The Voice 13 Knockouts ft Kelly Clarkson: A Few Thoughts, Video and POLLS

THE VOICE -- "Knockout Reality" -- Pictured: Kelly Clarkson -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice Season 13 Battle Rounds are over. Now, we move on to the Knockouts, with Kelly Clarkson as the Key Advisor for all four coaches. During the round, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson will cut their teams down from eight members to five, with the help of one steal each.

In this Knockouts, singers are pitted against one another again. But instead of singing duets. each contestant performs a solo song of their choosing. After each performs (while the other looks on) the coach picks one singer to move on to the playoffs. The remaining singer is eliminated, unless stolen by a fellow coach.

While mentor sessions can become tedious when all a fan wants is too hear some sangin’ it WILL be fun to see future coach Kelly Clarkson in action.  That the contestants choose their own songs, provides another look at how the singer views him or herself as an artist. Later in the competition, unless the singer is strong and self-possessed, the coach will pick the songs, for better or worse.

How do you see the teams shaking out so far? Each coach has at least one strong singer: Adam has Addison Agen and Jon Mero. Keisha Renee is a strong contender on Team Blake Shelton. Miley Cyrus has Janice Freeman, Ashland Craft, and Brooke Simpson–all strong competitors. And Jennifer Hudson’s team includes  the talented Noah Mac, Davon Fleming and Chris Weaver.

If I had to choose the strongest team? Team Miley overall, with Team Jennifer Hudson right behind her. Doesn’t mean either will win, however. Team Blake’s Keisha Renee is a strong, strong contender…

One other thing before posting the polls. I’m a Jennifer Hudson fan. But then, she was my second favorite singer way back when she competed on American Idol (although I was eventually fine with Fantasia winning season 3, but I digress). I rather enjoy her brashness, her tendency to randomly break out into song, and her Team Jhud production shoutouts. In short, I like all the stuff that seems to get on folks’ last nerves. So kill me now *shrugs*.

Also, while I had so much trepidation when she first came on board as a coach–Miley is growing on me. Her musical instincts are creative. And in her second go ’round on the show, her choices shrewder. However, I could have done without out that ALL GIRL TEAM UNTIL IT’S NOT nonsense, complete with the cheesy YAY WOMEN song choices.

OK. Polls

Favorite Coach (Post Battles)

Favorite Battle Advisor

Eh. Celebrity advisors are mostly a waste, in my humble opinion. For the most part, I’d rather see the coaches work one on one with their team members.

Favorite Team (Post Battles)

The Voice Season 13 Knockout Teams

Team Adam Levine

Addison Agen
Anthony Alexander
Dennis Drummond
Dylan Gerard
Emily Luther
Jon Mero
Hannah Mrozak
Adam Pearce

Team Blake Shelton

Adam Cunningham
Anna Catherine DeHart
Kathrina Feigh
Mitchell Lee
Red Marlow
Keisha Renee
Megan Rose
Esera Tuaolo

Team Miley Cyrus

Ashland Craft
Whitney Fenimore
Moriah Formica
Janice Freeman
Chloe Kohanski
Stephan Marcellus
Brooke Simpson
Karli Webster

Team Jennifer Hudson

Davon Fleming
Lucas Holiday
Shi’Ann Jones
Eric Lyn
Noah Mac
Jeremiah Miller
Katrina Rose
Chris Weaver

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