The Voice 2 – Two Teams Compete Pt 2 – Recap and Videos

Twelve contestants from Team Cee Lo and Team Adam compete. Tomorrow night, 4 contestants will be sent home.

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Wow. Were the coaches ever this critical of their own team members as they were tonight? For a minute I thought maybe the coaches were busing some of their own team to give an advantage to a chosen one. But maybe The Voice has decided to follow American Idol and offer more constructive criticism to their contestants? Or maybe, some of the performances were so mediocre to bad, that the coaches would have looked ridiculous if they weren’t honest.

I’m thinking the contestants whose coaches criticized them might be at a disadvantage here.

Because really? The only two great performances tonight were from Juliet and Jamar–with an honorable mention to Mathai.  Tonight–Bandzilla still ruled, and the staging was mostly a distraction. The Voice needs to dial it back generally.

And what was the deal with Christina TOTALLY throwing her “old pal” Tony Lucca under the bus? She called him “one dimensional”. OUCH.  She’s pissed that another Mousketeer, Justin Timberlake supported him on twitter.  Methinks Christina and Tony were never really “old pals” in the first place.

The trash talk begins early and often on The Voice!

Katrina Parker  – Team Adam –  Tonight Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins  – This insurance office worker had an ailment that kept her from singing for a few years.  Bandzilla is back!  I really liked Katrina’s audition, but this performance is really bland. I kept waiting for something to….happen.  Kartina has big pipes, but there was a lack of drama and passion in her interpretation.  She put me to sleep. Christina: Your voice captivated me. I wanted you to rock out a little more. A few pitchy notes, but over all great job. Cee Lo: There’s something tortured about Billy Corgan’s voice, he says. Shouldn’t be sung as a show tune. Adam:  The song feels theatrical to Adam. He’s pleased with her performance.  No frills–maybe too few–but she killed it.. – 1-866-856-8301 Text 1 to 97979

ChesesaTeam Ceelo – Don’t Leave Me This Way by Thelma Houston – She’s the Hawaiian whose mom moved with her to LA to get her career started.  The arrangement was supposed to have a contemporary twist, but I didn’t hear that at all. This was straight up  70’s disco, and unless Cheesa is planning a career playing the summer pride circuit, this old fashioned performance really did her no favors. She’s got a powerful voice.  Cee Lo should have allowed her to show it off in a contemporary context. Blake: I loved that! It was like watching Solid Gold Adam: That was cool. Great performance. Not sure it was the right song choice. Cee Lo: It was wonderful. He thinks Disco is a great era to draw from. Electrifying. – 1-866-856-8302 Text 2 to 97979

Jamar is backstage with the social media chick, setting himself up as Chris Rene 2.0 “I represent a second chance,” he says.

Tony LuccaTeam Adam – In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel – He’s the former Mousketeer who worked with Christina back in the day. This is the musical theater version of “In Your Eyes”. Tony is working the stage like a pro, but isn’t he supposed to be an indie dude? Tony would have been more effective in a scaled back production–with maybe an acoustic guitar giving away to the band? These live productions don’t necessarily need to be so over the top. Christina: Finds her old pal to be one dimensional. BURN. Adam: Felt like Tony met the huge challenge he gave him. – 1-866-856-8303 Text 3 to 97979

Kim YarbroughTeam Adam – Rolling in the Deep by Adele – I am so weary of Adele covers. It’s hard to have an opinion past “oh not again”. This performance is full of off pitch bellowing. Loud is not necessarily good. Blake: The song got better as it went along. Thought she was sharp. Cee Lo: Not sure he loved it. Would have picked a different song. Adam: Tells her she’s an unbelievable singer, but there were some problems. Agrees with his fellow coaches! But stresses her incredible potential. Wow, with her coach criticizing her, she doesn’t have a chance to advance. – 1-866-856-8304 Text 4 to  97979

James MassoneTeam Cee Lo – Don’t Know Why by Nora Jones – Boston body shop dude.  OMG. James mewls his way through this song, and it’s awful. His falsetto is off key. He’s supposed to be some lady killer or something, but surely a Ne-Yo or Usher song would have done the trick? Cee Lo Green- Worst. Picker of Songs EVER. James is an R&B hip hop guy, this smooth jazz joint is not for him.  Blake: I almost threw my panties on the stage. Christina:  Liked the more subtle approach. Some pitch problems. Likes his runs. Cee Lo: It’s so you, he says, I hope you’re proud of yourself. Felt he could have pushed a little more on the higher notes. No Cee lo, making sure they were in tune would have been first. – 1-866-856-8305 Text 5 to 97979

Juliet Simms – – Team Cee Lo – Roxanne by Sting – Rocker, Juliet,  had 5 record deals! Best performance so far.  For once, Cee Lo didn’t screw over a team member with a crappy song choice.  Sting’s version is jazzy and laid back. Juliet takes the song fully into the rock realm with her throaty passionate vocals.  This is really good. Adam: “Well this just pisses me right off” He’s mad she didn’t’ pick him. He admits she’s the best so far. Christina:  She was into it. Calls her voice dope. Blake: Feels like he actually heard her sing for the first time. Cee Lo: “You did such an amazing job.” No smoke, no mirrors, no nothing. All you need is that voice. 1-866-856-8306 Text 6 to 97979

James Massone is trending on twitter right now.  That’s not necessarily a good thing.

MathaiTeam Adam – Ordinary People by John Legend – She’s the daughter of a doctor who would rather sing than practice medicine.  Mathai is quirky, cool and confident, and Adam chose a good song for her.  I agree with Christina, though, she verges on loungey.  She’ll need to switch it up and pick it up in the coming weeks to stay in the competition.  Christina: Likes her voice a lot. Interesting choices with her ad libs, but a little loungey.  Blake: Loves her confidence. Adam: Calls her magical. The song was purposely arranged quieter so we could hear her voice. He could not be happier. 1-866-856-8307 Text 7 to 97979

Tony VincentTeam Cee L0 – Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears – He’s the Broadway star who wants to sing pop. His wife just had a baby.  I’m just not picturing this dude as a pop guy. Sorry. This is so wedding singer. And that staging– singing atop what looked like moving airplane stairs–was kind of bizarre.   Blake: Didn’t really like the staging, it was hard to concentrate on the music. Christina: She loved the big production. Maybe it wasn’t the right song, because it restrained him. Cee Lo: He agrees with Christina–thinks the song might have restrained him and never compliments his performance. Is Cee Lo busing his own Team member? 1-866-856-8308 Text  8 to 97979

Karla DavisTeam Adam – Airplanes by B.O.B – Whoa. This is NOT good.  Adam has been trying to coach Karla to sing bigger. But she’s disappearing into the band, her vocals are whispery and  slight. But maybe that’s a blessing, because her timing is completely off and she’s pitchy.  The song is wordy, It was clearly too much for her to handle.  She’s a country singer–she should have stuck to her genre. Adam is just staring at her when she finishes.. Christina: Surprised by the song choice. You did a good job. Blake: You did as good as you could do with that song. Too wordy. Adam: You were in the pocket. Thinks she let nerves get to her. She was better in rehearsal. – 1-866-856-8309 Text  9 to 97979

Erin MartinTeam Cee Lo – Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles – Weird chick who sings like a strangled cat. Oh drat. Erin isn’t a trainwreck this week. She’s merely boring. Wow. What happened to her? She’s got the whole Egyptian thing going with the sexy male dancers, but she’s as bland as can be–completely drowned out by the band.  Maybe she’s tamping down the weird after the criticism she received for her battle round with the Shield’s Brothers?  Or maybe she’s still sick. She tweeted over the weekend that she was so ill, she might not be able to perform. Interesting that nobody mentioned it. Blake: Didn’t like that song choice either.  Adam” “I think Blake just bought a one way ticket to boner town”  (Uhm…) Christina: Loved the staging but thought she could have brought it harder.  Cee Lo: Thought the staging might have distracted her. Commends her for learning a difficult song. Thinks she needs to be more aggressive. 1-866-856-8310 Text  10 to 97979

PipTeam Adam – When You Were Young   by the Killers – He’s another theater guy who wants to do pop/rock. Here’s a TIP PIP. If you want some edge? You might want to lose the twee bow ties? And singing the Killers like you were in front of a high school assembly? That’s not really working either. He’s trying so hard. Too hard.  He’s so earnest, yet desperate. It’s not a good combo. Christina: Came off as trying too hard. Adam: Wanted him to be more scary and dangerous.  Needs to work on the intent. 1-866-856-8311 Text  11 to 97979

Jamar RogersTeam Cee Lo – Are You Going to Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz – Jamar was an Idol contestant Season 8 and Danny Gokey’s friend. He revealed on The Voice that he was HIV positive. Jamar gets the major light show, with GUITAR PLAYERS ON STILTS. A Cee Lo touch, I’m sure.  Having said all that, Jamar pretty much burns up the stage. A convincing rock performance.  Blake: Is not down with the musicians on the stilts. Jamar doesn’t need it. Cee Lo:  Leads the  crowd in a cheer, calls Jamar a winner.  Adam: “You embody what this show is with what you just did. “1-866-856-8312 Text  12 to 97979

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