The Voice 15 Top 11 Results: Top 10 Revealed (VIDEOS)

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 11 Results" Episode 1516B -- Pictured: (l-r) Lynnea Moorer, DeAndre Nico -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Join us as we live blog The Voice season 15 Top 11 Results. Tonight, the Top 10 will be revealed. Who from Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Kelly Clarkson and Team Jennifer Hudson will survive? Plus Kelsea Ballerini performs, in addition to Team Blake and Team Jennifer with their respective teams.

Whoa. Kelly’s got some crazy hair going tonight. Once again, Reagan Strange was the MOST STREAMED ARTIST on iTunes. Wow. Reagan charted at No. 98 on iTunes. Six artists charted higher than she did. iTunes chart is useless as a predictor in terms of vote getting. 

The Top 11 take the stage! First dumb question goes to Kymberli Joye, who is grateful to her fans for such a great song pick. Reagan thanks her fans for all their support. In no particular order…America saved…from Team Jennifer…Kennedy Holmes! America also saved…from Team Kelly…Kymberli Joye! Yay!

Blake Shelton and his team, Kirk Jay, Chris Kroeze and Dave Fenley are on stage to perform “Dixieland Delight” by Alabama. Yeeeee Hawwwww.

Next, the remaining nine artists take the stage. Kirk Jay wants his fans to know that he was “born to do this” and he’s “country till I die!” MaKenzie Thomas’ advice for her fans is to be persistent. That, after it took two tries to make the show. America saved…from Team Adam…Reagan Strange! America also saved…from Team Blake…Chris Kroeze!

And now, The Comeback Stage coach, Kelsea Ballerini performs her single “Miss Me More.”  Kelsea will be going on tour with Kelly Clarkson and Brynn Cartelli beginning in January.

The remaining 7 artists take the stage. Chevel Shepherd wants everyone to know that they can follow their dreams. Don’t give up! Dave Fenley has many sides! Including his backside. What a jokester. Insert eyeroll here. America saved…from Team Blake…Kirk Jay! America also saved…Makenzie Thomas from Team Jennifer.

Next, Jennifer Hudson and her team, MaKenzie Thomas and Kennedy Holmes sing Bette Midler’s “The Rose.” Nice harmonies, ladies!

The remaining 5 artists take the stage. DeAndre Nico totally appreciates his hometown Port Arthur, Texas. And he loves his parents. Sarah Grace felt her song pick “Dog Days Are Over” showed a side she’s been working on with her band back home. America saved…from Team Kelly…Sarah Grace. YAYYYYYYY. America also saved…Dave Fenley Team Blake. Welp. There goes my prediction! America also saved…Chevel Shepherd from Team Kelly.

Lynnea Moore and DeAndre Nico will sing for the Instant Save

Lynnea Moore – Team Kelly – Tattooed Heart by Ariana Grande – Ohh. Intonation problems galore here. She’s nervous and mostly singing just under pitch throughout.  Get that goodbye speech ready, Kelly. She calls Lynnea her “fighter” she loves her as an artist. She thanks viewers for keeping her here so far. And compared to last week? That speech was so half-hearted. Yeah. GOODBYE Lynnea.

Deandre Nico – Team Adam – Take Me to the King by Tamela Mann – DeAndre is no dummy. He’s going straight to JESUS! In times of trouble… Singing last + Outrage + Lynnea resentment + Jeebus = Deandre will be totally safe. Oh. And Jennifer is throwing her shoes, so. Jennifer says he sings like he means it. And he sang his way to a save. Adam wants to know if it feels right for him to go home. The audience screams NOOOOOO!  Adam promises, if America saves DeAndre “I’m going to bring this guy all the way to the finale.” Sure, buddy.

#VoiceSaveLynnea #VoiceSaveDeAndre on Twitter! Retweets count!  Early percentages: NeAndre Nico 83% Lynnea Moore 17% Dang. Not even close. 

Next, it’s the contestants thank yous to their respective coaches. Lynnea thanks Kelly for making her a fighter. Kelly says “you’ve always been that.” Leanna adds, “I didn’t know I had the vibe you suggested to me.” DeAndre thanks Adam for “everything….thank you for being real.” He adds, “I appreciate you.”

Last words from the coaches: “It’s fun to work a song with Lynnea” says Kelly. “She’s an A&R persons dream. When you have an artist that comes in that’s not a basic Betty…that’s innate!” Kelly insists that Lynnea inspired her to break some rules. 

“I really hope this is the moment where everyone wakes up to how talented this guy really is,” Adam says of DeAndre. “I do believe of anybody left on the show–you are so hungry…you want this so badly….you are always so focused on doing your absolute best at all times. Adam adds, “I can’t conceive of the idea of you not being here.” Adam believes he’s one of the most talented singers on the show right now. He advises DeAndre not to allow setbacks to get to him. “VOTE THIS KID THROUGH!” Adam implores. “Nobody is going to be disappointed at all next week.”  

And America Instantly Saved…Deandre Nico! Lynnea Moore is eliminated.

ETA: In no way did DeAndre deserve to be in the bottom 2 this week. Dave Fenley had the worst performance of the week and deserved to at least have to sing for survival. But a white guy on Team Blake is bound to skate through amiright…

As the Comeback Artist, Lynnea had a very large hill to climb in order to survive. But, if she didn’t get a chair turn in the first place…  Well, therein lies the problem with the Comeback twist. A contestant thrown into the mix at the Live Finals stage would need super-herculean talent to succeed. Lynnea was set up to fail, sadly.  

The Voice Top 10

Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer
Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly
Reagan Strange – Team Adam
Chris Kroeze – Team Blake
Kirk Jay – Team Blake
MaKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer
Sarah Grace – Team Kelly
Dave Fenley – Team Blake
Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly
DeAndre Nico – Team Adam – America Saves

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