The Masked Singer 6 Recap: Group A Does The Time Warp (VIDEOS)


Tonight, season 6 of the wacky singing competition, The Masked Singer continues with more from Group A contestants and a NEW Wildcard.

FIVE  masks will perform tonight, including Skunk, Pepper, Bull, Hamster and NEW wildcard, Jester.

After the contestants are presented, with clues, they will perform a song. Then, it’s up to the audience and judges to guess who is behind the mask.

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Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel. Nick Cannon hosts. Leslie Jordan from the FOX series Call Me Kat sits on the panel as guest judge.

The theme tonight is “Time Warp.” One singer will soon be out of time! The panel is dressed in goofy outfits. This is some kind of Halloween thing.  Leslie Jordan is introduced as “soft serve” singing “This Little Light of Mine.” He can’t sing without breaking up. 


Clues: He’d like to evisit the day he left his day job. Hall & Oates are a clue. He’s very very nosey. He wants to know his competition. 

Performance: To Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan – Bull is singing the entire song in his falsetto. That’s a way to throw the judges off the scent. Bull has mostly gone upbeat and danced around. His falsetto isn’t his sweet spot. But he is showing a different side of his talent. The men in black go back in time to retrieve a clue from the celebrity’s past. The clue is from 1998. It’s a retro Mac with a modem. “That sound will forever live Rent free in my head.” Ken guesses Taye Diggs. Jordan guesses Cheyenne Jackson. Jenny guesses Lil Nas X.  

Prediction: Bull is American Idol alum Todrick Hall.


Clues: Pepper would like to revisit when she first hit it big. She wished she had enjoyed the time more. 

Performance: No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande – Pepper’s voice is so distinctive, someone on the panel is going to guess her. Pepper sounds like early 2000’s radio. That was a very sassy performance. Pepper’s clue is an Ipod circa 2001. Jenny guesses Pink. Oh c’mon. It’s obviously NOT PINK. Ken guesses Idina Menzel. These guesses are terrible. Nicole guesses Ellie Goulding. That’s a reasonable guess. Courtney Cox says hello via Zoom!

Prediction: Pepper is likely Natasha Bedingfield. Natasha had a big hit in 2004 with “Unwritten.” Clues from the aughts make sense. 


Clues: She wants to fix one of her biggest regrets. Not speaking to a loved one. She never got the chance to speak with them again.

Performance: Square Biz by Teena Marie – Ohhhh. This song is a little obscure. I love it. She both sings and raps, just like Teena on the record. However, Skunk’s performance last time was better. Teena (RIP) was an amazing singer. Singing one of her songs is a tall order. Skunk’s clue is a beeper/pager from 1994. “If someone sent me these three digits (607), I’d feel like a complete dreamgirl.” Jenny guesses Jennifer Hudson. LOL NO. Nicole guesses Cynthia Erivo. Nope. Robin guesses Faith Evans and that her clues were about Notorious B.I.G. BINGO. He wins. 

Prediction: Robin is CORRECT. Skunk is Faith Evans and her clue was all about her late husband, rapper Notorious B.I.G, murdered in the late 90s.


Clues: He’d love to go back to the night he went to a party with his wife. She was only impressed with meeting Luis Miguel. HAMSTER’S MAKIN’ COPIES HE’S MAKIN’ COPIES! 

Performance: Sabor a Mi by Luis Miguel – Hamster is a decent singer. He’s been a little jokey so far. But not tonight. If he actually tried, he could be better. His tone is nice. Hamster’s clue is circa 1984, a portable TV. He talks in a fake Spanish accent. Robin guesses Martin Short or Sean Astin. Leslie guesses Marc Antony or A Rod. Nicole guesses Gabriel Iglesias

Prediction: Hamster is SNL alum Rob Schneider. The judges keep circling back to SNL. And they would be correct. Hamster has hinted more than once that he makes movies with his friends. Rob has worked with Adam Sandler and more. Plus, that shot of Hamster at the copy machine is a major clue. Rob’s most famous bit from SNL had him annoying people as they made copies. Also why am I surprised that Hamster can sing? Rob Schneider’s daughter is country star, Elle King

Jester – Wildcard

Clues: He’s speaking in a British accent. It sounds like fake cockney. Jester has been voted one of the 1oo most influential people of all time, but some call him a scoundrel. He’s offended heads of state. He’s a bad boy!

Performance: School’s Out by Alice Cooper – Hoo boy. Jester cannot sing. It’s a rock song, so he can shout his way through the performance. Wildcards usually last at least two weeks. Could we be saying goodbye to Jester as soon as we’ve said hello? Circa 1975. It’s a checked jacket. Robin guesses Dee Snider. Leslie guesses Ricky Gervais. Ken guesses Roger Daltrey. Uh. No. This guy is probably a comedian/actor, not a singer. 

Prediction: Not seeing this guess on the internets yet BUT Johnny Rotten aka John Lydon from the Sex Pistols! He’s been enormously influential in the world of music. He’s p***** off British Royalty, and is considered a “bad boy” all the way around (although, he really isn’t). Listening to his performance again? The way Jester clips off the end of his phrases? And that ripped up plaid jacket from 1975. C’MON. I’m sticking with Johnny.

A bunch of people on the internet are guessing Jack Black. Jack has played a bad boy in the movies, but he isn’t one in real life. And he can actually sing. 


The singer headed home is…Hamster!  It should have been Jester. Nick says “the competition was so close this week.” First impression guesses: Robin guessed Cheech Marin. He’s sticking with it. Jenny guessed Andy Richter or Jason Alexander. But now she thinks its Rob Schneider. SHE WINS. Nicole guessed Jason Alexander. But now she thinks its Gabriel Iglesias. Leslie Jordan guesses Gabriel Iglesias. Ken guesses Will Ferrell. And the Hamster is Rob Schneider! He and Jenny can trade anti-vaxx conspiracy theories. Yay!

Next Wednesday’s show is preempted by the MLB World Series. However, a CLIP SHOW, which will countdown the GREATEST MASKED SINGER PERFORMANCES OF ALL TIME airs on Monday Oct. 25. And then the November 3 show is up in the air, depending on whether the series goes all the way to 7 games or not.


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