The Voice 22 Battle: Bodie vs Jaeden Luke, Flirty Camila Cabello

The Voice 22 Battles Bodie vs Jaeden Luke

A new The Voice 22 Battle preview features indie standouts, Bodie and Jaeden Luke fighting for a spot on Team Blake Shelton. The two perform an emotional version of Justin Bieber’s “As Long as You Love Me.”

Camila Cabello continues her flirting with Jaeden that started during his Blind Audition. “I was hot and flustered for a second their,” she gushes. “That was a really sexy arrangement of the song,” she says to Blake. “Well it is my team,” he jokes.

Camila can’t stop flirting with Jaeden!

“Hi again!” Camila waves at Jaeden. “I missed you!” Jaeden flirts back. “I missed you too,” Camilla responds coquettishly. GET A ROOM GUYS. “Jaeden, your tone is so beautiful, I want to hear it in my ear…I’m just kidding! I’m joking, I’m joking!”  She adds, more seriously, “I want to hear it, on a record. I think you as an artist…as the whole package is special.” And then back to flirting, “And you’re my boyfriend!” Jaeden doesn’t mind. “I’ll take that,” he says.

Camila compliments Bodie as well. But without the flirting. “Bodie, you were even better than I remember in your blind. Your runs were crazy. Then your belts were masterful. You were flawless.” She declares, “I would steal both of you.”

“I was blown away by that performance,” says Gwen Stefani. “It really showed both of your guys’ depth as artists. I got lost in it.” She calls Bodie’s style “gorgeous,” adding “so much range, power, tenderness. It’s everything you want to hear in a vocal.” However, Gwen feels that even though Bodie was killing it, she was “staring” at Jaeden. “Watch it!” Camila snaps jokingly. “Hey, I’m married Ok?” Gwen laughs. 

John Legend loves Jaeden’s tone, but compliments Bodie’s “perfect” execution

If John Legend were to pick between the tones that he would listen to, he would pick Jaeden’s “a little bit more.” He adds, “It’s got character and grit and depth and that haunting kind of floaty vibe at the same time. You’re like Superman. You can do anything with that voice.” However, he points out that sometimes Jaeden’s  execution “isn’t all the way there.”  He calls Bodie’s voice “strong and powerful,” noting “I thought your execution was perfect.” He would pick Bodie. But he believes Jaeden has “so much potential.” 

Blake didn’t expect Jaeden to “step up.” He compares the singer to Chris Isaak and his iconic “Wicked Game.” He notes that “the girls are just freaking out over it.” At which point, Camila begins losing her mind a little again. “Instead of going the falsetto route,” Bodie goes “full voice and hits it with all the power,” Blake observes. “Dude, your voice is crazy.” Blake is impressed that the two found a way to “make it work together.” 

Who will Blake choose as the winner? Will the eliminated contest get saved or stolen? Find out on The Voice Battles 2, which airs on NBC Monday October 17 at 8 pm ET/PT.


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