The Voice 20 Recap: Battles Pt 3 Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" Episode 2009 -- Pictured: Rachel Mac -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
Pictured: Rachel Mac — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Tonight, the Battles CONCLUDE on The Voice season 20.  In the Battles, the coaches pair up members of their teams for duets. The singers prepare for performances with the help of their coach and a celebrity advisor. Blake Shelton teams up with country duo Dan + Shay, Kelly Clarkson and Latin star Luis Fonsi join forces, John Legend enlists the help of R&B legend Brandy. And Nick Jonas gets help from Glee star Darren Criss.

After the performance, the coach chooses a winner to move on to the next round. The loser is eliminated, unless saved by their coach or stolen by a rival. Each coach gets one steal and one save.

Note: Due to illness, country singer Kelsea Ballerini sits in for Kelly Clarkson during the studio performances. Kelly will be watching from home, however, allowing Kelsea to dial in for advice. Kelly was able to film the mentor sessions with Luis Fonsi.

The Voice 20 Battle Round Spoilers – Matchups, Song Choices, Results
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Who is Performing on The Voice 20 Week 3 Battles? Find Out! (Video)

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Deion Warren vs Victor Solomon – U Got it Bad by Usher – Team Legend – This is the first time Victor will not be singing a Gospel song on a big stage whereas Deion plays in a cover band. Brandy loves the conviction in Victor’s voice. John is impressed by Deion’s natural charisma. Brandy advises them to make the song their own, and she believes Usher will be proud. She likes how they are telling the story of the song, and she wishes she could sing with them. Brandy also thinks they have similar styles, so it will be a tough choice for John to make.

The battle begins, and Victor and Deion get to show off their soulful vocals. They look comfortable on the stage and they groove along to the song. They have some synchronized choreography too. Towards the end of the song, they go for higher notes. Overall, they both deliver a strong performance.

Blake liked the choreography, but he thought Victor was stronger vocally. Nick calls their vocals top-notch, and he does not want to make a decision between them. Kelsea felt like she was watching a show at a concert, and she also cannot make a decision between the two of them. John wasn’t sure if Victor would’ve gone along with the dance moves, but he exceeded his expectations. He said they are both gifted artists, but he says the winner of the battle is Victor. John picks Victor, Deion is eliminated.


Ainae vs Anna Grace – You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse – Team Kelly – Kelly paired them together since they are around the same age and have similar vibes. She wants to see which one will stand out more. Luis is impressed by Anna’s runs, and he calls Ainae a star. Kelly advises them to establish the melody before going into riffs. She also wants to see the emotion of the lyrics represented in their performance. Kelly says Anna is more talented than she realizes. She says Anna needs more confidence. Luis also advises her to bring more passion to her performance. Luis says Ainae is already bringing the passion, and she doesn’t need to hold back since the song allows it.

Anna and Ainae trade off lyrics before they finally harmonize halfway through the performance. Anna has a more distinctive voice, but Ainae seems more comfortable with the song. They both show off strong vocals throughout the performance.

Blake thinks Ainae could’ve projected more, but Anna did not hold back. He would pick Anna as the winner of the battle. Nick likes Ainae’s style. John said he would choose Ainae since her tone is more his style. Kelsea says she’s texting Kelly, so she is simply an extension of Kelly. Kelsea says she knows Kelly loves them both. She says they both are so different, but it’s a difficult choice. Kelsea picks Anna Grace, Ainae is eliminated.


Andrew Marshall vs Raine Stern – Adore You by Harry Styles – Team Nick – Nick says Raine has a cool voice with star quality, and he likes the warm tone and range of Andrew’s voice. Nick advises Raine to focus on the falsetto notes, and he says Andrew needs to watch his pitch. Nick says they also need some structure to the performance; he doesn’t want the pair of them to do too many ad-libs. Before rehearsals, Nick thought Andrew would be more laid-back while Raine would bring more energy. However, the opposite ended up happening at the rehearsal. He doesn’t know who he will end up picking.

Andrew looks confident on stage and has a nice tone to his voice. He also looks more comfortable with the song. Raine is more subdued throughout the performance, but she has a unique voice that stands out too. Overall, Andrew outperformed Raine on the song.

John thought Andrew did a better job with the performance. He says he was more in-the-pocket. Kelsea thought the song suited Andrew better, but she liked seeing Raine perform. Blake remembers how in-demand Raine was in the Blind Auditions, but he thought Andrew gave the better performance today. Nick says it’s a tough decision, but he agrees that Andrew nailed the performance. However, he remembers the magic of Raine’s initial audition. Nick is struggling with his choice since he believes they both deserve to be in the competition. Nick picks Raine, Blake STEALS Andrew. Blake believes Andrew won the battle, and he thinks he’ll be a great addition to Team Blake.


Pete Mroz vs Savanna Chestnut – Have a Little Faith in Me by John Hiatt – Team Blake – Dan + Shay like the texture of Pete’s voice, but Blake thinks he could attack the song a bit more. Dan + Shay are impressed by Savanna’s tone, but they advise her to be more direct with the choices she makes. They notice some uncertainty with her. Blake says the performance will come down to who “sinks their teeth” more than the other.

The battle begins, and Pete and Savanna are both subdued with their delivery. The song continues to build, and they finally show more range as they harmonize together. The song’s arrangement was very simple, and there’s no moment where either contestant tried to out-sing the other.

Nick says Savanna perfectly executed the performance, and he says Pete has a cool vibe and knocked it out of the park. John calls Savanna a wonderful singer, but she was lacking urgency. Kelsea likes Savanna’s vibrato, and she enjoyed watching Pete perform. Blake says Pete did a “killer” job, but he says Savanna is still too guarded when she performs. Blake picks Pete, Savanna is eliminated.


JD Casper vs Kenzie Wheeler – Fishin’ in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Team Kelly – We don’t see the mentor session before the performance. Instead, Kelly thanks Kelsea over the phone for stepping in for her. The battle begins, and Kenzie showcases his classic country voice. JD is accompanied by guitar during the performance, and he delivers a solid vocal too. However, Kenzie’s voice stands out more and suits the song better.

Blake reminds Kenzie that he was blocked from being on his team. He thought Kenzie was the winner since he gave more to the performance. Nick compliments Kenzie’s authenticity, but he thinks JD is a wonderful artist too. John thought they both sounded cool, and he thinks the winner will just come down to preference. Kelsea says they are both very talented, but she also thinks the song suited Kenzie better. Kelsea picks Kenzie, JD is eliminated.


Bradley Sinclair vs Rachel Mac – Your Song by Elton John – Team Nick – Nick likes Rachel’s ability to control her vibrato, and he says Bradley has a rich baritone voice. Darren advises Rachel to show more dynamics to her voice. Nick wants to see them both have more fun. He says Bradley needs to be less technical and focus on the performance.

Rachel starts the song, and she showcases some nice vocals. Bradley shows more range when he begins singing his part. Towards the end of the performance, they both belt out big notes and harmonize well together. It was a solid performance from them both.

John doesn’t know how to decide between the two. He calls them both perfect. Kelsea is impressed Rachel has so much vocal control as a 16-year-old, but she would be interested to see more from Bradley. Blake is also impressed that Rachel is already so good at a young age, and he tells Nick he would pick her. Nick thinks they gave the best performance in the Battle Rounds so far. He says Bradley has so much confidence, but he can relate to Rachel since he started his musical career at a young age too. Nick picks Rachel, Bradley is eliminated.


Carolina Rial vs Rio Doyle – Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye – Team Legend – John says Rio has a husky alto voice, and Brandy says it’s one of the most unique voices she’s heard. Brandy says Carolina has a powerful voice, and John says she can hit “crazy high notes.” Brandy thinks they’re both stars and are singing from their soul. She’s moved by both of their performances. She’s impressed, especially since they’re both so young. John says Rio needs to focus on pitch control, but he loves her tone and attitude. Brandy tells Carolina she can loosen up more. John has one Save left, and he’ll be watching their performance closely.

Rio and Carolina both look comfortable on stage. They show off their lower register throughout the performance, but they hit some high notes towards the end of the performance. Carolina has more range, but their performance was pretty much equal.

Kelsea is impressed by the stamina they both showed, but she think Carolina has more experience that helped her out. Blake calls Rio an incredible vocalist, but he thought the vowel sounds were a bit difficult to understand. Blake would choose Carolina. Nick compares Carolina to Christina Aguilera, but he would pick Rio based on the battle. John compliments their confidence. He’s impressed by Carolina’s range and Rio’s unique voice. John picks Rio, John SAVES Carolina.


Advancing to the Knockouts

Victor Solomon – Team Legend

Anna Grace – Team Kelly

Raine Stern – Team Nick

Andrew Marshall – Stolen by Team Blake

Pete Mroz – Team Blake

Kenzie Wheeler – Team Kelly

Rachel Mac – Team Nick

Rio Doyle – Team Legend

Carolina Rial – SAVED by Team Legend



Deion Warren from Team Legend

Ainae from Team Kelly

Savanna Chestnut from Team Blake

JD Casper from Team Kelly

Bradley Sinclair from Team Nick

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