The Voice – Semi-Finals – Recap and Video

The Voice Top 8 compete tonight for a spot in the finals next week! I’ll be live blogging the performances right here.

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We’re coming down to the home stretch for The Voice, and it all feels very anti-climatic. I can’t say I’m very excited for next weeks final or care very much who wins.  Good luck to them all, I guess?

Tony Lucca came out with a very different vibe than we’re used to seeing. It was a pretty bold move to go from guitar guy who flips songs to suave R&B crooner. But I think it worked for him, He’s got a chance to take this whole thing.

So does ex-Idol contestant, Jamar Rogers, who updated a classic song, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” and delivered a stellar vocal.  Pretty sure a guy is going to win Season 2. The only girl who has even the slightest chance, is Juliet Simms, but I’m not convinced she can get past Jamar to the finals.  Although singing really well and getting the pimp spot may have helped her.


After the contestants perform, the coaches will score the singer’s performances. The scores will be mixed in with America’s votes to determine which 4 contestants will move on to next week’s final.

Before the contest begins, it’s time for some fake trash talk. Blake is sure he’s going to win ‘”the freaking voice” this year. (not with that crappy team you won’t Blake).  Christina is excited to have all the team’s contestants up on stage at the same time.  Cee Lo is wearing a Purfect the Cat shirt.  Adam feels the playing field is even. He’s proud of his team.

In the pre-performance video packages, the contestants families speak about how and when they knew their loved one had a special talent.

Tony LuccaTeam Adam – “How Do You Like Me Now ” by The Heavy –  No guitar. He’s dressed in a suit. Performing with chick singers. Oh my gosh. He’s dancing. Hm. This is very different than what we’re used to. It shows his versatility, but is it confusing? He’s doing a Robin Thicke/Robert Palmer R&B thing. To be honest, I think this is a much better performance than the screamy Britney cover he did last week. Blake:  It had a Robert Palmer thing going on. Badass. Christina: Great song choice. She had cleared it earlier for Moses. Nice job. Says if The Voice doesn’t work out…he can start a Britney cover band. Cee Lo: I become a fan of you tonight. Adam:  This has been such a cool thing. You were the one who convinced me that this was  perfect.   Right move at the perfect time. – – 1-855-864-2301 Text 1 to 97979

Erin WillettTeam Blake – “Without You” by David Guetta feat. Usher.  – Erin wants to finally have a moment. The song choice and arrangement was her idea.  She’s not so great in her lower register.  She’s shouty and underpitch on the big notes. She’s not a skilled singer. There’s no subtlety. She doesn’t know how to phrase a song properly.  She breaks down at the end. Really, that was kind of a mess. Erin! You can only go so far on the dead dad backstory. At some point, talent has to kick in.  Christina: It was very bold. Unique and original. I’m proud of you tonight. Cee Lo: It was a wonderful song choice. Everybody is doing a great job tonight (in other words, he doesn’t plan on being critical) Blake: I would give anything to have 1/10th of the talent that you have…and your strength. – 1-855-864-2302 Text 2 to 97979

Chris MannTeam Christina – “Ave Maria” – Tonight, Chris Mann sings straight opera, and it’s nice in a Susan Boyle sort of way. But, unlike Susan, he appears to be well-trained.  Certainly better than that ill-advised  “Viva La Vida” from a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what kind of career Chris would have post-Voice.    Cee Lo:  The incomparable Chris Mann. You voice is so powerful and so pure. It’s perfect. You are the epitome of this show. Stellar. Adam:  There’s so many different types of performers. You lend the show credibility. Christina: I just felt the heavens open up right now. Most people can’t get up there and perform a song so gorgeous.  (Christina heads to the stage to give Chris a big hug.) – 1-855-864-2303 Text 3 to 97979

Twitter chick is talking to Tony Lucca and his little daughter. Cute child pimping for her father. Erin is next. She’s with her best friend and her mom.  She’s crying again.

Jamar RogersTeam Cee Lo – “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” – Jamar wants to update the song by adding elements of electronica. It sounds really weird in rehearsal.  I’m not sure I’m digging this clunky  hip-hop arrangement. But his vocal is incredible.  It rises above everything.  Despite the iffy arrangement, updating the sound frames Jamar as the kind of artist he could be post-Voice.  Adam: I’m just purely a fan of what you did. Blake: That’s the most laid back performance that I’ve seen from you. I thought it sounded really good. Christina:  Christina wanted to join him on stage! Cee Lo: Great job tonight. I think the story of your life would be a best seller. The reason why your story is so empowering is because it’s a success story. – 1-855-864-2304 Text 4 to 97979

Team Adam and Team Cee Lo join forces to sing “All These Things I Have Done” by the Killers.

Jermaine PaulTeam Blake –  “Open Arms” by Journey – Jermaine is dedicating this song to his wife. I’ve never been super impressed with Jermain’s vocals.  He’s got too much vibrato and an unpleasant tone. But tonight, he flat out over sang.  I did not enjoy that. Christina: Jermaine you are a crazy talented vocalist. You murdered it. Cee Lo: Another wonderful performance. I love to hear a strong male vocal. Adam: I’d like to congratulate you. You are no longer a background singer. All of the things you’ve done have led you to this moment. Blake: You are peaking at the right time in this competition. – 1-855-864-2305 Text 5 to 97979

Katrina ParkerTeam Adam – “Killing Me Softly” by The Fugees –  This was a fantastic song pick for Katrina, she sounds so smooth, soulful and confident–her best performance yet.  Her vocal is just like honey here. So much better than the oversinging and battling vocally she’s done in the past. She gave Tony a run for his money. Blake: It’s hard to believe you were sitting in a cubical a few months ago. You sound so seasoned. Awesome tone. Christina: I’ve truly fallen in love with you over the course of the competition. I would have suggested a few things to make it more Katrina Parker. Adam, take a look at Katrina Parker. She’s a star. Cee Lo: Let’s give an honorable mention to Roberta Flack. You just reinvented it yest another time. Adam: Newer singers–Lauren Hill was their first. At the end of the day, you didn’t sound like Lauren Hill, you sounded like Katrina Parker. – 1-855-864-2306 Text 6 to 97979

 Blake Shelton takes the stage to sing his new single “Over”.

Lindsey PavaoTeam Christina – “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver –  Lindsey is back to her strummy ways.  The song suits her, but her performance is sleepy and lacks energy.  There are aspects of her voice I really like, but she’s inconsistent.   She’s going to have a problem getting past the handsome and charismatic Chris Mann. Cee Lo: I’m more into big love! Your voice has a shy, innocent quality. You played confidently. Great job. Adam: Everyone is just so different. Incredible job. Blake: that was really good. Hand it to Christina for bringing it back to what the artist started with. Refreshing. Christina: Lindsey, that was so great. (Christina take the stage to hug Lindsey) – 1-855-864-2307 Text 7 to 97979

Team Blake and Team Christina join forces to sing “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. WHOA Lindsey could not stay on pitch.

Juliet SimmsTeam Cee Lo – “It’s A Man’s Man’s World” –  A very passionate performance from Juliet.  She’s got the chops and does not hold back.  She’s the female with the best chance of winning this thing. But like Idol, I expect another sausage fest when all is said and done.  Standing ovation for Juliet! Adam: That was something special. Unbelievable. You’re one of my favorites. You’re the one to beat. Christina: You take me back to a special time and place. You sing from your heart. Cee Lo: You killed it baby. You murdered it.  – 1-855-864-2308 Text 8 to 97979

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