Survivor Season 44 Week 5 Recap and Live Blog

Pictured (L-R): Carson Garrett, Brandon Cottom, and Kane Fritzler. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode of Survivor 44 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The Tika tribe returns to camp after tribal council. Yam Yam says it did not go as expected. He thought he, Carolyn, and Sarah would vote out Josh. Instead, Josh played his hidden immunity idol. Josh and Carolyn also voted Sarah out of the game. Carolyn explains that it felt like Sarah and Yam Yam kept telling her what to do. In his confessional, Yam Yam says Carolyn is the most dangerous player. Josh says tribal council was a whirlwind. He’s glad he used his hidden immunity idol and trusted Carolyn. Carolyn thinks Yam Yam is just mad he was left out of the vote. Carolyn says her heart says to move forward with Yam Yam, but she thinks it would be better for her game to stick with Josh.

The next morning on the Ratu tribe, Matthew tells Kane he is still in a lot of pain. He dislocated his shoulder on Day 2, and he’s still hurting on Day 10. Matthew says it dulls his spirit not being able to move. He breaks down in tears as he opens up to Carson. Matthew says he’s been training to be on Survivor for years. As for Carson, he believes he’s in the position he wants to be on the tribe. He says in his confessional that everyone is sharing a lot of information with him. We next see Kane and Carson talking. Kane says he and Carson are nerds, and they can work together. Carson is forming close bonds with Matthew and Kane, and he doesn’t think anyone will suspect him to be a strategic mastermind.

Meanwhile on the Soka tribe, Jaime feels like she fits in well with her new tribe members. She says this is the tribe she should’ve been on all along. She says she is the most valuable member on the tribe since she has information about Ratu, and she tries talking game with Matt. He is being cagey, and Jaime can’t understand why he’s playing at such a slow pace. She vents to Frannie about Matt, but Jaime is unaware how Frannie and Matt are very close. Matt and Frannie both admit in their confessionals that they have crushes on each other and would be open to dating.

Yam Yam is trying to make amends with Josh. Josh tells Yam Yam he doesn’t trust him. Yam Yam says they both lied to each other, but Josh is being hypocritical. Josh no longer has a hidden immunity idol, so he lies that he has a second immunity idol to protect himself. He assembled a fake idol, and he shows Yam Yam a note. Eventually, Josh and Yam Yam talk about life at home. After Josh and Yam Yam open up to each other about coming out as gay to their families, Josh admits he has had more personal conversations with Yam Yam than he has had with Carolyn. Josh feels like he’s in the power position on the tribe, and he’s undecided who he wants to move forward with. Josh suggests voting out Carolyn to Yam Yam, and Yam Yam says he is on board.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Three tribe members will be tethered together as they race through a series of obstacles. They must fill a bucket with water and then go through more obstacles to transport water into another bucker to lower a gate. At the end of the challenge, they must maneuver three balls through a table maze. The first two tribes to complete the challenge will win immunity. In addition, the winning tribe will also decide who goes on the journey. The challenge begins, and it’s fairly even. Ratu is the first to lower the gate, but they are quickly followed by Soka and Tika. Carson and Brandon work on the puzzle for Ratu, Danny and Matt work on the puzzle for Soka, and Yam Yam and Josh work on the puzzle for Tika. Soka is the first to land a ball, and so does Ratu. Yam Yam and Josh are struggling for Tika. Ratu lands two balls first while Tika finally lands their first ball. Soka lands their second ball afterwards. Ratu lands all three balls first, but Soka lands their third ball quickly afterwards. Ratu and Soka win immunity! Tika will go to tribal council tonight. Ratu gets to decide who goes on the journey. They choose Brandon, Danny, and Carolyn.

Medics check on Matthew to see how he’s coping with his shoulder injury. Matthew says he is in a lot of pain, but it’s his dream to be on Survivor. He doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, Josh and Yam Yam return to camp. Yam Yam says Carolyn is playing both of them, and she is someone not to be underestimated. Yam Yam believes Josh has a hidden immunity idol, so he is throwing Carolyn under the bus to save himself. Josh agrees to vote out Carolyn. However, Josh points out how Carolyn could return with an advantage, so they have to wait and see what happens.

Brandon, Carolyn, and Danny go on the journey. They read a note that lets them know there is no game to play. Instead, they will enjoy a meal together and share information. Carolyn lets them know Josh had an idol, so now Brandon and Danny know Carson and Jaime have idols too. Danny and Brandon bond, and they are on board with working together. Carolyn notes in her confessional how she is being treated as an afterthought during this meal. Brandon and Danny are already making plans when the tribes merge, yet they’re ignoring Carolyn. Carolyn says she needs allies, and Brandon says Carolyn is someone worth keeping around since she hasn’t done well in challenge. In her confessional, Carolyn is annoyed how they are underestimating her. Carolyn has already proven to herself that she’s playing a good game. She found a hidden immunity idol, planted a fake idol, and orchestrated a blindside. She says Danny and Brandon better watch out when she makes it to the merge.

Carolyn returns to the Tika camp. Carolyn mouths to Yam Yam that they are sticking together. Carolyn vents about her time at the sanctuary. She says Danny and Brandon were building a bro alliance, and she wants nothing to do with that. While the three of them are sitting together, Josh says he’s safe tonight since he has a hidden immunity idol. Josh pulls out his fake idol, but Yam Yam recognizes the beads from tree mail. Josh shows the note, but Carolyn recognizes the note he showed her two days ago. Yam Yam and Carolyn both know that Josh’s idol is fake. Carolyn pleads to Yam Yam to stick with her and vote out Josh. Josh also speaks to Yam Yam individually, and he still wants to vote out Carolyn. Yam Yam is now in the power position, but he doesn’t know who he should trust.

Before Tika can go to tribal council, Jeff arrives at their camp. He lets them know that Matthew has left the game due to his shoulder injury. The pain became too much for him to handle. As a result, Tika will not go to tribal council tonight.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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