The Masked Singer 9 Premiere: Who Was Unmasked?

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The Masked Singer season 9 premiers with Nick Cannon as host, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger on the judges panel.

The season 8 format remains unchanged. Three costumed celebrities will perform for the studio and judges panel votes. A celeb will be unmasked in the middle of the show. The remaining two celebrities will go head to head in a “Battle Royal.” The winner moves on to compete again in next week’s “ABBA Night.” The loser will be the second celebrity to unmask. There is a new twist, however, that allows the judges to save one singer per round.

The Masked Singer 9: Format Changes, First Look at Costumes

Tonight’s costumes: Gnome, Mustang and Medusa.

The set got a “glow up” this season. Nick introduces the panel, and they are all dressed like it’s the Oscars!


Clues: She sold out arenas and won awards, and collaborated with “Elvis.” She almost died several times. “I’m a survivor, I’m hell on heels.” There’s a bird in a nest with three little chicks.

Performance: Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. FOX previewed this performance a few days ago. And fans quickly assessed who was behind the mask. Mustang is quite obviously a professional singer. She’s got a raspy, big voice, well suited to rock music. Gnome and Medusa are going to have to be SPECTACULAR to beat this voice.

The onstage clues are ensconced in “Swag Bags.” “Beauty comes from the inside, but this time it’s on the cover.” Ken guesses Pink. Robin guesses Suzanne Somers. Jenny agrees. Nicole guesses Chrissie Hynde or Anne or Nancy Wilson. Hm. No.

Prediction: Fans are convinced Mustang is country singer Sara Evans, who had a bunch of hits in the 90s and aughts.


Clues: The men in black roll Gnome out on wheels. He’s doing the “lucky charms” accent. Very fake. He talks about performing with big comics and singers. He’s also met a couple of presidents.

Performance: When You’re Smiling by Frank Sinatra – OK. Dude is NOT A SINGER. He’s also elderly. In other words, he’ll be unmasked first! Robin and Jenny recognizes his voice. He does sound familiar. This performance is like something from a mid-century variety show, for real.

The swag bag clue: It’s a Kennedy Center medal. He met President Biden and made jokes. Nicole thinks it’s Dustin Hoffman. Robin guesses Dustin Hoffman as well. Ken guesses Robert DeNiro. Hoo boy, Hoffman had a big #MeToo scandal a few years ago. Look it up.


Clues: She grew up far from the spotlight a “dancer in the dark.” She was born to stand out. Buckingham Palace. From the “super bowl to this very stage.” She claims to have appeared on Masked Singer before. Chess pieces are a clue. A “True Love” tattoo.

Performance: “Happier than Ever” by Billie Eilish – If Mustang wasn’t such a pro singer, Medusa would sail through to the next round. She’s good, but not the great technical singer that Mustang is. But who knows! What Medusa lacks in technical prowess, she makes up in emotional delivery. That performance was intense! This is where the new format sucks. Both Mustang and Medusa deserve more than one performance.

Swag Bag clue: 340 million sold.”Sometimes success comes in the grayest of places.” Jenny guesses Elle Goulding. Ken guesses Meghan Markle. OK Ken being stupid again. Nicole guesses Lorde.

Prediction: The internets say Medusa is Bishop Briggs. Bishop is from London, but spent time growing up in Tokyo and Hong Kong, which matches the Buckingham Palace and “far far away” clues. Bishop is a chess piece. The clue about “being here before” could relate to a contestant singing her hit song “River.” Also Bishop’s song “Tattooed on my Heart” relates to the “True Love” tattoo from the clues. Her cover of “Never Tear Us Apart” is from the Fifty Shades Free soundtrack, hence the “grayest of places” clue.

Nick explains the new twist that gives the judges one save in each round by ringing the “ding-dong-keep-it-on” bell. The three saved contestants will battle it out in a special episode, with the winner rejoining the competition. In other words, the judges could save a contestant tonight. Or not.

First Result

The first singer of the season to get unmasked is…Gnome. Predictable! Mustang and Medusa will battle it out in the “Battle Royale” later in the show. Final guesses: Ken: Robert DeNiro. Jenny: Tony Bennet, Good lord. He’s in advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. Does she pay attention to the news at all? Robin: Dustin Hoffman Nicole: Dustin Hoffman

AND OH MY GOD THE GNOME IS DICK VAN DYKE! HE’S A LEGEND. A FREAKING LEGEND! I’m so glad it’s not Dustin Hoffman. I recognized that voice, but couldn’t place it. Nicole is crying. I’d be crying too. He’s 97 years old! Unbelievable. Please live forever King. He sings out with “Supercalifragilicious” from Mary Poppins.

Honestly, that clue about meeting President Biden ruled out Dustin Hoffman. That guy isn’t receiving any awards at this point.

Battle Royale

Medusa and Mustang will sing “Diamonds” by Rihanna, but in two different styles. Mustang is first. Her performance is straightforward and strong. She’s got pipes. Medusa’s versions is alt/pop. She’s not the technical singer that Mustang is, but her tone is unique and conveys a ton of emotion. The judges really need to step in and save the loser.

Final Result

Medusa will advance to next week’s “ABBA Night.” She’s safe! And Mustang will be unmasked. They aren’t saving her. Dang. Final guesses for Mustang. Ken: Pink. Jenny: Joan Jett. Robin: Suzanne Somers Nicole: Wynona Judd. And the internets were correct. Mustang is Sara Evans. She loves the show, and thinks more country artists should go on it.

I can’t say this enough. The format Masked Singer started last season really stinks.

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