The Voice 2 – Blind Auditons #2 – VIDEO

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I’m not digging these two hour audition episodes AT ALL.  These auditions are pretty entertaining.  My favorites were the country singer, Gwen Sebastian and Lindsey Paveo who did an interesting arrangement of “Say Ahh” by Trey Songz.

Angel Taylor and Jermaine Paul are tonight’s “plants” and since some of you don’t like that word…how about “experienced contestants talent scouted by The Voice”. But that’s a mouthful. I wasn’t impressed with either very much. Jermaine was a hot mess up there. He was trying TOO hard to put on the swag.  Angel was pitchy and her rendition of “Someone Like You”, unoriginal.

Jamar Rogers was “invited” to be on the show. He’s the “best friend” of Danny Gokey from Season 8.  This time around, his back story is much darker. He was a meth addict who contracted HIV. He lives in New York City now. No mention was made of his time in Wisconsin or his faith.  Jamar dropped out of Idol Season 9 to work on a record with Phil Ramone.

After a completely gratuitous and unnecessary recap. the Voice coaches take the stage to sing a Prince medley. Because…ya’ll know…it’s ALL about the judges. Ok. This isn’t as much of a hot mess as I was expecting. Ha ha. Blake turning “Kiss” into a road house shit kicker! That was sort of awesome. Christina managed to reign it in. Entertaining. I love prince

That is how it’s done, says Carson Daly.  That’s a catch phrase I’m going to get sick of pretty quick.

The Line – Haley and Leland – “American Girl” – A country duo. Blake turns around first and is surprised to see two people. Haley joins in on harmonies, which could be tighter, but I like the individual sounds of their voices. Christina turns around, Cee Lo next and then Adam! Blake is pissed. Adam says he wants to be part of their energy. Cee Lo loves their chemistry, sees the connection. Christina hears something amazing–fun. The second singer made her turn around. Blake says he can relate to female signers, because he’s married to one. Adam rolls his eyes. The duo is having trouble deciding. Surprisingly, they pick Christina! Adam swears. Blake thought they were going to pick him. “They were fooled by flash and boobs.” Team Christina. – VIDEO

Jamar Rogers – “Seven Nation Army” – Six years ago he got clean off of Crystal meth. As a result of his drug addiction, he’s HIV positive. He’s another “invited” contestant. The show is probably casting him because he was on Idol before. You remember him? He was Danny Gokey’s best friend in Season 8. He was cut in Hollywood, while Danny moved on. I don’t think the HIV positive part of his story was discussed on Idol. Big chunks of his story have been left out. His faith isn’t part of this story at all (Danny knew him from church). He’s singing, but it takes awhile for Cee Lo to turn around. AND he’s the only one giving love to Jamar. It’s ok. Jamar is a hard core fan. It’s the reason he auditioned for the show. Christina and Adam thought he belonged to Cee Lo. He tells Cee Lo he lives in New York City and Atlanta. Wait Jamar…no love for Wisconsin? You lived there too.  Jamar sounds better than I remember him. He’s got a nice soulful rasp. Team Cee Lo – VIDEO

Neal Middleton  – 33 – “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” – Rock and Roll family man? He’s got kids, but no health insurance. He fell off a 30 foot building. He was supposed to be paralyzed. He cries talking about his family. He feels it’s his last chance to complete his dream.  Blake and Christina like him but they haven’t turned around yet. He’s got a generic retro-rock voice. Nothing special. They still haven’t turned around. Damn. NOBODY TURNED AROUND. Time to get a job, dude. Blake says  it was like “an ant on 10”. Christina wanted more range.  Adam wants somebody with a unique voice. – VIDEO

Gwen Sebastian – “Stay” – Comes from a family of musicians in North Dakota. Her boyfriend is supporting her musical dreams. She’s giving up having kids to persue music.  She’s a country singer. Nobody is turning around, but she’s got a nice twang-beautiful catch in her voice.  Finally, Blake turns around, and then Cee Lo. On the last note, Adam turns around.  Blake is really mad again. He says she’s got a great country vocal.  Blake says he’s her country guy. Adam wants to do something different. He loves the way she projected. Cool and confident. He doesn’t try to convince her. PICK BLAKE. And she does. Team Blake – VIDEO

Pamela Rose – 28 – “Already Gone” She’s close to her single mama! Oh. Pitchy. I don’t like her voice at all. She’s got a thin, unpleasant tone. Nobody is turning around. SHE’S AWFUL DO NOT TURN AROUND. Nobody did. Adam mentions the pitch issues. The guys are a little disappointed, because she’s pretty. Cee Lo is especially bummed. I think they set Pamela up as an example, “See? It’s all about The Voice here! We say NO to babes, no matter how much it hurts!”. – VIDEO

Kim Yarborough – 50 – “Tell Me Something Good” – She doesn’t have a problem being 50. It’s everyone else. She’s got a big old fashioned voice. Have no idea what they’d do with her. She’d be great on a cruise or in the clubs, but she’s not a pop star. And it has nothing to do with her age. Adam and Christina turned around for her. “We’re going to fight over you like children,” says Adam. Blake points out that Adam won last year. Oooh. Dissing Christina. Adam says she has no limitations. Christina says she can sing anything she wants to. And Adam is finally picked. – Team Adam. – VIDEO

Angie Johnson – 31 – “Heartbreaker” – She was a stealth bomber in the military. She’s a singer in the military band that made a You Tube video that went viralCarson Daly found it online (RIGHT).  She’s like, a SUPER HOT stealth bomber. She’s got pitch issues, but she’s got a big ole voice.  Lots of power there.  Cee Lo is the only one to turn around. He wants to see how pretty she is, so he puts on some big silly sun glasses. Har dee Har Har. He says he likes a woman with guts, confidence and power. – Team Cee Lo – VIDEO

Dez Duron – 21 – “I Want it That Way” – He played football at Yale, but took a semester off to try out for The Voice. His dad also played football–for the Cardinals at one point.  Dad won a Grammy for writing a song, “He Comes To Worship”.  I was expecting a country singer? But Dez busts out a boy band jam.  He’s got a really unpleasant, nasally tone.  Dude  should have stayed at Yale. Christina almost pushes…but then backs off. Cee lo is trying to get Adam to take him. Nobody turns around. Christina is pissed, because he’s good looking. Adam didn’t think their styles would mesh. He probably has no interest in coaching a Teen Idol type. – VIDEO

Lindsey Paveo – “Say Ahh” by  Trey Songz – She loves music, especially Radiohead, Nirvana etc. She’s only performed in front of 40 people or so and is afraid of choking, because she’s done it before. This girl was featured in a promo I posted a few weeks ago. She’s got a unique voice. Beautiful tone, great phrasing. Christina turns around, then Cee Lo. Then Blake, who says he loves her voice. “And your hair is bad ass.”. Blake compares her to Fiona Apple. Christina enjoyed every moment. So she has to pick. And she picks Christina – Team Christina – VIDEO

Hoja Lopez – 25 -“Teen-age Dream” –  She comes from a well-educated family, but she’s sort of…a flake.  She’s also overweight, and  hopes to be a role model for teenagers. Her tone is interesting, but her phrasing is weird. It’s her nerves. She didn’t look or sound confident. That’s why nobody turned around.  Blake says, “It wasn’t exactly what I looking for.” Adam sympathizes with her nerves.  Her lack of confidence did her in. – VIDEO

Jermaine Paul – 33 – “Complicated” – Is Alicia Keys background singer. Alicia has taught him a lot. His daughter told hm about the show. Alicia wishes him good luck via video. Background singers are usually in the background because they don’t have the “it” factor to be out front. Cee Lo turns around. This guy is very shouty. A hot mess. No control at all. Blake turns around. Cee Lo liked his SWAG. He liked his confidence. Jermaine says he wants to be “kept”. Blake says “Keep” is up to him, how hard he works. Jermaine wants to know why he turned after Cee Lo. WHOA. He goes for Blake. I wasn’t expecting that.  He must watch the show. He knows Blake will support him, even after the show is over.  Here’s Jermaine covering Trey Songs. Team Blake – VIDEO

Angel Taylor – “Someone Like You” – Her father was abusive. At one point, the family picked up and fled.  She covers Adele, but has  pitch problems and is weirdly taking on some of Adele’s phrasing. Adam turns around first.  Cee Lo and Blake also turn around. Adam says she wasn’t good at the beginning. Blake says, “I thought she was good at the beginning”.  Adam says, “I’m not going to lie to her.” Ohh.  Cee Lo liked her lower register.  Angel has a crush on Blake, who says he doesn’t know what he can do for her, but he’ll try. Adam says he DOES know what he can do for her, and that impresses her. She picks Adam.  Angel had a record contract a few years ago, and a song on the VH1 countdown. Here’s her song. She sound very different here. (I didn’t really like her audition much). Team Adam – VIDEO

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