The Voice 11 Recap and Live Blog Final 4 Performance VIDEOS

THE VOICE -- "Live Finale" Episode 1118A -- Pictured: We McDonald -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 11 Recap Live Blog Final 4 Performance VIDEOS

We’re LIVE BLOGGING The Voice 11 Final 4 performances here. If you’re wondering who is singing what, Click for The Voice Song Spoilers. 

Finale week is hear! Tonight, the Final Four–Billy Gilman and Josh Gallagher from Team Adam Levine, Sundance Head from Team Blake Shelton and Wé McDonald from Team Alicia Keys will perform for YOUR VOTES. Miley Cyrus lost her last two team members last week. At this point, she’ll be cheering from the sidelines. 

The singers perform 3 times: An original song, a new cover and a duet with their respective coaches. 

For more information on how to vote, head over to VOTING IS OPEN AT THE TOP OF THE SHOW. Cumulative iTunes downloads come into play this week. Download every song performed by your favorite in the live shows–they count for votes. And if tonight’s performances make it into the Top 10 the finalist will receive a 5x vote bonus.

Everything leads to this moment…says host Carson Daly in voice over. The opening video package highlights all 4 finalists. 

Miley’s got a thing covering her face…like a veil? You do you Miley. 

Billy Gilman – Team Adam – My Way by Frank Sinatra – Carson sits down with each of the four finalists in a pre-performance video package. It serves as a little recap of the singers’ Voice journey.  Adam calls Billy’s run a “beautiful kind of redemption.” Adam loves Frank Sinatra, you know. He calls the song choice a “hypermasculine pick.” Billy believes the song is an “important final statement.” “My Way” is from the point of view of a person who has lived a long full life. It’s always weird sung by a young person. But I suppose Billy relates his difficult journey in the music business to the message. Billy’s voice is as clear as a bell. Oooo. He’s becoming very emotional. As he sings, Billy walks down a long, white runway. The orchestra plays behind him. He whispers the last “my way.” He’s totally choked up. The coaches are standing for him. Ha ha. Miley turns it around to herself “My team did it our way.” Adam loved that he lost it at the end. “Never before has a song matched up so beautifully,” he gushes, “He means what he says. How do you not feel that you just won The Voice.”  –  Download from iTunes

Josh Gallagher – Team Adam – Pick Any Small Town (writers: Josh Gallagher, Nolan Neal & Jeremy DeWayne Busey) – Adam loves the song! He’s not going to mess with it. “It’s a personal song to me…it’s me to a T” says Josh. “You bring out a more experimental side of my singing,” he adds. This song is full of the typical country music cliches. Trucks! Church! Girls! We’ll never ever leave this small town. Even for an actual  job. Oop. Anyway, you know the drill. He’s got a fine voice. It’s just that his vibe is generic in every single way.  Fun fact: Co-writer Nolan Neal is a member of Team Adam eliminated earlier in the season. Blake says, “Great job man.” Adam says it’s like Josh has been in the business for 10 years.  –  Download from iTunes

Wé McDonald – & Alicia Keys – Ave Maria – They are performing the Stevie Wonder version, which makes sense! Dual pianos! Alicia is having a few pitch problems. This song is not for amateur opera singers. Wé performs in a lovely contralto. Her voice is so deep. But it’s a little shaky pitch wise, and her “opera” voice leaves me a little cold. They’ve both taken on a huge song. Too huge for both of them. Stick to pop music, ladies.  –  Download from iTunes

Sundance Head – Team Blake – Darlin’ Don’t Go (writer: Sundance Head) – Sundance wrote the tune after a fight with his wife. In the video package, when he learns he’ll be performing with KISS on the finale, he breaks down. KISS is the last concert he attended with his late brother. OK. So the pairing makes some sense. Sundance’s vocal just cuts right through on this vocal. It’s a simple, yet powerful sentiment he conveys. The lack of ornamentation, or even vibrato is a plus in my book. Aw. The wife sings along in the audience. DANG. He’s so emotional, tears are streaming down his face. His wife is wearing a big ole cross around her neck. That’s a nice touch. “How in the hell has this guy not been discovered before,” says Blake. Sundance jokes that his wife “helped” write the song.  – Download from iTunes

Billy Gilman & Adam Levine – Bye Bye Love by the Everly Brothers – Billy has grown to trust and respect Adam, he says. One of my fav 50’s country rock songs.  Very nice vocal blend. Breezy and fun, as a duet that’s not supposed to count should be (Take note Alicia…) –  Download from iTunes

Wé McDonald – Team Alicia – Wishes (writers: Michael Anthony Barney & Harold Spencer Jr Lilly) – Alicia enlisted one of her favorite writers, Harold Lily, to write the song for Wé.  I wasn’t sure I liked this song when I first heard it. But out of all the original songs, this was one stuck in my head. Great melody. Other than a few pitchy bits here and there, Wé’s in control. Her lower register is gorgeous. So unique. Aw. Her papa is crying. Wé runs off the stage. Carson has to beckon her back. Heh. She iscrying too. Everyone is crying tonight. “You are the truth, Wé,” says Alicia. She’s proud of America for recognizing her talent.  – Download from iTunes

Josh Gallagher & Adam Levine – Smooth by Rob Thomas and Santana – Well. This was kinda pitchy. Kinda pitchy! The lower register stuff is not in Josh’s range. Also, it’s a real mis-match of voices going on right here. Did Adam spend all of his time rehearsing with Billy? Download from iTunes

Sundance Head & Blake Shelton – Treat Her Right by Roy Head – Sundance’s father, Roy Head, was signed while still in high school in the late 50s. This song hit #2 back in 1965, behind The Beatles at #1. It was a huge hit. And no wonder, because it’s a damn good song. 60’s pop music rules y’all. The golden age of Top 40 in my humble opinion. Such a fun song. This might be my favorite duet. Videos of dad performing back in the day play in the back. Sundance being able to bring this old classic back in front of a huge audience must feel gratifying. I’m dancing in my seat, people. DAD IS IN THE AUDIENCE CRYING.  –  Download from iTunes

Josh Gallagher – Team Adam – Jack & Diane by John Mellencamp – Adam stole Josh after being sacrificed to Sundance Head in the Knockouts. I’ll bet nobody, including Adam, expected Josh to go this far. Oh right. The “small town” he’s from is Cresson PA. It’s the part of PA we denizens call “Pennsyltucky.” Heh. Good song choice for Josh. He works the crowd on the later verses and makes it look easy.  His interpretation doesn’t bring anything new, but it is well sung. “That song and you are meant to be together,” says Adam. “You sang it so well.” –  Download from iTunes

Sundance Head – Team Blake – At Last by Etta James – Fun tidbit: His wife convinced him to audition for The Voice. Blake reveals that he got out of Sundance’s way and allowed him to do his thing. I’m not loving the 50’s she-boom background vocals. I wish the rendtion was a tad bit more Texas “western,” but as always, Sundance’s voice is strong, powerful and emotional. “We’re freaking out!,” declares Miley. Sundance is crying again. “I couldn’t be more proud,” says Blake. That’s it for Sundance.    – Download from iTunes

 Wé has the pimp spot. 

Billy Gilman – Team Adam – Because of Me (writers: Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Nick Ruth, Phil Shaouy, Ari Leff) – “You’re making me hip!” says Billy. But he qualifies , “My kind of hip.” Billy feels the original song fits the artist he wants to be going forward. Oh. The song was originally set to be a Maroon 5 release. The lyrics are really lame. Billy needs better songs. There’s a reason Maroon 5 passed on it. Having said that, it’s easy to imagine Billy on Hot AC radio with a song similar to this. Billy’s tone is so pure and always on pitch. He goes for those big notes and he always nails them. “This moment is one of the most definitive of your career,” says Adam.  –  Download from iTunes

Oh a Sing commercial with a Final Four/Toyota tie in. Mega synergy!

Wé McDonald – Team Alicia  –  Don’t Rain on My Parade by Barbra Streisand – OK. This is sensational. How quick before Broadway is knocking on Wé’s door. NBC live musical producers, are you paying attention? YOU NEED TO BE. I totally understand why she’s closing the show tonight. Wé and Alicia took the most risks tonight, for sure. This risk paid off. “This song shows everybody…whoever doesn’t understand you…nothing can stop you,” gushes Alicia. Wé represents all misunderstood artists, Alicia says. –Download from iTunes

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