a sweet, angelic vibe. She also adds that they are magical together. Chance comments on how Kala’s pitch was perfect but either one could win the whole thing. Blake, calling himself the wise old man, says he’d go with Gina. Niall admits that they both can tell a story and has a really, really tough choice to make.

Niall picks Gina

Kala gets stolen by Kelly

Team Kelly – Cait Martin vs. Allie Keck – It Must Have Been Love by Roxette

During rehearsal, kelly admits she has a hard decision to make because they are both powerhouses. Kelly screams in support before they start singing. Both start in perfect harmony. Blake says that Allie is good as she belts out a high note. Kelly, excited, lets out a Wow and then stands up.

Blake says they both killed it. He says Cait is smoother and Allie has a cool attack. Niall calls it a mindblowing performance and what a battle should be. He also adds that they had perfect harmony. Kelly tells Allie that she has a rock vibe and Cait has finesse.

Kelly picks Cait.

Team Blake – Walker Wilson vs. Kason Lester – Here Without You by 3 Doors Down

Blake knows that these two are perfectly matched together. All coaches seem very happy as they perform. Both have a raspy, strong voice. They give a strong performance that has the audience going crazy.

Niall calls it a solid rock performance and was matched perfectly. He would lean toward Walker. Chance comments that they both have an evenly-matched tone. He agrees with Niall, Walker won that one. Kelly also calls it an evenly-matched battle. Blake ends by saying that they both killed it. Kason plays with his raspy voice but Walker has a buzz to it.

Blake picks Walker

Team Chance – Sorelle vs. Manasseh Samone – Someone Like You by Adele

Chance believes these are the two strongest acts in the competition. As the music starts, Niall is heard telling Chance that this is a sick song choice. Manasseh starts out very powerful. Sorelle is perfectly in sync with great harmony. At one point Manasseh bends down on the floor during her part and everyone reacts.

As soon as they finish, Chance proudly yells out “That’s my team!” Niall keeps saying Wow. Kelly compliments Chance’s arrangement and tells Manasseh that she is the reason this show exists. Blake called it a tight performance and agrees with Kelly about Manasseh. Niall says that the whole thing was phenomenal. Chance expresses how proud he is of them all.

Chance picks Sorelle

Chance then presses the Playoff Pass button for Manasseh

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