The Masked Singer 5: Who Will Win? Plus Spicey Six Predictions

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The Masked Singer is down to the “Spicy Six” celebrity singers who will compete next Wednesday (May 5) after a clip show break. Last night (April 24) host Nick Cannon gave out some fake awards which were basically an excuse to review the season. Cluedle-doodle-do or whatever the heck his name is dropped some new clues about the remaining masks. And he also dropped a clue about himself. Hint: He is connected to Gremlin aka Mickey Rourke. Yes, the ridiculous Cluedle-do, who played a more muted role than I expected throughout the season, will unmask on the finale. Yipee. The fake audience will love it. 

There is no Masked Singer competition episode this week, so it’s a good time to drop a power list of the remaining singers, alongside  predictions of who they are. Well, they aren’t really my exclusive predictions. Internet denzians, as they always do, figured out who the singers are from the clues. I feel pretty confident in the identities of every remaining celebrity.

At this point in the competition, only good vocalists remain. Some are better than others! The winner is usually a combo of good singing and an excellent ability to entertain. As in every competition show, the best singer doesn’t always win. Tori Kelly didn’t even make the Top 6. Girl can’t catch a break when it comes to singing shows. 

So, here is how I think the competition will shake out.

The Masked Singer 5 Spicy Six Power List and Prediction

6. Chameleon – Chameleon is entertaining as heck and has flow for days. But he’s not the best singer. That’s because  well-respected rapper, Wiz Khalifa is Chameleon. Hints point to his mixtape “Kush & Orange Juice” and his single “Black and Yellow.” 

5. Piglet – I could have switched Piglet with Yeti, but in the end, I think Yeti is the more compelling performer. Piglet has a pleasant pop voice, and has solid stage presence, but he’s a little bland. Piglet is more than likely ex-98 Degrees member, Nick Lachey.

4. Yeti – Yeti is the only remaining wildcard. But he lasts because he is so memorable. The big guy ice skated through his last performance! Fans are sure that the Ice Man is singer and actor Omarion

3. Robopine –  One of the best singers left in the competition is Robopine, who cuts a compelling figure on stage. I predict he’ll make the Top 3. Hints point to Robopine being an actor who has appeared in action movies, and a singer as well. Tyrese fits the description, with clues that point to his role in the Fast and Furious franchise, and Baby Boy. Also, Tyrese is definitely looking for attention, because he just did this outrageous thing

2. Black Swan – Black Swan is the only woman (!) and the best vocalist remaining. Girl can sang. She delivers the belty belts week after week.  Black Swan winning the whole dang thing would not be shocking, but I don’t think she will. Our feathered friend is most definitely songstress JoJo. Clues point to the terrible record deal she signed early in her career that kept her from releasing music. Also, clues point to JoJo’s humble upbringing and close relationship with her mother. 

1. Russian Dolls – Initially, it was Russian Doll. But then they began multiplying! Two? Three? FOUR! The costume has been so much fun. But also, the Russian Dolls (I think there are actually 3 of them) sing beautiful harmonies and are super-fun performers. Because of that combo, I think they’ll win. At first, I thought the singers could be brothers. That’s even before the internet told me Russian Dolls were the 90’s singing stars, Hanson. Clues point to the bros big hit “M’Bop,” the mysterious illness one brother fought, and the group’s love of jelly beans.

JUST FOR FUN: The Spicey Six Sing “I’m A Believer” by The Monkees


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