SMASH – Discussion Post (UPDATE: Recap Added)

Okay guys, MJ is crazy enough to put me in charge of SMASH recaps. A few warnings: I am by no means an experienced “recapper.” People usually disagree with my opinions, but that’s what makes these fun…right?! So please bear with me, as the recaps will be more like dissecting the episodes. I’m also gonna do my best to keep them as short as possible.

Anyway, I have a weekly commitment Monday nights, but I have the show set on my DVR. So expect the recap to go up either late tonight or early tomorrow. In the meantime, discuss the show in the comments below.

Thanks guys!

(Update: Recap Below)

Smash Recap
Episode 10 (Understudy)

Okay, here we go. The way I’m going to do this is watch the episode and stop every once in a while to discuss and recap. It’s sorta like live blogging (not) haha. Anyway, I’ve got a delicious bag of Baked Lays to rip into. Let’s get started!*play*

Ooo…Dev’s hot lady friend with the hand grabbing. She wants her some Dev! Are we really supposed to care though? Can’t we find out where Uma Thurman is? Sorry, Rebecca Duvall. Anyway, I just don’t see Dev cheating! Right guys?!

Sometimes Julia is randomly affectionate towards Karen, as if she actually cares about her success in anyway. If it was genuine, so be it. But that’s not very believable if we barely see it.

Oh wow… Derek laughed! (Gasp!) It was when he saw the scribbles Ivy had drawn all over Rebecca’s magazine covers. Maybe he really likes Ivy…

Hmm… They’re really gonna push this whole “Tom and Sam” thing, huh. For some reason, Sam is tagging along with Tom and John while they’re on a date. Tom’s completely oblivious to John’s presence and is flirting big time with Sam. Who are you rooting for? I don’t see John lasting too much longer…

Ugh, I hate to be this person…but what everyone says is true: the kid playing Julia’s son cannot act. I feel bad if he ever reads this stuff online about his performance. But hey, he signed on for the gig, right?

Ivy’s suddenly dreaming of stealing back to lead role in Bombshell from not only the A-list celebrity Rebecca, but the newly-appointed understudy Karen as well. She really does get the short end of the stick every time, doesn’t she? That being said–these random pop-song covers are lamo IMO. Just shorten how many songs are featured on the show and stick with the original songs for Bombshell, new stuff from Tom and Julia, or other Broadway covers. I don’t know–I just wish it wasn’t so cheesy when they sing the more current songs.

Wow–Derek is losing his shit on Karen during rehearsals. Calm down man! If I was Karen, I would totally stand up to him. And a little later on, Dev and Karen continue the rockiness in their relationship and fight over the night Derek made a pass at Karen. I thought she already told Dev about this? Wasn’t it all cleared up? Hm, I’m probably wrong.

So now Derek and Ivy are just chit chatting like they love each other, and Ivy doesn’t even mind she was basically fired. Actually, she’s telling Derek to go easy on Karen, because that worked on Marilyn in real life. I don’t get it…

It’s time for the only “all-male” number in the show. The boys are in rehearsals, and Tom is standing in for the lead part! I’m excited for this. Tom’s entertaining. Gosh, these parts of the show are really the best part. SMASH writers: this is where the magic is made! haha. Sorry for the cheesy expression. I’m not really a huge fan of musicals or a fair judge of them in anyway, but I can tell when a song is good. When they do the Bombshell material–it’s good.

Ivy still has something up her sleeve. She’s being way too nice to Karen. Giving her advice and telling her to really enjoy this, as it’s her “one week to be Marilyn.”

Meanwhile, Tom and Julia go see some old show they wrote awhile ago, and Julia has a really weird reaction over something Tom says in front of the crowd. It brings up feelings of her husband, Frank. If you remember, Julia CHEATED on him, so he–rightfully–left her. Tom and Julia share a touching moment on the hood of a fancy red car. I think I liked that scene, but I could be wrong. Speaking of…I think i’ve been thoroughly entertained so far.

Tom and John get into it over Sam. I agree with everything John says, and I think inside, Tom knows it’s true as well. He’s got himself a good ol’ fashion crush on Sam.

Julia makes a desperate call to Frank, begging him to please talk to her.

For once, Eileen scolds Ellis for snooping around in stuff that is in no way his business. FINALLY. It’s cause she has the hots for the bartender, and she doesn’t want Ellis poking his nose in his business.

Okay, things really just took a weird turn. Karen was rehearsing as Marilyn and Derek suddenly envisions her as full on Marilyn, performing a monologue from the show. It’s a little outta nowhere and somewhat odd. That being said, I think I finally had a “whoa” moment with Katharine McPhee. I don’t know if I’m wrong or not, but I was very impressed with that little “Marilyn moment” she had. She played the role totally different than Ivy did, and I think it was still likable and believable.

Ooooh boy, Derek comes to visit Karen. He finally stops acting like a jackass and tells Karen she’s doing a good job in rehearsals. He must’ve seen what I saw. Hehe. After this, he somewhat apologizes for “sexually harassing” her. (Seriously?) Derek passes Dev on his way out and a fight escalates. Looks like Dev is finally falling apart. He went from the perfect boyfriend, to the jobless, jealous, angry boyfriend. Hey, everyone goes through tough times, and say what you want, but I like Dev as a character. I hope him and Karen can work this out.

Haven’t really discussed this side plot of Eileen finding this rich, “rock-star” investor. Meh… I just don’t care. Sorry. Haha.

Now Karen is singing “Never Give All the Heart,” one of the songs from Bombshell. I might add she’s doing an incredible job. The song plays over a montage of sad clips of all the characters–except for Eileen, who ended up nabbing the $7 million she needed and her boyfriend from the bar. You go Eileen! Haha.

Now, Rebecca finally arrives and completely steals the moment from Karen, who had everyone in the room mesmerized with her voice–including Derek. Ivy was crushed too, as she was peeking in on Karen’s performance. I think this is a great thing for SMASH though. Finally, I saw certain parts of the show tonight where it’s a believable storyline that Karen could outperform Ivy as Marilyn. You guys agree? Let me know.

Hope the format of this recap wasn’t too weird. Let me know in comments, and please follow me on Twitter if you want. Haha. I’m a loser, but you can still follow me.

Next week we’ll get to rip apart Uma Thurman! And you thought Kill Bill was brutal! :)