The Masked Singer 5 Recap: Week 3 Results and Predictions (VIDEOS)

Tonight, season 5 of the wacky singing competition, The Masked Singer continues on to week 3 on FOX.

FOUR celebrities from Group A will perform in crazy costumes. ONE will be unmasked by audience vote before the  episode ends. After the contestants are presented, with clues, they will perform a song. Then, it’s up to the audience to guess who is behind the mask.

BUT, there is a twist. The first ever WILDCARD will enter The Masked Singer stage.

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel. Niecy Nash will host while Nick Cannon recovers from COVID-19. Tonight’s guest judge is Joel McHale.

Tonight’s regular celebrities from Group A include Robopine, Seashell, Russian Dolls and Racoon. Plus, clue mask, Cluedle-doo, who will be unmasked before the end of the season!


Russian Dolls

Clues: They totally confused the pael with their harmonies. But they haven’t always been in unison. Three planets dangle in the air.  A banjo! There was a time one of the dolls “cracked hard.”  One was rushed to the hospital and there was no guarantee he’d ever be the same. “If it weren’t for the glue that bonds us I may not have survived.” A letter jacket with an M (MmmmmBop!). The trauma made them stronger. “Help” spelled in block letters. They don’t take anything they do together for granted.

Performance: Wonder by Shawn Mendes – The harmonies are incredible! AND HERE COMES THE THIRD DOLL! Last week, two of ’em were in one costume. By now, everybody HAS to know who the heck this is. If a judge doesn’t guess it this week, I’ll be shocked. The singers sketched self-portraits. The colors “POP” like we do, says one. Jenny guesses Lady A. Robin guesses Sugarland. Joel guesses Boyz II Men. C’mon guys. These voices are obvs male. Ken guesses Jackson 5. Cluedledo hints there is a fourth member. Hm. 

Prediction: Fans say unequivocally that Russian Dolls are the 90s boy band, Hanson. One of the members had a pulmonary embolism a few years ago.  The M on the letter jacket represents their huge pop hit “MBop.” Cluedledo teased a 4th member, but it could be another brother. 


Clues: Oh. Racoon is a terrible singer, only saved because Kermit was worse. Apparently, Raccoon was a boxer who became a Hollywood star. See below for Racoon’s unmasking!

Performance: Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash – The singing is even worse than last week. At least his first outing was somewhat amusing. The theme is the old west. “Wanted” posters feature Jenny. He’ll get one vote at least. Unless the wildcard is a disaster, I think Rocky is heading home. “I can’t believe Mickey Rourke is back,” Joel jokes. Raccoon’s self portrait features bats flying around him. Robin guesses Tony Danza. Nicole guesses Sylvester Stallone. Jenny guesses Jon Voight. One thing’s for sure, Racoon is on some good drugs right about now. 


Clues: He claims to be 60ish and from Costa Rica–or he visited the South American country? His heroes then were the men who kept the streets clean. Even now, he’ll pull over and help street crews clean. A stuffed kitten mews. 

Performance: All of Me by John Legend – Robopine is a good singer! His voice is so smooth. He doesn’t have John Legend’s falsetto, though! Nicole is fake crying. She pretends that the audience is also crying Hint: Because of the pandemic, there is no audience, just shots from old shows. Robo’s self-portrait includes a rock guitar and a spider. Nicole guesses Jason Derulo. Robin guesses Wesley Snipes. Ken guesses Eddie Murphy

Predictions: Some of the guesses include Terry Crews, Tyrese and Steve Harvey.


Clues: In the package, Seashell is miniaturized. She’s a tiny little thing standing on top of a camera. There is a cute doggie watching her on TV. In the past, being alone was scary. She always felt like a tiny little shell in a big big world. A certain “showman” asked her out. He appears to be a baseball player, or connected to the sport somehow. “He was a total jock.” He made her feel larger than life and gave her courage to do things she was always scared of. There are are eggs, milk and bagels in the background. So, cooking? A two minute stopwatch and a cat. Also a desk lamp. She’s more confident taking a dive knowing her jock guy is there to catch her. Somebody sprays a bunch of cactus plants. 

Performance: Confident by Demi Lovato – She’s a good singer, but sounds a tiny bit older? Her pop style isn’t current. She’s got some pipes, though. Seashell’s self-portrait is a tornado with stuff in it. “I like to see myself as a superhero.” Joel guesses Ashley Simpson. Ken guesses Jenny Slate. Robin guesses Haylie Duff

Prediction: Fans are saying Seashell is Tamera Mowry-Housley from Sister, Sister. She’s married to a former baseball player. She also has a cute pet doggo.

Orca (Wildcard)

Clues: Orca’s Piehole. Pizza shaped his life. At 24 he would become a punchline. His dad said he only had until 25 to make it in the business. A clock stops at 2:59. Desperate, he hid audition tapes in pizza boxes and delivered them all around town.  At the 11th hour…boom. an Eagle picks up Orca and delivers him. The pizza shop serves Lemon, Orange and Pumpkin pizza. Plus, extra anchovies. Visit us: 1313 Melville Court.

Performance: We’re Not Gonna Take it by Twisted Sister – He’s a credible rock singer, more or less. He’s probably an actor who can sorta kinda sing. I think he’s probably a little older. Because Orca is new, it’s time for first impression guesses! Orca’s self-portrait: It’s a surfboard and a jet. “I get the biggest wave, nobody snakes the Orca.” Nicole guesses Dave Grohl. That’s a stupid guess. Joel guesses Billy Corgan. That’s an even stupider guess. Jenny guesses Kevin Bacon. OK, that’s a reasonable guess. 

Prediction: Seeing Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray and actor Rami Malek, who has told the same pizza story in interviews. For Mark: 2:59 is 14:59 in military time, which is the name of a Sugar Ray album. Sugar Ray’s first album was called “Lemonade and Brownies.” The EXTRA anchovies could point to Mark as a former EXTRA host.


The singer with the least amount of votes is…Racoon! Yeah. That result was inevitable. First impression guesses: Ken guessed Mike Tyson but he’s changing to Danny Devito. Jenny guessed Dustin Hoffman but she’s changing to Gary Busey. Nicole guessed with Gary Busey. She’s changing to Sly Stallone. Robin guessed Danny Devito he’s changing to Tony Danza. Joel guesses Tony Danza.

And Racoon is….Danny Trejo. He was in and out of prison early in his life, and became a champion boxer while serving time in San Quentin. As an actor, he’s been featured in Heat, Con Air, Bubble Boy and Desperado. He’s also done guest spots in a bunch of TV shows. 


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