The Voice 14’s Sharane Calister Didn’t Expect to be Eliminated

The Voice Season 14 Sharane Calister

Earlier this week, Sharane Calister, was the first singer voted off of Team Adam Levine on The Voice season 14. The Des Moines Iowa native started off on Team Alicia Keys, before being stolen by Adam in the Knockouts.

In an interview with reporters after her elimination, the 24 year old singer talks about what’s next, the difference between working with Adam and Alicia, if she expected to be in the bottom 2 this week, and more. During Sharane’s turbulent childhood, she was separated from her twin sister, only to be finally reunited in high school.

What’s next for Sharane

Well, I definitely know for sure that my music career is not going to stop; this is only the beginning for me. I definitely want to focus on me and my album. I definitely want to create an album and possibly a tour. And I’m actually going to be the Keynote speaker for an upcoming conference for the Purple Project, where I’ll be speaking to and working with foster kids. So that’s pretty cool. And I plan on reaching out and working with other organizations related to adoption and foster care. So I’ll be doing that and working on my music.

What kind of album would Sharane make?

Yes. I think I want to go towards more R&B and pop because that’s what I did in the show, you know, I did R&B first, then I threw in a little pop with Shawn Mendes, and America seemed to like it. So I’m going to mix those two in there and make an album that way.

On that glitch that prevented home viewers from being able to see the graphic on the screen that would have percentages of votes for Christiana and Sharane in real time. Did she ever find out what percentage of votes she received and how close the vote really was?

I actually didn’t, you know, but everybody did tell me that it was pretty neck and neck. So I believe Christiana only beat me by like a few percentage points. I’m pretty upset about that. I didn’t even know you weren’t able to see it on the screen. Somebody told me that we were neck and neck.

On Adam saying while they were waiting for the results that hadn’t had her breakout moment yet. Did she agree with that?

I was a little surprised after he said that comment but then I thought about it. He’s right, you know, I definitely haven’t had that just one wow moment in the show yet, and it could have happened next but it didn’t, but it will happen eventually.

But I’m glad he did that because, you know, it opened up my eyes and realized, I can do better and it only gets better from now on. I can’t get worse, you know, I can only just work on my craft to get better and better. So I’m glad he did say that to me.

What was her favorite performance on the show and why?

I would have to say my favorite performance would have to be when I sang Never Enough from The Greatest Showman. First of all, that’s one of my favorite songs ever and it just has so much meaning to it. And that was the one performance where I actually really felt everything, like the boom bit, the staging, the lights, like everything just fit perfectly into the moment. You know, that was my one moment that I had on the show and everything just fell in there perfectly. And America saved me. So that was the best moment ever.

Was she surprised to land in the bottom two? What was going through her mind after singing If I Were A Boy for survival.

Actually, I didn’t think I’d be in the bottom two. It was a surprise to me. Same with Christiana too, she’s an amazing artist. So it’s just a shock to see us both–but we both know that somebody has to be in the bottom two.

It was just mind-blowing and a little crazy, and then I had to sing If I Were A Boy. It’s hard to even go up on stage and sing because you have to hold back your tears. You’re already emotional and you know you might have to go home. It’s just an emotional rollercoaster at that time and everything’s happening at a fast pace.

I just had to calm myself and go up on stage and try to sing my heart out. I sang one of my favorite artists’ song which is Beyoncé, so I already felt honored to be able to do that on The Voice stage. I just went out there and did the best I could, and I still appreciate America for always giving me their support.

On what she gained from The Voice experience and how it will affect her music moving forward.

I’ve gained so much. Just personality wise–I’m definitely a shy person. So when I’m on stage, I blossom into this other person Being on The Voice helped me find my artistry in myself.

Working with two amazing coaches (Alicia Keys and Adam Levine) is an accomplishment right there because not everybody gets to say they get to work with two coaches. So it helped me, and Adam and Alicia both said some very, very kind words and shared wisdom with me to help me with my craft so that’s definitely going to help me in the future.

Adam really helped me step out of my genre. I’ve always thought I would just do R&B but, he pushed me to do it a little bit outside of my box. The one thing he said–be different, don’t be like everybody else. That’s definitely going to help me in my music career now. You should be like Sharane, do what Sharane wants to do because that’s why America got me to where I am now in the Top 11. So yes, everything I’ve learned from The Voice is going to help me in the near future as I continue to develop my artistry.

Did singing a big Mariah Carey song hurt her chances? On why she didn’t garner enough votes to stay out of the bottom 2. 

That’s just a hard question to answer. I have no idea–fans picked the song for me. I feel honored to this day that they picked that song for me because they thought I could do it. I’ve had some bad comments and a lot of positive comments as well with the song. So I’m going to take it all and run with it. I still appreciate my fans for picking such an iconic song for me. It was a big song and I’m just glad I was able to go up there and tackle it the way I did.

Will she reunite with her band, The Feel Right, when she goes back home?  

When I get back to Iowa I definitely plan to reunite with my band. I already have some gigs lined up that I put on hold. I’m going to get with my band and work on some new music and get out there and book gigs–possibly gigs out of the state because we’ve only been working in Iowa. Hopefully this [The Voice exposure] will get us to branch out and go into different states.

A little more on the Purple Project.

The Purple Project is an organization for foster youth. They want me to be their keynote speaker at their 2018 Foster Care Youth Conference and just basically be there to represent all these kids and tell my story and let them know to be strong, and if they ever need somebody that I’m here for them. It’s a great opportunity to speak to kids who went through the exact same thing that I went through. And the fact that I get to actually go up there and talk to them and let them know, you’re not alone, is really amazing. It’s a great, great, great organization. 

On the difference between being coached, first by Alicia Keys and then Adam Levine. 

I’d say they’re both similar because they’re just so honest, and they’re both so caring. I really wouldn’t say that one is better than the other because they both have their own special ways of teaching.

I had my special moment with Alicia, and she’s also one of my favorite artists. So it was amazing working with her and she’s got this sweet personality. When she walks in the room it’s like she would just melt your heart and warm your heart. And she gives the best advice. One of the best things that she told me was, “Be Sharane, don’t be scared, don’t be pretty, don’t worry about the cameras. You go up there and you do you.”

And then with Adam. Oh man, Adam was just so relaxing and calm. The first time I met him he was in sweatpants. The only difference [between them] is that Alicia comes in with l a whole thing, an outfit on, and Adam will just come in with sweatpants and be chill and calm. He’s like a big brother. He treats you like he’s an equal to you. It’s awesome working with both of them. I appreciate every moment that I got to spend with them.

On practicing her Instant Save song. Do the contestants who feel confident rehearse less? How prepared did she feel to sing If I Were a Boy? 

I practiced my song, but I wasn’t practicing it [as if] I thought I was going to be in the bottom two. My mindset wasn’t there. I always speak things to existence and I honestly did not think that I was going to be in the bottom two. But I was still prepared. I still practiced my song and that’s actually one of my favorite songs by Beyoncé. I knew it like the back of my hand. So, I’m glad I was able to sing that song on the show.

On how she felt during the playoffs when she was the first one voted through on Team Adam.

Oh my God, that was like the best feeling ever because I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t register it in my mind that America saved me first. It was just a dream come true. I literally put my sweat, tears, heart and soul into everything that led to that moment to be on that stage.

The fact that America could see it and believe in me and actually vote me through to the next round–it was the most amazing feeling in the world. I honestly wouldn’t trade it or regret it for anything in the world.

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