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The remaining nine teams must next travel to Manaus, Brazil. They will find their next clue at a market. They all book their tickets on the Travelocity mobile app before departing for the airport. Hung & Chee are the first to leave, but they note how everyone is on the same flight. Their first place victory in the prior leg won’t give them an advantage. We hear from some other teams as they all get into taxis. James is upset that Leo & Alana helped Kaylynn & Haley in the prior leg. James says he will not hesitate to U-Turn Leo & Alana as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Leo & Alana, however, are unaware of these feelings from James. They say they don’t believe they have made any enemies so far. They also say they are a smart team, but they admit there are other teams that are smarter and faster. Kaylynn & Haley discuss Leo & Alana in their confessional. The sisters say they owe the dating couple a favor after they helped them in the prior leg. In addition, we hear from Jerry & Frank. Frank says he felt pressure growing up due to his father Jerry’s athletic success, but he always told Frank to just be the best he can be.

Once all of the teams are at the airport, Will & James pull Riley & Maddison aside to form an alliance. The pro volleyball players are on board with working together, and they also want to bring in more teams too. Later, Hung & Chee, DeAngelo & Gary, and Eswar & Aparna are recruited into this big alliance.

The teams land in Manuas, Brazil, and they get started on their first task. They must collect items from a market place and then have them inspected. They have a list of eleven items, but everything is written in Portuguese. They must ask the locals for assistance in knowing what to buy. Afterwards, they must board a boat with their bags of groceries and depart for Dessano Village for their next clue. The teams scramble to collect their items, and missing items hinder some of the teams. In addition, some teams forgot to board their boat with their groceries. Riley & Maddison, however, remember to bring their groceries with them, so they jump into first place (even after having to go back for a second pair of gloves). Eswar & Aparna were the first team to have their items inspected, but they’re missing a second pair of gloves and flour. DeAngelo & Gary and Hung & Chee had to go back for their groceries, but some of their items are missing. They are falling further behind in the pack as they have to return to the market to replace the missing items. Will & James are in second place, and James breaks down in tears as he gets emotional sharing this moment with Will on the boat.

Jerry & Frank are currently in last place, and one of their items is wrong. The terçado they picked up was wooden, and they realize their error when they ask a passing Eswar for help. He points out the terçado needs to be made of steel. Meanwhile, Leo & Alana, Michelle & Victoria (without their groceries), Kaylynn & Haley are making their way back to the boats. Hung & Chee found new scarves for their bags of groceries, and DeAngelo & Gary have recovered their items too. Jerry & Frank are still in last place when they get all their items inspected, but they board their boat without their bags of groceries.

Meanwhile, Riley & Maddison remain in the lead and get their next clue. They have a Detour to complete: Shelter From Trees or Well Done Please. Shelter From Trees requires teams to use babassu palm leaves to cover a section of a hut’s roof. Well Done Please requires teams to use the items they bought from the market to prepare a meal. Riley & Maddison choose to do the Shelter From Trees Detour. Right behind them are Will & James, and they choose to do the Well Done Please Detour.

Other teams are making their way to the Detour on their boats, and DeAngelo & Gary and Michelle & Victoria pass each other on the boats. DeAngelo & Gary ask Michelle & Victoria if they brought their stuff, and they say no. After spending about twenty or thirty minutes on the boat, Michelle & Victoria must go back. They are worried about falling behind in last place. As they go back, they pass Jerry & Frank. Michelle & Victoria ask them if they remembered to bring their stuff with them, but Jerry & Frank weren’t able to hear them. The father and son duo are still unaware that they need their groceries with them.

More teams arrive at the Detour. Eswar & Aparna choose to do Shelter From Trees while Kaylynn & Haley and Hung & Chee choose Well Done Please. DeAngelo & Gary and Leo & Alana arrive at the Detour as Michelle & Victoria return for their bags. Jerry & Frank arrive too, and they realize the other teams have their bags. They are frustrated at their mistake. They must go all the way back and retrieve their groceries.

Leo & Alana choose Well Done Please while DeAngelo & Gary choose Shelter From Trees. Seven teams are currently working on their Detour tasks while Michelle & Victoria are returning on their boat and Jerry & Frank are heading back for their forgotten bag. Riley & Maddison offer some help to DeAngelo & Gary, but it is Will & James who complete their Detour task first. They get their clue, and they learn they have a Double U-Turn coming up. Without hesitation, they decide to make a move and U-Turn Leo & Alana. Will & James read their clue and learn they must proceed to the Pit Stop: Barco Correa Filho. As Will & James depart for the Pit Stop, Hung & Chee finish their Detour second. They warn the other teams that a U-Turn is up ahead before they leave. Alana says she’s not concerned since she believes she and Leo have been kind to all the other teams.

Will & James greet Phil at the Pit Stop, and he gives them the good news. Will & James are Team #1! They win a trip to Bali. Later, Hung & Chee choose not to use the U-Turn before greeting Phil as Team #2. Shortly afterwards, Kaylynn & Haley complete their task too. They reach the U-Turn board, and they see Will & James U-Turned Leo & Alana. Kaylynn & Haley believe they owe Leo & Alana a favor, so they use the second U-Turn slot to U-Turn Jerry & Frank.

More teams are finishing their Detour tasks. Michelle & Victoria arrive and they choose to do the cooking Detour. Riley & Maddison finish covering their hut, and they are relieved to see they are not U-Turned. They say this is why it pays to be in an alliance. Kaylynn & Haley check in at the Pit Stop in third place, and Riley & Maddison arrive later in fourth place.

DeAngelo & Gary and Leo & Alana are the next teams to complete their Detour tasks. Both teams make their way to the U-Turn board, and Leo & Alana are surprised to see Will & James used the U-Turn against them. Leo & Alana must now complete the Shelter From Trees Detour too. As they get started, Michelle & Victoria complete the Well Done Please Detour and proceed to the U-Turn board. They are relieved to not be U-Turn, but it takes them a while to find the next clue in the basket in front of them. Leo & Alana believe they are making headway into the Detour, but they are told they are placing the palm leaves incorrectly. They must redo the entire task. Alana says she is sad and angry. Jerry & Frank finally arrive, and they choose to do the Well Done Please Detour.

Despite Leo & Alana’s struggles, they do manage to complete the task in time. Eswar & Aparna and Michelle & Victoria greet Phil as Team #6 and Team #7 respectively. Leo & Alana arrive later, and they say they cannot wait to see Will & James’s reaction that their U-Turn plot failed. Alana says it won’t be so easy trying to get rid of her and Leo.

Jerry & Frank finish the Well Done Please Detour and see they have been U-Turned afterwards. They realize they are likely going to get eliminated, and Jerry gets emotional as he says he has the best son in the world. He and Frank finally make their way to the Pit Stop after completing the Shelter From Trees Detour. Phil gives them props for fighting all day long, but he gives them the bad news. Jerry & Frank have been eliminated from the race. Frank says he has the best father in the world, and Jerry is glad to have gotten this opportunity with his son. He says you have to make every experience a winning experience, and he says he had a winning experience with his son.


1st place: Will & James

2nd place: Hung & Chee

3rd place: Kaylynn & Haley

4th place: Riley & Maddison

5th place: DeAngelo & Gary

6th place: Eswar & Aparna

7th place: Michelle & Victoria

8th place: Leo & Alana

Eliminated: Jerry & Frank

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, vote in the polls below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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