The Masked Singer 4 Recap: Super Six Semifinal Results (Video)

 CR: Michael Becker/FOX.

Tonight, it’s a TWO HOUR The Masked Singer Super Six semifinal featuring THREE eliminations! By the end of the episode, a Top 3 will remain to compete in the finale in two weeks. 

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon hosts and is an executive producer. Tonight’s GUEST JUDGE is Craig Robinson, the host of the upcoming The Masked Dancer.

Performing tonight in the Super Six Semifinal is: Sun, Popcorn, Crocodile, Seahorse, Mushroom and Jellyfish. Each celebrity will perform. The virtual audience votes. The bottom two singer compete in the smackdown! The judges save a singer. ONE is eliminated.

Time for a big GROUP NUMBER. The Super Six sing “Take on Me.” Watch for the CLUES. Where is the Roto tech? Heh. 

Whoa. The show opens with Craig Robinson, in a mask, performing “I Will Survive” accompanying himself on jazzy piano. That was kinda impressive! Nicole takes a stab at his identity: “It’s Jamie Foxx because everyone on this show is Jamie Foxx.” Har.

The remaining six singers will face off in pairs from their own groups, A, B and C. Interesting. The three groups never faced off against each other, as they eventually did in prior seasons. I wonder if the set up had something to do with keeping COVID-19 protocols. Like, each group served as it’s own quarantine bubble.

Seahorse vs Crocodile 


Clues: She was shy. But when she got the courage, it was like a faucet. She thinks she knows who the Crocodile is, and she’s a little intimidated. She’s going to add choreography. A telescope is a clue. Hm. 

Performance: That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars – I know who Seahorse is, and I don’t LOVE this song for her. For some reason, Bruno Mars usually turns out to be a disaster for singing show contestants. The choreography is pretty adorable. Look at her shaking her tushie. She sounds a bit breathless, but those runs are amazing.  Seahorse has a connection with NICK. “This is WILD, but even before this show, you were a great host to me.” Robin guesses Tori Kelly! DING DING DING. Jenny guesses Kesha (because of the telescope). Craig guesses Sia


Clues: He’s loved doing all genres of music. He’s picked a deeply personal song to perform tonight. “I don’t want to miss a thing,” he says. He wants his kids to have the love he didn’t as a child. Super clue: Pizza Rat.

Performance: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith – ASTEROID SONG.  Also, big power ballad is going to beat a Bruno Mars jam every time. Seahorse is a better singer, but oh well. Croc is growling his way through the song. He’s so earnest, the girls are swooning, I’m sure. Who is Crocodile connected to? Craig! “You’re one of my favorite actors. It’s so cool to share the screen with you again.” Craig sang with the Backstreet Boys in a movie. He guesses AJ McLean. SO CLOSE. Jenny gets it right. She guesses Nick Carter. Ken guesses Nick Lachey

Prediction: Crocodile is most certainly Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys.


Nick says the vote is extremely close. The winner is THE CROCODILE. Aw. Dang. Masks won’t be revealed until the end of the show.

Mushroom vs Jellyfish


Clues: Mushroom is here to spread happiness. He reveals that COVID-19 took someone close to him. Oh. He faced Jellyfish last week, and lost, ending up in the face off!  Super Clue: What time is it? Mush holds up an old fashioned alarm clock. Its hands turn to 3 o’clock.

Performance: Valerie by Amy Winehouse – Mushroom sounds different every week. It’s crazy. His vocals here are just OK. He’s most interesting singing in his head voice. OH WHOA HE’S BEATBOXING. That’s a smart touch. Mushroom is connected to…Robin! “I love mixing it up with you again. This is definitely not the first time we connected.” Hm…. Robin thinks it’s Jaden Smith. Does Robin know him? Nicole guesses Jordin Fischer. Oooh. That’s what the internet thinks. Craig guesses Leslie Odom Jr. Ken guesses Keegan Michael Key.

Prediction: ??? Honestly, I’m not sure. Some think its Pharrell, which could be explained by the hats, and the oddball NERD references, and the connection to Robin Thicke referenced tonight (They collaborated on “Blurred Lines”) I’m not sure Pharrell would participate in a reality show, though. Many are convinced Mushroom is Jordan Fisher because of all the Hamilton references (Jordan starred in Hamilton on Broadway). But now I’m seeing Aloe Blacc as a guess. The alarm clock could point to his hit song “Wake Me Up.” I also saw on Wikipedia that Aloe went to UCLA on scholarship and worked in finance. One of the clues indicated Mush was a straight A student. Aloe appeared on the Hamilton Mixtape album with a bunch of other artists. Also, Mushroom said he didn’t go by his birth name. Jordan Fisher and Pharrell are both their respective birth names, Aloe is a stage name. Hmmmm…..


Clues: She’s feeling at the top of her game. Super Clue: The Eiffel Tower in Paris

Performance: Stay by Rihanna – If this person is who I think it is, she’s an amazing singer for a sports figure. Literally nobody knew. She could record a record a pop record after this. But Princeton and the snow slopes probably keep her busy enough. Jellyfish is connected to…Dr. Ken! “We’ve never met, but I can’t say I didn’t try.” Ken thinks it’s an Olympic gold medalist. X Games. Chloe Kim! DING DING DING. That’s who it is. Nicole guesses Grimes, Elon Musk’s baby mama. Robin guesses Gabby Douglas


The singer heading to the finale is…Mushroom! Jellyfish will be unmasked at the end of the show.

Popcorn vs Sun


Clues: Her Masked Singer journey has been emotional. She reveals that she’s been a diva for decades! Super Clue: She holds up a red stop sign.

Performance: Better Be Good To Me by Tina Turner – She does a 60’s inspired arrangement of this 80’s Tina Turner hit. As if Tina had recorded the song 20 years earlier. Interesting. I’m not sure it’s the right song choice, for this moment, however. Although she does show off her big range! Take us to church Popcorn! Popcorn is connected to…Jenny. “Jenny we definitely talked before, but definitely about how we’re both published authors.” Jenny guesses Taylor Dayne DING DING DING. That’s who it is. Robin guesses Bette Midler. Nicole also thinks its Bette Midler. Craig guesses Mary Wilson.


Clues: She feels like she’s five years old again. Super Clue: She breathes fire on a security guard. 

Performance: When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish – She sings the first verse acapella. OK. She’s won this thing. Her tone is clear as a bell, reaching into her head voice for some very pretty high notes. It’s an emotional performance. Which will likely win it for her. Craig is practically crying. Nicole is wiping them away. Craig is REALLY EMOTIONAL. Wow. Sun is connected to Nicole  “It’s great to see you on this big stage. The last time we met was in the bathroom.” Nicole guesses Leann Rimes. DING DING DING. That’s who it is. She also guesses Brandi Carlile. She has met both in the bathroom! Ken guesses Kate Hudson. Craig guesses Emilia Clarke because of the fire breathing.

Prediction: Sun is most certainly country singer Leann Rimes.


Moving on to next week’s finale is….SUN! Popcorn will be unmasked NOW! Time for the judges first impression guesses. Almost everyone has the exact same guess…except Nicole. She guessed Diana Ross. But now she thinks it’s Taylor Dayne. Robin first guessed Tina Turner. He’s sticking with Tina Turner. Hm. I hear she lives in Europe, in failing health. So NOPE. But Jenny also said Tina at first. But now Jenny thinks it’s Taylor Dayne. Ken is sticking with Tina Turner. Craig guesses Taylor Dayne.  He almost said Mary Wilson. Heh. 

AND POPCORN IS TAYLOR DAYNE! She says she had a ball. Aw. Taylor is all teary. Dang. She’s gotta be in her 50s and she still hits those high notes in her chest voice!

Jellyfish is Unmasked – First impression guesses: Robin guessed Addison Ray. Now he thinks she’s Gabby Douglas. Jenny first guessed Daisy Ridley. Jenny now thinks it’s Michala Maroni. Nicole first thought it was Sofia Richie. Now she thinks it Grimes. Ken now thinks its Chloe Kim. Craig also thinks it’s Chloe Kim

AND JELLYFISH IS…X Game and Snowboard Olympian Chloe Kim!!! Ken was correct (as well as the rest of the internet!) Ha ha Chloe DMd Ken on Instagram and he never even read it. TWO YEARS AGO. She had never performed in front of anyone before. She really is a champion! 

Seahorse is Unmasked – First impression guesses: Ken thought it was Fergie, but now he thinks it’s Christina Aguilera. Robin thought it was JoJo. Now he thinks it’s Tori Kelly. Jenny thought it was Halsey. She’s sticking with Halsey. Nicole though it was Maren Morris now she thinks it’s Tori Kelly. Craig thinks it’s Tori Kelly. He admits that he’s just been mimicking his guesses all night.  

AND SEAHORSE IS…TORI KELLY YASSS QUEENNNN. Former American Idol contestant! Nicole is gutted that she’s going home. “You’re the best vocalist we’ve ever had on the show. The telescope was a hint at her 1o year old stint on Star Search. She feels more like an entertainer now, after the experience. 


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