The Masked Singer 4 Recap: Week 5 Result and Predictions (Video)

The Masked Singer continues tonight, with six BRAND NEW celebrity masks from Group C. 

Celebrities will perform in crazy costumes. ONE will be unmasked by audience vote before the episode ends. After the contestants are presented, with clues, they will perform a song. Then, it’s up to the virtual audience to guess who is behind the mask.

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon hosts and is an executive producer.

Sixteen celebrities are competing. Performing tonight in Group C is: Broccoli, Squiggly Monster, Jellyfish, Lips, and Mushroom.

Tonight, one more round of “first impression guesses” from the judges.

Squiggly Monster

Clues: Super Squiggly World features a salami and a penguin. Clues include chocolate chip cookies and a ball of yarn.  People always roll their eyes at me. Chocolate chip cookies. He’s a patchwork of personas, including a father figure and a scoundrel, a hyperactive voice of the people. A worry wart and a maniac. Ladies say he’s easy on the eyes. Dude in a high hat and a monocle with his pinky sticking up must mean something. Squiggly grabs a stethoscope. He may be an actor who has played many different roles?

Performance: Have You Ever Seen the Rain by CCR – He doesn’t sound like a professional singer. Jenny is sure she knows who it is, however. He holds out the last note like someone who doesn’t sing, like ever. The best part of being the squiggle monster? He wants to spread peace and love. “Huge brain,” he says. Robin guesses Ray Romano because of a “comic vibe.” Jenny guesses Brad Garrett or Al Franken. Ken guesses…Dr. Fauci. He’s an idiot, on purpose of course. 


Clues: Mushroom grew up to he a healer and a scholar. They sprouted up underground, young scrappy and funky.  Mushroom  started off in the rat race at a job “that may surprise you.” The world turned upside down, and Mushroom “got my shot” to turn a hobby into a career. There is a briefcase and some cheese, also gardening tools, banners and protest marchers. The “suits” misunderstood them at first, but then they got to be in the “shroom where it happens.” Now they are able to “rise up and help others grow.” It may have been a “broken road to get here.” There are a bunch of Hamilton clues here, so many, I think it’s a red herring.

Performance: This Woman’s Work by Maxwell – OK. Miss Mushroom may actually by a guy. PLOT TWIST! He sings in falsetto through the entire song. I can’t decide whether this is a pro singer or not. Nevertheless, he’s interesting! Nicole calls the performance “transcending.” As the mushroom, he wants to remind everyone we are all connected. Nicole guesses Donald Glover, Ken guesses Usher. Nope. Jenny guesses Frank Ocean

Prediction: Some folks are guessing Pharrell because of the big hat and the “grinding” clue. I think it’s somebody musical with an offbeat or gender bending personality.


Clues: Jellyfish relaxes in a pretty pink room. There is what looks like a children’s book “The Little (ish) Jellyfish.” She reigned supreme over an entire underwater kingdom. But after ruling from coast to coast for so long” Her “castle started to feel like a gilded cage.” Clues include two paper fans, a tiara. She journeyed into a real world with rules: “No rough guys, No Just Can’t Get Enough Guys, No Chest Always so Puffed guys. The tiara is swapped out for a flower crown. Jellyfish finally got to experience all the fun things she missed out on, like making friends, going to parties and rock concerts like “Glowvella.” She’s “carving her way” through this new adventure. A bottle of baby powder? 

Performance: Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie – She sings like a pop star. She’s possibly a pro singer. She also sounds young. Jenny and Robin note her nervousness, but believe she’ll be a “shocker.” “Jellyfish have a powerful sting,” she says. Robin guesses Gabby Douglas. Ken guesses Chloe Grace Moretz or Aquafina (Two of his co-stars, not coincidentally). Nicole guesses Sofia Richie.

Prediction: A bunch of fans think Jellyfish is Billie Eilish. Nobody as currently as hot as Billie is at this moment would end up on Masked Singer.


Clues: Broccoli boasts a Tic Tok like dance challenge called the “Broccolean.” It includes “Snap two three…” He lounges in his backyard with a Campbell’s soup can and a couple of dogs. A contest greased the wheels of his career. He could be a talent show alum? “And now I’m so humbled to work with the biggest artists, stacking up my cheese.” He’s a kid rolling with the “OGs” But performing is his passion. He drives a care with the licence plate LD1ESMN. He’s been on “many stages.” 

Performance: House is Rockin Don’t Bother Knockin  – Hm. He presented himself as a young social media star maybe? But this voice sounds VERY VERY mature. Like an old school OG something. He loves broccoli because he believes in being healthy. Nicole guesses Bill Murray. Jenny guesses Howie Mandel, Robin guesses Steve Guttenberg.


Clues: Locker room. Disco ball. Roller skates. The 70s? West Wing Snack bar. My fans are going to lose it tonight, Ice cream with cherries. Lips says, “You may have strong opinions about me, but I always speak my truth.” She has a big mouth and loves making waves. She’s going to deliver a performance that will get people “talking.” She says “Isn’t that fire?” Her fans would “never expect to see me on this stage.” There’s a power station transmitting bolts of electricity?

Performance: Native New Yorker by Odyssey – OK. This person is most definitely not a singer. NOT A SINGER. I mean, she can’t even carry a tune. She’s so bad, I think it’s a safe bet she’ll be eliminated tonight. She not even taking the performance seriously, like she EXPECTS to be an expendable joke act. The lips almost grabbed Nick’s junk. When I do get my filler…Jen you know what I’m talking about, Robin guesses Sandra Bernhardt. Jenny guesses Wendy Williams. Nicole agrees. Ken guesses Allison Janney


The singer going home tonight is OF COURSE Lips. First impression guesses: Ken guesses Mariah Carey. Uh. But now, Ken thinks its Allison Janney. Robin is sticking with Sandra Bernhard. Jenny guesses Wendy Williams. Nicole guesses Wendy Williams too. And indeed, Lips IS Wendy Williams. Nick knew it. 

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