The Masked Singer 9 Week 7 Recap: Who Was Unmasked?

The Masked Singer
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The Masked Singer 9 Week 7 Recap: 80s Night!

The Masked Singer season 9 continues with Week 7 theme 80s Night, featuring Nick Cannon as host, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger on the judges panel.

The season 8 format remains unchanged. Three costumed celebrities will perform for the studio and judges panel votes. A celeb will be unmasked in the middle of the show. The remaining two celebrities will go head to head in a “Battle Royal.” The winner will move on to the quarterfinals set for sometime May. The winner and two new celebrities will compete next week in “Movie Night.”

There is a new twist, however, that allows the judges to save one singer per round. Each of the saved celebrities from each of the three rounds will compete against each other in a special wildcard show. Will the judges use the save on week 1 of the third and final round of the season?

Tonight’s celebrity costumes are all new and hoping to move on to the quarterfinals: Doll, Moose and Scorpio.

The show opens with Young MC (who isn’t so young anymore) performing “Bust a Move.”


Clues: Doll is wearing a dress, but it’s a MAN BABY! 80’s night makes him feel right at home, growing up, life was surreal. Maybe a little rocky. Doll lives in an attic among spooky things like old bird cages and spider webs. A doll house with animals in it. “I was a weirdo.” Nobody wanted to hear Doll’s voice. Until he found “other misfit dolls” and they found their own crew. The man came in and said they were too strange “and tried to knock us out.” There is a Broadway hint. “Guys as Doll.” He schooled the all. Hairspray is a clue.

Performance: Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds – Doll might be a rock singer. He can carry a tune and can do the rock scream, but his is not a conventional voice. Unless the singing is really bad tonight, we’ll probably find out soon. Erik Estrada brings the On Stage Clue: Ghost writer. “His work with a multi grammy winning artist blows him away.” Plus he worked in scary movies. Robin guesses Gene Simmons. Jennifer guesses someone in Motley Crue. Ken guesses Donnie Wahlberg. Jenny rolls her eyes. Her husband is sitting in the audience. Nicole guesses Sebastian Bach.

Prediction: The Internets say Doll is Dee Snider, which makes sense. The clues point in his direction, particularly “the man” trying to take his band out points to his iconic hit “We’re Not Going to Take It.”


Clues: She loves being “over the top.” Claw Street is a clue. She grew up a small town girl in the middle of nowhere. Different types of sports balls are a clue. She hustled working in fast food and bars. She made her way west until clawing her way into the industry. After years of being other people, the key to her fame was being herself, even if it meant being the villain sometimes. A photo of a house sits on a corporate looking bosses desk. She’s fine with gossips. Fashion is also a hint.

Performance: Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper – She’s a decent singer, although the arrangement of the song is kind of talky and not very rangy. She ends the performance in a split. So an athlete or a dancer? Young MC delivers the next On Stage Clue which is the “sprinkler” dance from the 80s. “I’m never the one doing it. But even I know that watering your property is important.” Jenny guesses Denise Richards Ken guesses Heidi Klum.


Clues: Dancing raw chickens and premium quality meats. Moose shoves cotton into a stuffed Teddy bear. He was born in the midwest just a “normal” guy. Moved to the city where he met his wife. His paw needs to be iced. To: Santa From: Moose. He and his wife moved out west. A letterman jacket. He ended up the “King of your favorite show.” A beer mug is a clue. He ends the clue package shouting “L’chaim” which means “Cheers” in Hebrew.

Performance: The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News – Hoo boy. Now we know who will be immediately eliminated tonight. Moose is probably a comedian. But we’ll find out very very soon, because dude can’t carry a tune. Charlene Tilton from Dallas deliver the On Stage clue “Acceptance speech.” He says, “I’ve got a few in the trunk of my car.” Robin guesses Jon Lovitz. Ken guesses John Goodman Nicole guesses Ed O’Neil.

1st Unmasking

The results are in! The first celebrity going home is…The Moose. Doll and Scorpio will compete in the Battle Royale. Final guesses. Robin: Jon Lovitz. Ken: John Goodman Nicole: Ed O’Neill Jenny: George Wendt. And Jenny is correct. The Moose is George Wendt, who played Norm in the iconic 80’s sitcom Cheers.

Battle Royale

Scorpio and Doll go head to head, singing the same song in their own styles. Scorpio is first, singing Hungry like the Wolf by Duran Duran. She’s significantly more terrible here. Her lack of range and pitch is obvious. While I thought she might prevail, Doll’s performance is much better in this matchup. He’s at least staying on pitch. Either one could win, depending on what the panel (producers) decide.

2nd Unmasking

The champion moving on to next week is…Doll! Scorpio is eliminated. Final guesses. Jenny: Denise Richards. Robin: Lisa Rinna. Ken: Heidi Klum. Nicole: Willa Ford. And Scorpio is Christine Quinn from the reality show Selling Sunset.

Doll could easily be knocked off next week by a good singer. I expect that will happen.

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