The Voice – Quarterfinals Pt 2 – Recap and Video

Cee Lo eliminates James Massone
Adam eliminates Pip

UPDATE: next week,  Javier Colon and Dia Frampton, along with Vicci and Beverly–Season 1’s Top 4–will be performing on The Voice, according to a Facebook post from Javier.

The Voice quarterfinals begin! Eight contestants from Team Adam and Team Cee Lo compete. In a surprising twist, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green will send home one member from their respective teams before the night is done.

Adam and Cee Lo will also perform with the four artists on their respective teams.

On Tuesday, two singers–one from each team–who received he highest votes will advance to the next round.  The bottom two artists on both teams will have to perform a last chance song for the coaches.  Adam and Cee Lo will each save a team member, sending the other finalist home.

There are several ways to vote. Call on a landline, phone test, online at and via Facebook. Also YOUR iTUNES DOWNLOADS COUNT AS VOTES!

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Part 2 of the quarterfinals were better than last week–if only because Cee Lo and Blake at least made sane decisions regarding their instant eliminations. But I have to say I wasn’t terribly impressed with anyone tonight, and I think part of the problem is the distracting OTT staging and the singers struggling against that monster BANDZILLA.

Even the best performer of the night, Jamar Rogers, nearly lost his battle against the band at times.  Katrina also seemed overwhelmed by the band. Cee Lo wins Worst Song Chooser of the coaches.  What he did to James Massone was a crime, turning him into a cheap lounge act.  Juliet Simms was done no favors by Cee Lo foisting the mediocre “Crying” on her. And Whitney Houston for Cheesa?  She’s got an interesting voice, so why not give her something contemporary to sing?

Adam chose much better songs for his team, but I found it odd that he wasn’t aware of how Mathai’s performance would be staged. If he had, maybe he could have stopped that distracting trapeze act.  Adam picked the perfect song for Pip. Too bad he sang it badly. Nope, it was not the absence of one of his too-cute-by-half bow ties.  That boy should not have advance last week.

Tony Lucca isn’t an exceptional singer, but he’s going to advance based on singing a Britney Spears song.  Guitar guys flipping girl pop tunes has practically become a cliche at this point, but I guess people like it. So far, Tony is selling the most iTunes. Go figure.

Adam still likes the Instant elimination and the CONTROL. The coaches are laughing at an inside joke (eta: Cee Lo farted. HOW MATURE) . Cee Lo giggles and says “sh*t.  Christina fans in his direction. Blake says people are pissed about him eliminating Raelyn last week. Christina say go with your gut and follow your heart. They’re still laughing at Cee Lo’s fart. Caron tells them to focus, but they can’t stop laughing. Fail.

Jamar RogersTeam Cee Lo – “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi – Jamar, who is HIV positive says a song by Cee Lo helped him get through the dark times. Jamar is HIV positive and Danny Gokey’s BFF. He breaks up talking about how grateful he is to still be alive.  That was an unusual song choice, but Jamar got it done. He’s still riding on his backstory though.  The crying, shots of his family in the audience, Cee Lo’s major pimping of his character and story (but not  his singing!) will get him through this week, at least.  Adam: You are so amazing. He was the first contestant they saw in the blinds. You belong with Cee Lo Blake: Great song pairing Christina: I love that you made that song your own. You’re one of my favorites in the competition. Cee Lo: Pause and listen to the love (Jamar begins to cry) You are such a sweet spirit…I love you sir. Your story is empowering (Uh. How about his singing?) – 1-855-864-2301 Text 1 to 97979

Katrina  ParkerTeam Adam – “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri – She couldn’t sing for a few years after a mold allergy acted up. She’s hoping not to go back to her insurance cubicle.  Katrina has grown on me since the beginning, but I’m not sure I loved this.  Her vocal was good, but I felt a disconnect.  She’s no Christina Perri. Blake: That was awesome. You stepped out on your own there. Awesome Christina: You are Katrina Parker, and own that. Fantastic. Cee Lo: It’s like hearing you for the first time. Heard a little wilt, but had to do with the emotion. Adam: Wasn’t his favorite in the beginning, but she’s evolved so much. That was incredible. 1-855-856-8302 Text 2 to 97979

Carson Daley introduces Cee Lo and his team, dressed like some nerdy Dick Clark in black and white (btw, no mention of the late, great Dick Clark tonight? TSK.) Cee Lo and his team take the stage to sing “Dancing in The Streets” in cool retro outfits. Cee Lo has crazy giant glasses and a ridiculous wig.

MathaiTeam Adam – “I”m Like a Bird” by Nelly Furtado – Mathai is the kid of doctors who would rather be a singer. OMG there’s a Cirque du Solei type acrobatic swinging from the ceiling. It’s super distracting.  I like her tone a lot, but she seems a little nervous. It’s too bad there was so much distracting stuff going on around her, and Bandzilla is in full swing. Blake:  I could have done without Captain America. You sang really great. (Adam didn’t approve that) Christina:  Didn’t feel like she connected to the song, sounded forced. Christina didn’t like the advice Adam gave her. Also thinks Adam should have known about the acrobat. Adam: Minus the sketchy dude, I thought it was great. Your energy is infectious (Whose idea was the acrobat?  Why didn’t Adam know about it?) 1-855-856-8303 Text 3 to 97979

Pip’s fan group is called the “pipsters” GAG. He’s not wearing a bow tie this week.  Don’t be mad pipsters.

James MassoneTeam Cee Lo – “Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel – Cee Lo is pimping him out as a LADIES MAN. Ugh. He calls him “lady killer #2.” James has a nice tone when it doesn’t go nasally. But geez, this is sooooo corny. James makes Stefano look like the hippest dude in town. James has pitch problems and is tres awkward. Not really sure where this smooth operator stuff is coming from, cause he ain’t.  Blake: It kinda laid there for me. Christina: I would have wanted something a little different.  Adam loved it a lot. Cee Lo:  I enjoyed it. Your voice is so genuine and soft spoken. Jeez, pigeonholing him as some teen heart throb is diminishing him. He came in as a hip hop dude. The songs Cee Lo is choosing for him are totally lame. 1-855-864-2304 Text 4 to 97979

Cee Lo performs “Fight to Win” with his old band the Goodie Mob.

Tony LuccaTeam Adam – “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears – Adam proposes an idea to Tony as if it’s the most radical concept EVER. BOYS SINGING GIRL POP.  Oh my. THAT’s never been done before. Of course, he picks a tune from Tony’s fellow mousketeer, Britney Spears. Eh. This angst ridden arrangement is dullsville not really feeling it. People are going crazy for his performance.  Christina: Lets get Britney out on stage, we’ll do a real reunion. You put a different twist on the song. I enjoyed it.  (Christina is totally backing off last week’s diss. Her compliment doesn’t feel sincere).  Blake: That was really smart.  Adam: God I love you. (Oh. The idea was to be “ironic”. Staring down the Mickey Mouse thing. It’s still played out.) 1-855-864-2305 Text 5 to 97979

Backstage, Tony thanks Christina for giving him the nudge to do something different.

CheesaTeam Cee Lo – “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston – She dedicates her song to her brother. Oh Cee Lo. You really are the worst song picker in the world. Cheesa has an interesting deep tone, and you give her this corny Whitney tune? Crowd eats it up, though. Christina: I have to applaud you for your courage. You still managed to do your own thing with it. Team Cee lo is where it’s at. Cee Lo: You did such a wonderful job. You look exceptionally beautiful. I gave you some big shoes to fill. (Cee Lo is looking for real, un-auto-tuned singers) 1-855-864-2306 Text 6 to 97979

PipTeam Adam – “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane – Holy mother of God. This started off OK when Pip was at at the piano, but then he stood up and began moving around and it totally fell apart. By the end of the song, he was literally caterwauling off key.  He went for some big fancy notes at the end. That was a mistake. This is a sweet song. It’s not about big diva vocals.   Blake: Pretty good over all performance. Where is the bow tie? Adam: That was great man. There were a couple of moments that weren’t perfect. I’m proud of you. (Are they kidding? That turned into a train wreck) 1-855-864-2307 Text 7 to 97979

Adam Levine and his team take the stage to sing John Lennon’s “Instant Karma”. Adam sits in on drums while his group sings, giving them the spotlight.

Juliet SimmsTeam Cee Lo – “Crying” by Aerosmith – Juliet borrowed some of Cee Lo’s feathers and turned them into wings. Alrighty then. I’m not as impressed with her performance as I was last week. She’s trying a little too hard?  She holds nothing back on the stage–which is good–but she’s got to do that without being sloppy. Feathers are now falling from the sky. The production is so over the top. But she’s got an impressive rock voice. I hope she survives. Blake: You’re a great singer, but it brought back memories of duck season. Christina: You are fabulous. You just go in and never look back. Cee Lo: My little red corvette, I thought you did an amazing job. 1-855-864-2308 Text 8 to 97979

Team Cee Lo Instant elimination. He rattles something off a piece of paper.  I have no idea what he just said. But OK.   Cee Lo eliminates James Massone

Team Adam instant elimination. Adam eliminates Pip

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