The Voice 10 Recap – Blind Auditions #1 Live Blog and VIDEO

The Voice 10 Recap Blind Auditions #1 -- Pictured: Alisan Porter -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 10 Recap Blind Auditions #1 Live Blog

Tonight The Voice is back with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera gracing the coaches panel. If you want some song and results spoilers, click this link.

Oh. I guess this season is an anniversary of sorts. It’s been five years and 10 seasons of The Voice. How time flies. Adam loves helping people’s careers! It’s exciting for Blake when alums are played on the radio. Pharrell. Blah blah blah…What? Christina is glad to be back with the dudes. The show is already pimping the mentors and key advisor too.

What happened to the big premiere night coaches number? A medley involving the entire panel has kicked off the new season for as long as I can remember.

Paxton Ingram – Dancing on my Own by Robyn – He’s obsessed with Michael Jackson and eventually went on to dance behind Britney and Jlo. But Paxton eventually realized HE wanted to be the star. He lives at home with his parents now and teaches hip hop to kids.  He’s a pretty good singer. He’s smart to put aside the dancing to concentrate on his vocals. I have to hear more before I’m convinced. His sound is kind of generic. He wants to work with Pharrell. But then Blake is the first to hit his button. At the VERY last minute, Pharrell and Adam push their buttons, much to Blake’s chagrin. But it’s Adam who is pissed at Pharrell for using the same wait-til-the-last-minute tactic that he did. Is this a thing now?  Blake calls his performance “true greatness.” and begs to be his coach. Pharrell is at a loss for words. Adam was so moved by what he did. Paxton inexplicably chooses Blake. Dude, he’s going to sacrifice you in the Battle Rounds for some country bumpkin. He actually fell for Blake’s fake flattery. Wow. Paxton chooses Team Blake – Download from iTunes

Caity Peters – Jealous by Labrinth – She lives at home with her family of professionals–mostly lawyers. Her artistic aspirations make her the weirdo of the family. By the end of high school, however, she convinced her parents to support an arts education. Currently, she’s studying to be a music teacher, but dreams of performing.  A compelling and unique vocalist, Caity’s got a thick, soulful tone and brings emotion and poignancy to her performance. Pharrell and Christina are impressed enough to turn immediately. Blake and Adam are last.  Caity becomes very emotional after she realizes that all 4 coaches have turned. Pharrell walks out to give her a hug. Blake orders him to sit down. Caity declares she loves soulful music. Xtina squeals and promises to hold her hand to the finish line. “Soul music is the truth!” she says. Pharrell wants to stand behind her intensity. Adam calls the performance “heart wrenchingly beautiful.” He feels she’s on the cusp of something great, and can help her. Blake is all NO YOU ARE GREAT. And he can help her be even better. She picks Pharrell, because she loves his creativity.  Caity chooses Team Pharrell –Download from iTunes

Nick Hagelin – Lost Stars by Adam Levine.-  A child of performing artists, Nick was a professional ballet dancer! His wife encouraged him to hang up his tights and do music full time. In the meantime, his son was born with disabilities–stiff joints and weak muscles. He had surgery and is slowly recovering. He wasn’t supposed to walk, but Nick worked with him until he could.  While all this was going on, Nick landed a record deal, but the label peeps weren’t into the family thing. He parted ways with the label. Nick sings in a breathy whisper. I’m getting the heartthrob vibe. Sorta like Robin Thicke.  He’s got a decent falsetto (better than Adam’s! Maybe that’s why he doesn’t turn around. Heh) Christina turns right away, and then Blake and Pharrell at the last minute. The family joins Nick on stage. The little boy is adorable. Christina compares his voice to early MJ. Blake compares him to Prince, and is sure he’s record well.  Adam says he didn’t turn because he’s “stuck in his own version” of that song. Really Adam? – Nick chooses Team PharrellDownload from iTunes

Maddie Poppe – Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine – She’s a senior in high school at a super small school.  She’s a Youtube person. She plays local gigs, but her small Iowa town doesn’t offer much. She’d love to work with Adam.  There is some pitchy stuff, which is probably why the coaches don’t turn. She’s underpitch through most of the song, and she’s shouting by the end. Maddie is so star struck, Adam invites her to sit in her chair while he stands on stage. Pharrell suggests she practice her scales. He directs his remarks to Adam, which is pretty funny. They all suggest she work her craft and try again later. She regrets singing a difficult song. – No Turns.

Mary Sarah –  Where the Boys Are by Connie Francis –  She’s a 20 year old from Texas, but works in a Nashville shoe store. She began singing as a kid. She learned old school tunes and sang them on the Opry. The Oak Ridge Boys gave her a break. Eventually she recorded a duets album on an indie label that included Dolly Parton. Unfortunately the album didn’t launch her career.  The vocal is a little nasally and strained on the high notes. I’m not getting the vintage vibe the song is meant to evoke. Her voice is strong, but I’m not sold on her tone.   Adam was the first to turn. Pharrell and Blake are next.  Xtina turned at the last minute. Adam loved her pure tone and range. Christina calls her vocal undeniable and consistent. One last big note convinced her to turn. “Boys” is her signature song, she tells Pharrell. Blake recognizes her. He loves that she brings back an older era of music. “They think I’m talking about a tree” says Blake on his Oak Ridge Boys reference. Of course, she picks Blake. Mary chooses Team Blake. –Download from iTunes

So far, Adam and Christina have NO team members.  Adam can’t stop mocking Blake’s Oakie accent. I mean. He. Just. Can’t Stop.

Mike Schiavo – Talking Body by Tove Lo –  Host  Carson Daly sets out to interview Mike in a [product placement] car. Maroon 5 songs are the tunes that initially inspired Mike to pursue music. He moved out to Los Angeles from across the country. At first, his parents were upset he ditched college to pursue show business. He wants a spot on Team Adam or Team Pharrell. Mike has a raspy, soulful sound. He flips the song creatively. I appreciate the fresh song choice. How many times has Tove Lo been covered on singing shows? Adam and Pharrell turn immediately. Blake turns next. This one’s mine, declares Adam. Pharrell loves his “crispy clear tone.”  He lets spill that he loves “She Will Be Loved” and Christina convinces Adam to sing an acoustic duet.  Adam calls out a few chords, they trade lines. It’s a fun little spontaneous moment. Adam calls him a natural. Pharrell asks what he wants. Mike wants to be taught something new. He promises he’s a Pharrell fan too. Blake feels completely left out, but says if he’s looking for something REALLY different, he’s his guy. An argument about who is really “different” ensues. DON’T BE MAROONED says Pharrell. Bad puns ensue. Ultimately, the singer chooses his duet partner, Adam. Mike chooses Team Adam – Download from iTunes

Queen Sassy – Show Me Love by Robin S – She’s from the Bronx and has a strong Latina background. Her dad produced dance music in the 80’s.  She moved to LA with some producers she met and loves it–drives an Uber to earn money. She’s very colorful looking! This is a pretty big song and Sassy doesn’t have the pipes, really. A singer needs a GREAT BIG DIVA voice to pull this song off. Christina loved the opening note, but she wanted a little more variation in her performance. Blake likes her energy. He suggests she come back, but come with a different song.  She needed to dial it back, he says. Christina insists she’s going to be picky. –  No Turns

Bryan Bautista – The Hills by the Weeknd – He auditioned in season 9 and got no turns, despite a viral National Anthem performance in New York City. He was nervous last year. His mother pushed him to come back. The following year, he got professional help for his vocals, and quit his job as an usher to work on music.  This time around, Bryan sings more confidently on a song that allows him to hit some big notes, showing off his range. I’m surprised Pharrell didn’t turn. I have a feeling this dude is destined to be cannon fodder.  It takes a minute, but Christina turns and Blake at the last minute. She reminds him that she pressed her button first. Pharrell remembers him. Adam didn’t recognize his voice. Christina didn’t reject him, because she wasn’t there. Adam pimps for Xtina! Bryan would love to do a Rick James Lady T duet with her. Heh. He picks Blake as his coach. WAIT WAIT. PSYCH. He really picks Christina. Just a little mix up there.  Bryan chooses Team Christina – Download from iTunes

Abby Celso – Should’ve Been Us by Tori Kelly – She’s a server at the Beer Market in Rochester NY. Her dad had a band whom she used to perform with once in awhile. She sings lead vocals for a covers band.  Her mom, who ALWAYS wanted her to audition for The Voice, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and died quickly.  She’s still dealing with the loss. The song begins in her lower range, which is a thing that trips up so many singers, but her vocal is silky and clear.  She also hits the high notes, gliding effortlessly into a pretty head voice.  Adam and Pharrell turn. Adam thinks she could win the whole thing! Pharrell wants her because there’s nobody like her. Blake pimps for Pharrell, who name checks his winner, Sawyer Fredericks. “You have it,” he says. Pharrell and Adam have a dumb semantics argument over whether it’s better to stand beside or behind somebody. She likes Pharrell’s metaphors better. Adam gives Blake the business for swaying her. Abby chooses Team PharrellDownload from iTunes

John Gilman – Don’t be Cruel by Elvis Presley  –  He lives in a log cabin with his brothers. No cable or wifi. HOW DO YOU LIVE?  He sang in a doo wop group as a kid, and the style has stuck with him. He loves 50s and 60s rockers. He’s had a ton of day jobs including working on a Dispicable Me blimp, a Universal Pictures film! No coincidence. Cough. John is like the second coming of Carl Perkins. Adam turns immediately. And that’s it. I can’t see this dude and his 50’s karaoke stylings making it far in the competition.  Blake hopes Adam keeps John in the rockabilly lane. – Only Turn Team Adam – Download from iTunes

Next is a little promo clip for season 9 winner Jordan Smith. He calls David Foster, who is the producer of his upcoming album Beautiful,  a “living legend.”  He’s about to shoot his first music video for the first single “Stand in the Light.” It’s available on iTunes NOW!  We hear a bit of it. Maybe he’ll sell a few downloads. So far, sales for his post-The Voice music have been unimpressive compared to the million + downloads he sold during the show.  Supposedly, there is an exclusive performance on line at The Voice website.

Alisan Porter – Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt –  This season’s ringer, Alisan vomited all over Steve Martin in Parenthood, But is best known as “Curly Sue” in the Jim Belushi movie. She also starred in Footloose and Chorus Line on Broadway. Alcohol took control of her life, but she’s been sober for 8 years and is now a stay at home mom. She is ready to come back to a singing career. Alisan’s experience and talent blows everyone who came before her away. She’s a pro. If she’d had a couple of breaks and her life had gone a different way, she probably would have landed a record deal. She picks a rangy Linda Ronstadt classic to sing and nails it.  All four chairs turn, of course. Adam approaches her and gives her a kiss. So does Christina! “When I’m here, you don’t run the show, Blake,” when he tells her to sit down. Alisan reveals the Curly Sue thing, and admits she competed on Star Search, just like Christina. The coaches fight hard to woo her. But Alisan strongly identifies with fellow mom, Christina. Alisan chooses Team Christina.  – Download from iTunes

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