The Voice 22: Experienced Nashville Artists Battle for Team Camila

The Voice 22 Battle Rounds Morgan Myles, Steven Mcmorran
Pictured: (l-r) Morgan Myles, Steven Mcmorran — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

The Voice Battles first full episode of Season 22 started tonight, and overall, the pairings did not disappoint. The final battle of the night stood out as fans were watching to see season opener Morgan Myles wow again. She was paired with fellow Nashville singer-songwriter Steven McMorran. The two stated that they did not know each other before the show (Read our Recap).

Their coach, Camila Cabello, chose former coach Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” for the two singers and Charlie Puth mentored the singers. Both vocalists have experience in the country realm but are trying to branch out. The pairing makes sense as both artists are experienced and seem to fit into the Adult Contemporary realm of music. Camila makes suggestions to lean into the emotions of the song. It appears that they are making it more emotional than the original which has more anger. Camila wants Steven to lean more into Morgan. Morgan relates to the song as she was once in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Right out of the gate, both singers have booming voices with a lot of power. Morgan’s tone outshines Steven’s in the duet parts, but both singers have an ear for harmonies. However, these song choices are pushing Steven’s voice too much. His tone is pleasant when he’s not belting, but it sounds a bit strained on this as well as his audition song due to the range both songs require. Their experience really shines through in the duet. The emotion is evident throughout the compelling performance. When Morgan lets loose, her artistry really shows. The raspy quality in her voice is so pleasing and makes her a force to be reckoned with. Morgan was the clear winner of this battle.

Gwen Stefani loved their voices together and called the performance “chilling.” John Legend compared Morgan’s sound to Miley due to her rasp and noted Steven’s range. Blake Shelton said Steven sang “the hell out of it” and in his judge’s comments compared Morgan’s rasp to “Bonnie Tyler.” But it sounds even more like 80s raspy singer Kim Carnes. Morgan could nail her hit “Bette Davis Eyes” later on in the show. Blake would go with Morgan, he said. Camila said Morgan has the gift of “feeling things really deeply” and thinks Steven has more to go.

In the end, Camila chose Morgan as the winner and saved Steven. Morgan is ecstatic backstage for her partner. Camila believes Morgan could “go all the way to the finale.” Camila tells Steven “we have not cracked the code yet.” 

Overall, tonight only had 3 battles, but there were 2 singers that stood out: Rowan Grace and Morgan Myles. Both were true standouts as they both clearly won their battles with their strong and emotive vocals.

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