The Masked Singer 5 Recap: Week 4 Results and Predictions (VIDEOS)

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Tonight, season 5 of the wacky singing competition, The Masked Singer continues on to week 4 on FOX.

FOUR celebrities from Group B will perform in crazy costumes. ONE will be unmasked by audience vote before the  episode ends. After the contestants are presented, with clues, they will perform a song. Then, it’s up to the audience to guess who is behind the mask.

BUT, there is a twist. The first ever WILDCARD will enter The Masked Singer stage. And reportedly, it’s some sort of Crustacean. 

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel. Niecy Nash will host while Nick Cannon recovers from COVID-19. Tonight’s guest judge is 

Tonight’s regular celebrities from Group A include Piglet, Grandpa Monster, Black Swan and Chameleon. Plus, clue mask, Cluedle-doo, who will be unmasked before the end of the season!

Grandpa Monster

Clues: He stranded himself in the wild, cast away, just to see if he could he survive. Left without food, water and shelter, he was terrified. With little wild creatures everywhere.  There is a photo of a guy with sunglasses. And a boxer dog. A plane flies by. A model sports car. A santa hat. Headphones. He’s traveled the world and sold out arenas. For some reason, he hates piglet!

Performance: Bad Reputation by Joan Jett – Welp. I don’t think Gramps is a professional singer, But who knows. He manages to kick at the camera. Joan Jett he’s not, however. Last time, Gramps was more fun. This week’s clues include First Crushes: Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. Hm. Ken guesses Kevin Hart (NOPE). Robin guesses Jack Black. Nicole guesses Jake Paul. Uh. I think it’s probably an actor or a comedian. He knows how to work the stage. 


Clues: Yes. He and Grandpa Monster are big enemies. “But when you get our eye on the prize, no pain, no tears and no arch nemisis cn stand in your way. “Don’t be a ball hog!! 2528 Rushing In./Game” is written on a whiteboard.  His competitive nature made him a hometown hero. There is a medieval knight suit of armor. There is a bigtime football analogy happening here. When he hit the big time, he never anticipated a lifetime of competition with his arch rivals. 50:10, 11 t0 11 and 03 are up on a football scoreboard. He never throws in the towel. “It’s Friday Night all over again, even on a Wednesday…clear eyes, full belly, can’t lose.” 

Performance: Good To Be Alive by Andy Grammer. Pretty sure Piglet is an older pop singer, from the 80s/90s.  His voice isn’t fantastic, but the kind of boybandy sound that was popular then. He works the stage like a pro. First Crush: Meg Ryan. That gives away his age. “It’s a match made in heaven,” he says. Ken guesses JC Chasez. Nicole guesses Austin Mahone. Jenny guesses Jonathan Knight

Prediction: Fans seem to think that Piglet is Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees. He’s also appeared on reality TV and hosted a bunch of stuff.

Black Swan

Clues: She had to break off a relationship with a relative. “The person who gave me life…” So, probably her mom. “The higher I flew, the harder it became for them to keep up.” She says, “I saw their heart breaking, so I had to let them go.” There is a nickel and a penny with a shadow stripe imposed over them. Eventually they were able to fly back into each other’s lives, just like birds of a feather do.” 

Performance: In My Blood by Shawn Mendes – Black Swan is a major female diva. Not too famous, because Masked Singer is strictly B/C list. But she’s definitely a recording artist with major pipes. She doesn’t miss a note. First Crush: D’Angelo. “His voice and talent…he’s just the one for me.” Nicole guesses Demi Lovato. Too famous! Doesn’t sound like her either. Ken guesses Lindsay Lohan. SHE CAN’T SING. Robin guesses Ashley Simpson.

Prediction: Black Swan is probably the singer JoJo. She fired her mom/manager at one point.


Clues: He’s VERY TALL and a painter? Up against powerhouse singers, Chameleon knew he’d have to let his FLOW shine. His whole life has been about embracing what makes him unique. Chameleon sits at an easel and paints. There is a graduation cap next to a wedge of cheese. He’s made it his quest to help others shine too. There is a model cab with peaches on the doors. Somebody close to him was attacked for who she was. He helped lift her up until she learned to embrace what made her unique. “Bonjour” and a clothes model with a tape measure. “Fashion Taylor” says Robin. Hmmmm. Or Taylor Allderdice. Tragedy struck, and his friend was taken away from him. 

Performance: 21 Questions by 50 cent ft. Nate Dogg – He’s sort of rapping this week. I think this might be a sport figure. The rapping isn’t bad! He’s definitely not a singer. “Did we used to date?” asked Niecy. Maybe they did! First Crush: Salma Hayek. “I have a thing for hot ladies.” Ken guesses Iman Shumpert. Nicole guesses Dwyane Wade. Jenny guesses 2 Chainz.

Prediction: So, just because a dude is tall, doesn’t mean he’s a ball player. The internets say Chameleon is Wiz Khalifa. The “Tailor/Taylor thing could be “Taylor Allderdice” the name of a mixtape, but also the high school he attended in Pittsburgh. The oranges on the cab could refer to the Mixtapes “Kush & Orange Juice” and his single “Black and Yellow.” Tragically, Wiz Khalifa’s trans sister Lala died in 2017.

Crab (Wildcard)

Clues: He’s GIGANTIC. All his life Crab dreamed of being a star and he was blessed that his dream came true “in a flash.”  Everyone around the globe wanted to be like him. He felt like a “King Crab.” But with every blessing, tragedy seems to follow. Darkness has followed him and his family. A broken mirror floats by in the deep. “We’ve endured so many twists, turns and traumas.” A calculator shows the numbers “2 + 3.” The love of his family gives him the strength to stand back up and be a star again.” There is a painting of the Mona Lisa. He dedicates his song to the family members who have gone before him. 

Performance: Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers – Crab can sing! He barely moves around the stage. But maybe the crazy outfit he’s wearing is constricting. Nicole is fake crying. The judges drop their first impression guesses into a fishbowl. First Crush: Janet Jackson. “We grew up together on “Good Times.” Ken guesses Lenny Kravitz (Lenny is a better singer than that!) or Bobby Brown. Hm. Robin guesses Johnny Gill

Prediction: Lots of folk think Crab is Bobby Brown and it makes sense. He was very very famous at one time. But drugs screwed up his life and then he lost his mother, his wife Whitney Houston, his daughter Bobbi Christina and recently his son, Bobby Jr. 


The singer heading home tonight is…Grandpa Monster! Aw. I’m not surprised though. AW HE’S CRYING. Not really. First impression guesses: Robin guessed Johnny Manziel. He’s sticking with that. Jenny guessed Morgan Freeman she’s changing to The Miz. Ken guessed Emmett Smith, he’s switching to Kevin Hart. Nicole guessed Cam Newton, she’s changing it to Jake Paul. And Grandpa Monster is Youtube star Logan Paul! Almost, Nicole. These celebrities aren’t even C list. It’s a sorry lot, so far. Logan is rooting for Black Swan


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