The Voice 15 Top 11 Polls: Who Will Be Eliminated? Vote For Your Favs

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 11" Episode 1516A -- Pictured: Kirk Jay -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 15 Live Finals continued on Monday night (Nov 26). Eleven finalists took the stage for YOUR votes. Which ones were your favorites? It’s time to vote in the POLLS!

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The Voice Season 15 Recap – Top 11 Performances – Live Blog and Videos

Another The Voice “Fan Night” when it becomes painfully clear that the “fans” don’t always know what’s best for their favorites! Dave Fenley’s performance of “Use Me” will probably be the end of his run on the show. To be fair, he decided to beatbox on it. Yikes.

And after charting outside of the Top 200 last week, a gospel song propels Kymberli Joye into the iTunes Top 10. It looks like folks loved Kennedy Holmes Whitney tribute. We’ll she if she earns the streaming bonus this week. 

Will Comeback Stage artist Lynnea Moore avoid the bottom 2 this week? iTunes was never a perfect prediction tool, and even less so now that only streams count as votes. But it’s interesting to note that she was the only contestant to chart outside of the Top 200. 

iTunes Charts at 6 am

7. Kennedy Holmes – Greatest Love of All
9. Kymberli Joye – Break Every Chain 
15. Chevel Shepherd – Space Cowboy
21. Chris Kroeze – Long Train Running
22. MaKenzie Thomas – Emotion
24. Kirk Jay – Body Like a Back Road
90. Reagan Strange – Complicated
91. Sarah Grace – Dog Days Are Over
118. DeAndre Nico – Cry For You
180. Dave Fenley – Use Me
Lynnea Moore – Consequences (Outside of Top 200)

Prior Weeks

93. Kirk Jay – I’m Already There
143. Reagan Strange – You Say
150. Kennedy Holmes – Wind Beneath My Wings
167. Chevel Shepherd – Little White Church


Favorite Top 11 Performance

Choose the ONE Contestant Who Will Be Eliminated.

REMINDER: Only ONE contestant will be eliminated tonight.

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  1. I think Team J Hud is safe.
    Just hoping for a Dave vs. Deandre bottom..or maybe Reagan (Adam really sucked this week).
    Lynnea deserves another week, so let’s see what’s gonna happen.

  2. Yeah that “music that you can listen to while driving in your car” is not the point of singing competitions. This is a vocal competition, not a bloody radio snooze-fest.

  3. lol, well if you like vocal gymnastics with absolutely no point to the song, then more power to you. And listening to song with a message lyrically and an actual melody, is not a snooze fest, what I witnessed last night was. No one ever moves outside the box and tries anything different,there is never even an attempt at being original, to me, that’s a snoozefest. And if what we witnessed last night is the point, then how come once each season is over, no one seems to get the point.

  4. Honestly after last season I’ll take anyone who actually can sing and sounds good while doing so. My favorite is Chevel who is pretty unique, but I still love the power singers this year. Power singing is normally a hit or miss and this week every power singer swung and hit, which I respect.

  5. She’s literally never had a bad or meh performance and I love her voice.

  6. Yep. I wrote up my synopsis above. She is my 2nd favorite. She has surprised me. She is a natural but last night was anything but. You r correct though. She has a great country vibe and sings in tune. For that she should get a gold medal compared to the crap the rest produce.

  7. I have always wanted to hear someone cover Michael From Mountains. I remember bawling my eyes out the first time I heard it. I mean that in the best way possible.

  8. Chris didn’t pick his song. All the songs were FAN picks, which some were really terrible. I say leave the song choices to the Coaches and the Contestants. :)

  9. Some really good performances and some trainwrecks. Here are some of my thoughts.

    Top 3 of the night:
    Kymberli: Pandering for sure, but she sang the heck out of that song. This is the first time that I finally see her doing a song that works for her, and boy did it work. Happy to finally see her trying to actually win.
    Kennedy: I have been tough on her all season long, but she did an outstanding job with this. Credit where credit is due. She may not be my cup of tea, but she’s extremely talented. Hope this is not a one night thing.
    Mackenzie: I found her performance a little sleepy, but she nailed every note on that song. Would love to hear something different from her, a pretty voice and being note perfect can only take you so far on this show, she needs to shake up a little.

    Bottom 3:

    Dave: I can’t believe that my favorite blind audition turned out to be this. I had to mute halfway through his performance. Bye dude.
    Deandre: Next time do yourself a favor and ignore Adam’s advice, that out of tune screaming was painful to listen.
    Reagan: Not as bad as the other 2, but a mess nevertheless. Under the pitch 2/3 of the performance and more importantly, not an ounce of anger and angst on her delivery. She’s lucky there were people worse than her.

    As for the rest, I like Chevel a lot, I actually want her to win, but I wasn’t on board with her last night, a very pretty vocal though. Kirk should stay away from Bro-Country as much as he can, it doesn’t work for you man. I didn’t mind Chris as much, he was decent, I just don’t like the sound of his voice. I’d be surprised if Lynnea is not in danger tonight, she shouldn’t have made it here in the first place. Sarah did what she could with the awful song she was settled with, she should be fine and I hope she advances because I love her but that’s a tough one to recover from.
    My prediction would be Dave and Lynnea bottom 2 with Dave going home.

  10. I was disappointed with Chevel last night because I thought that was a perfect song choice for her, but I mean literally I could see her thinking about the notes she was going to sing. She’s young, Kelly somehow needs to get her out of her own head once she hits the stage. And seeing as going to church seems to be they way to get some notoriety these days, then Kelly should let her sing Let’s Go Down to the River to Pray by Allison Krauss. Chevel’s voice is perfectly suited for bluegrass, ala Allison or Gillian Welch.

  11. Honestly I truly hate the sound of his voice, I just don’t get why some people seem to like him. Especially for his genre, it’s like The Doobie Brothers in Munchkinland.

  12. He’s not a bad singer by any means, but I always have the urge to mute him. I really dislike the sound of his voice.

  13. Agree, I don’t think he is a bad singer, but like you, it’s the sound of his voice, really not my cup of tea. It’s almost like when I used to play my old 45rpm records on 78.

  14. I think and kind of hope that next season will be The Voice’s last.

    Pretty sure Lynnea is a goner.

  15. Yeah I agree, think we are at a DNR moment with the show, if not the last season then at the very least change the hyperbole bookends with some new blood.

  16. well last night on tv they said the voice is casting people to audition so that means we are at least getting a season 17

  17. I enjoyed the evening performances. The only one that was truly bizarre was Dave’s. I love a beautiful instrument – great admiration for those talented singers. My favourites of the night were Kimberli, Kennedy, Mackenzie, and Sarah (I would add Chevel but not a country fan but she is very good for her genre). I don’t understand how Sarah doesn’t win more votes and/or likes here as to me she is the perfect combination strong voice and musical savvy in how she delivers a song. I think Lynette and Reagan are less polished so its hard to determine how much they can grow during this show, I have a feeling they can’t improve enough to deserve to be in the finale. Kirk is interesting I think his voice doesn’t fit country entirely so it always draws my attention, but that song was just hard to take seriously, this is where Country music is like a foreign entity to me!

  18. Bad night for music that you can listen to while driving in your car, and potentially sing along with in your mind while your sitting at work. When soul divas “slay” and “reclaim their throne” it usually means it’s a night I won’t enjoy. Couple that with Reagan smiling like she was on a float in the Disney parade to Avril Lavigne’s angst ridden song, Sarah Grace bringing absolutely zero emotion to Dog Days, and whatever that was that David was singing, and it doesn’t matter how many times Carson proclaimed it an amazing night for music, for me it wasn’t. If I never hear another Whitney song on Idol or The Voice I will be okay with it, and how anyone likes Chris and his thin reedy voice , especially given the material he is performing, is beyond me. The two performers I tune in to see, Makenzie and Chevel, were just ok IMO. You can literally watch Chevel thinking about the notes before she sings them, I guess a product of her being so young, but it certainly takes away from the performance although her tone, especially when she changed key and brought it up a level, is beautiful. Anyhow, other than
    all that, I’m in a great mood. I don’t really care who goes home as long as it’s either Chris,. David, or Deandre. I know Lynnea struggled as well but I am kind of pulling for her because I like underdogs, and she looks like a star .

  19. Lynnea should have been gone last week.. and we would be still enjoying SANDY

  20. Him, Delaney, and Jake were better than Deandre, Reagan, and Tyke. Wish I could swap the entire team Adam. Wouldn’t mind doing that with Blake’s team too

  21. Kennedy crushed it with every arm movement last night! Loved Cheval’s song choice.

  22. My personal rankings for the night:

    Top 5

    1. Kymberli (A+): What a great performance! She’s been consistent week after week, but this was way better than her other stuff. She’s back into the frontrunner position for now.

    2. Shovel (A): She’s always good, but this performance showed off some good range, emotion, and beautiful notes that we haven’t heard in the past.

    3. Kennedy (A-): She’s back into the top with this, but a few pitchy notes in important places kept her from beating out the other 2. Overall this was solid and had an amazing finale, but she still needs to work on her pitch.

    4. Kirk (A-): He had his best live performance so far. There were barely any noticeably pitchy notes, and he showcased a performance with a much different tempo from what we’ve seen before. He didn’t do quite enough to be the very top but this was a pretty solid performance.

    5. Sarah Grace (A-): She dropped a few spots simply because this performance was not as amazing as her performance last week. It was still pretty enjoyable, and she hit all of her notes. It was beautiful to listen to and a solid performance.

    Bottom 2:

    2. Reagan Strange (C): Wow she really fell off; going from Top 5 to Bottom 2. I was skeptical when the blog wrote that she was bad this week because they do that every week, but this time they were right. It wasn’t pitchy, but the song clashed with her style and just was really boring and fake.

    1. Dave (F): I don’t know why this guy is still here, he was bad last week and worse this week. That beatboxing made me throw up, and Blake should have saved Michael Lee.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Deandre Nico was actually not utter shit this week like he’s been every live performance. I enjoyed his performance, and he wasn’t as pitchy as he was before.

  23. I’d rather listen to good and solid performances with cool vocal tricks than the tired old crap that’s always playing on the radio. Sure I prefer unique people like Hunter Plake or Noah Mac, but at least there are people with legit talent this year; unlike last year.

  24. I understand what you say about Kymberli needing to time things down HOWEVER break every chain is not that kind of song to just swing easily with to make things subtle. That’s a song that needs a lot of vocal horse power and emotion and I feel she stood there and actually shown not only what she can do but how to give the right emotional interpretation to a gospel song as well. Sometimes subtlety works with the RIGHT song but not every performance cause otherwise it’ll just be a sleepy competition.

  25. well by radio, I actually meant what comes through the speakers on my car, I don’t listen to radio , I agree, there is nothing but crap being peddled there. I am just not a fan of vocal tricks just for the sake of vocal tricks, Kymberli has a fantastic voice, but, and this is just my opinion, a performance like last night is the vocal equivalent of lifting weights, yeah it’s impressive how much she can lift but it doesn’t affect me in any meaningful way. Kennedy on the other hand, stayed within herself I thought, maybe missed a couple of notes, but other than that sang beautifully, especially given her age. But, you say you like unique as do I, as good as Kennedy was, I did’t find it unique. Anyhow, this is way we come here , to express our opinions and vent, so as my friend Boston say, cheers :) And I agree, there is some talent this year, way better than last season but not as good as Addison, Chloe, Brooke and Noah’s season.

  26. LOL so after all that we have the same favorite :) She is unique, and marketable, song choice will be key for her, and I liked the choice last night.

  27. I found Makenzie’s take on that rather shitty song, borderline brilliant. It was not her best vocal and she still over uses vibrato and runs, but at least she changed things up, which I felt, made the song far more interesting. Her tone is so so beautiful. I wish she would trust it more. I wish she would sing Michael From Mountains, by Joni Mitchell, straight away, no tricks. I believe she is the only one on the show capable of capturing the emotion and singing it mostly in tune. I hope they send the rest of them home tonight, by the rest, I mean all ten.

  28. She does have a beautiful tone and I think a Joni song would be a very comfortable fit for her. She has been kind of low key, so maybe even one of Joni’s few upbeat songs liked Raised on Robbery might be a moment. My favorite is still Chevel, her tone is just beautiful but she needs to stop thinking while she is performing, I think it hurt her performance just a little last night but still, she never misses a note. And I agree, at least for me, everyone else is just fodder, I would be happy to see Adam’s team wiped out so I won’t die from a hyperbole overload before the season ends. Of course Blake isn’t too far behind in the weekly hyperbole horror show.

  29. Another dreadful evening of music. I can not stand Kennedy and her perfect vocals that are just paint by numbers, emotionless rehashes that I have heard a million times before. I do like Kymberli but she is another that needs to tone things down, allow us to feel, rather than prove what she can do. Simpler is better. Unfortunately, even Makenzie, the only performance I loved last night, does not seem to think that is true. I found Dave hysterically funny. For comic relief, he needs to stay. Lyneaa may be a great singer one day. There is beauty within the mess she made. She is not close to ready. I always felt Cheva a natural, but last night, it seemed like she was writing the next chapter of a mystery and did not know where to go with it. The natural became rather wooden. I hope she finds her footing again. She has a heart felt country vibe that does resonate.Kirk lacks range and lacks originality. He can leave anytime soon. Sadly, that will not happen. Chris picked a song by a group I despise and somehow made it worse, a feat that is nearly impossible. Singing is not Deandres thing. He has not come close to singing a song in tune. Furthermore his tone sounds harsh. He is just plain bad. We could have heard the gorgeous tone and unique musicianship of Jake Wells or even young Anthony who kept things very simple but finished notes in a unique way that made the songs message shine. He sang in tune too, an anomaly on this show. Anthony picked good songs. I thought he was terrific. Oh well. Sarah Grace was not given a song that suited her. She is not great, but I shall give her a pass this week. Regan was just plain awful. There is no other word to describe. I hope Makenzie stays. I hope the rest go home.

  30. I hate Kris’s song. And I’m a longtime fan of county and liked him up until last night.

  31. I’m with you on Sarah Grace. There’s no one I’m particularly excited about this season… more than anything I just dislike Makenzie and, to a lesser extent, Chris. But all the rest have had their moments and made me interested at various times. But yeah…twist my arm and at this point I’d say Sarah is the one I find most interesting, maybe followed by Chevel, though like you I’m not ordinarily much of a fan of country.

  32. I think the bottom two will come from some combination of Dave, DeAndre, Lynnea and Sarah though none of them are personally in my bottom two and I actually rather like Sarah. I’m on of the few that liked Dave early but he’s faded a bit for me…still not in MY bottom two though.

    That said, as for tonight’s prediction, my crystal ball tells me it’s DeAndre and Sarah in the bottom two with, sadly, Sarah going home.

  33. I have listened to Giovanna vs Juan battle a thousand times. I want to hug Giovanna. Her voice is angelic. Of course she chose Juan. I can not win in any country.

  34. I’ll check that out! I didn’t listen to many battles or the knockouts yet. Who do you enjoy? Also I’m happy that you are enjoying the show. We don’t have the most gifted vocalist here, but there are still some great singers.

  35. you know something, there is a great deal of truth in what you just wrote, especially about Lynnea. I don’t think she is a great singer, she might not even be a good singer, but there is something about the combination of her look, the way she performs, and the emotion that she sings with that makes me want to see her again, even more than some of the perceived favorites like Sarah and Reagan.She has a cool vibe to her stage presence and who knows, maybe the vocal will improve. I think you made some very good points here.

  36. I was the lone wolf, but I would add Anthony Arya, who kept it simple but always finished his notes and did so in ways that made the lyrics more relevant. His tone is soothing. When he chose his songs, he sang in tune. Adam saddled him and Affleck with one of the stupidest song choices ever for a battle, a song that is driven by delicate precise harmonies, which Anthony for sure would not be comfortable with and Aflleck was not capable of. Agree Jake and Delaney were the 2 most egregious eliminations.

  37. Call me crazy but imo, this is the most boring Voice ever. Don’t get me wrong, the vocal talent is there, but where’s the connection? Kymberli, McKenzie, DeAndre and Kennedy…big, impressive instruments…have yet to make me feel anything. McKenzie came close last night, though.

    Sarah, Chevel & Reagan…nice, clean voices with great tone, but again, have yet to move me. They all sounded young and generic last night. Up until last night, Kirk was the only one that had touched me and I’m not even a country fan. But last night, he was too mechanical to me and I felt nothing.

    Dave and Chris are fine club and bar singers but Voice singers? Not imo.

    So, that leaves Lynnea…call me crazy again, but she has my vote. Dunno why, but I just believed her performance, as it was heartfelt, not contrived and her tone was spot on…she connected with me. McKenzie was the only other one that I felt anything from last night.


  38. Yeah, he was solid pitch wise this time which was nice. Without the pitch problems, he becomes a real contender for the crown.

  39. Well I think you put your finger on that major problem this season, that lack of connection to the song from these young artists. Pretty notes don’t really move me if I don’t feel like there is any emotion behind it. After Danny Federici, Bruce Springsteen’s life long organ player, passed away, Bruce commented that he might not have been the greatest keyboardist in the world, but that he had the shortest highway from his heart to his fingers of any musician he has ever played with. I think the highway from the heart to the vocals has been cut off in so many of these performances, Kennedy can sound amazing, but I feel nothing. And thanks for the compliment, I feel the same about your comments, lol maybe because we often agree . :) And I just thought of something, LOL, we probably just jinxed Lynnea.

  40. Oh yeah, I watched that battle I remember now. I thought Juan won that, but I do think that she’s great. I lov that the judges aren’t afraid to make any critiques. Here, the older judge said to Giovanna that while she sang well, there were instances where she was under the pitch. Even if we agree or not, I appreciate the level of honesty they bring. You’ll never here that on TVUS. On another note, I only watched one knockout pairing and I absolutely love this lady. I believe you’ll do as well. I’m referring to the tatooed woman.

  41. I think i loved the tattood ladys audition. She is fantastic. I liked the other girl too, but tattoo clearly won. What is the name of the song she sings? It is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and yes, would it not be refreshing to hear a crtitique from America judge

  42. Song is called “Rata de dos patas” or “two-legged rat”, you can tell by the title that it’s most definitely not a love song. Unfortunately I don’t think that tattood lady will make it to the top 16 based on the YouTube comments on her playoffs performance. A shame, but the Tango is not really appreciated anymore here.
    I think that you’ll enjoy this as well, I was a little misty-eyed by the end of the song.

  43. Reminder:

    Another reminder to keep these threads on topic.

    Blogging about episodes of The Voice from other countries in random comments sections on whatever posts you happen to choose is off-topic. I’ll be deleting comments if it gets out of hand. I would suggest using the France Voice post on the side bar to chat La Voz or the German version or the Korean version…or…you catch my drift.

    Thank you.

  44. Obviously, I do not know what this song is about, but it made me cry. This is so so beautiful. I love most of the music that has been done in Spanish. Shame as I can not stand modern American music.

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