The Masked Singer 3 Recap – Group C Kickoff Live Blog (Videos)

Group C kicks off tonight with 6 NEW contestants on The Masked Singer. The new masks are:        Ken JeongJenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon serves as host. 

The Masked Singer 3: Group Three Costumes, Guest Judges and More

A total of 18 celebrities are set to compete in The Masked Singer season 3, with the competition proceeding in rounds. Six celebrities will compete for three weeks in 3 sets that will eventually leave 9 celebrities to compete for the win. Tonight, ONE celebrity will be eliminated, leaving five to move on to the next round.

Night Angel

Clues: A MOTEL sign. A motel door with the No. 4, another with a No. 5, yet another with a No. 6 and a No 2 keychain. The security guys are quacking ducks. She says: “While fame has sometimes brought me down like a landslide, I’ve always been able to find a light.” The security guys are baseball bat wielding grandmas. baseball bats while wearing scarves on their heads. “It’s my prerogative to have a little fun, y’all.”

Performance: You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi – Each group seems to have a mature diva in its ranks, and I think Night Angel is one. Jenny calls it the best performance all season. Nick says, “It sounds familiar!”  She picked the costume because she “loves the duality of the Night Angel.” Hm. She’s speaking with an English accent. I wonder if it’s fake? Robin has heard that voice! He guesses Taylor Dayne. Jenny thinks Monica. Nicole wonders if it’s Lil Kim.

Prediction: The internets are saying she’s Kandi Burruss from Real Housewives of Atlanta. I haven’t watched that show ever, So I have no idea.



Clues: Bear is tall and thin. Like a model. “I have been both hunter and hunted.” Hockey skates? She’s coming out of hibernation. She mentions being polarizing. Bear was unmasked tonight. See more at the bottom of the page.

Performance: Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot – Bear is NOT A SINGER. Maybe a model? Reality star? Actress? She sells the performance, I’ll give her that. Ken guesses Tonya Harding. Oh good lord. Jenny guesses Cameron Candace Bure. Uh. super-christian Cameron wouldn’t be singing about big butts. Please. Robin thinks Tina Fey. Nicole breaks out her Britney Spears impression!



Clues: He’s always dreamt of flying high. He’s been hungering for a chance to explore new territories. Not a pitch perfect landing, “but I’m here,” he says. There’s a colorful bouquet of flowers floating around the spaceship? And an old fashioned broom. “This voyage may be bumpy, and I may be far from home, but the idea of endless possibilities gets my heart throbbing.”  And then he says, “Mid-way to impact, Oh brother, Kabloom!” He adds. “I’m ok. Not a pitch perfect landing but I’m here.”

Performance: You Say by Lauren Daigle. – Definitely a young man. Maybe a Disney or Nickelodeon star? Or somebody on the CW. Ben Platt is coming to mind. But I don’t know. Nicole is wiping away a fake tear after his emotional performance. “People say the sky’s limit, but when you’re an astronaut the sky is the beginning.” He indicates he was a kid performer. Ken guesses Adam Devine. Jennifer guesses Lance Bass because he did that astronaut thing a few years ago. Nicole guesses Zac Efron. Ha. When Jenny suggested Astro could be a boybander, he shook his head like NO WAY.

Prediction: Under the clue video there are a TON of Hunter Hayes fans saying he’s definitely the astronaut. Some others say the performance was too pitchy. But come to think of it, I remember Hunter on Awards shows as a pretty terrible live singer. So I think the kids are on to something. 



Clues: Like the dinosaur, I was discovered by another, who plucked me out of obscurity and into an extraordinary place called T-Rex island.” There is a ton of pink slime! A bow an arrow and a paintbrush. It’s a magical world where T-Rex is one of dozens of talented creatures “pirouetting the land, all similar in looks, strengths and skills.” It’s just like Survivor on T-Rex island. You’re doomed if you’re not special. 

Performance: So What by Pink – T-Rex is very…energetic. She might be a teenager, actually. This performance is like Kidz-Bop. She chose T Rex because she loves the feeling of being fierce and untamed. Ken guesses Kourtney Kardashian. Jenny guesses Maddie Ziegler. Someone from Dance Moms! Makes sense. Maybe it’s Jojo Siwa, the one who wears bows? Nicole guesses Rebecca Black

Prediction: YEP. I guessed correctly! T-Rex is Jojo Siwa from Dance Moms. The entire clues package describes the cutthroat world of Dance Moms (which I only watched because the original studio is in the lil Pittsburgh suburb where I grew up. But I digress) The bow and arrow refers to the colorful hair bows she wears and markets. These days, Jojo is a huge Instagram influencer. 



Clues: “I’m really just a gentle giant.” Rhino adds, “As a young Rhino, I was center stage, the toast of the town every week.  But being on top became an addiction. When I suddenly wasn’t the best I crashed and burned.” He pushed the people closest to me away.  There’s a guitar with “The Grand Ole Opry” spelled out on the neck. He got the help he needed to get back on his ride. And now I’m here to take a leap of FAITH just a bit outside my comfort zone.” Rhino rides around on a bicycle. m ready to soar again.” I don’t know if the ET reference is significant or not. 

Performance: Have a Little Faith in Me By John Hiatt – Oh wait. His speaking voice was kind of deep and weird. But this Rhino can sing. He’s got a country sound, like he’s been working on it. For a hot minute, I thought Rhino was an athlete. But now, I think he’s a country music singer.  How Rhino prepared for the Masked Singer: “I went to my home gym, turned the music up…until I found that inner kid in me.” Jenny guesses Jason Aldean. None of the clues fit. Ken guesses Tim Tebow. Nicole guesses Tim McGraw. He’s too famous for Masked Singer. 

Prediction: Guesses I’ve seen: Tyler Hubbard of Florida-Georgia Line, Sam Hunt, and Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum. Apparently, Tim Tebow sings. I like the Sam Hunt guess. He was arrested in Nashville on a DUI last year. He’s making a comeback. And the voices sound similar.



Clues: “The Swan is known for its fierceness, one of the only birds who flies despite the burden of the weight they carry across the universe…I refuse to be tuned out.”  There is a guy yelling through a director’s megaphone and Swan grabs it. She adds, “I’ve played games, I’ve lived fame, I’ve seen shame and I claim on this stage where I came, that you won’t know my name. There are references to vampires and ghosts. 

Performance: Fever by Peggy Lee –  NOT A SINGER. Other than that, I got nothin. Nicole notes that it’s out of her comfort zone. Why she chose to be a Swan: “They can fly at 60 miles an hour. I live in overdrive. The only way to get thing done, is do them fast.” Ken guesses Nina Dobrev. Nicole thinks Jennifer Love Hewitt. Robin guesses Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Prediction: The names I’m seeing: Kristen Stewart from the Twilight saga and Bella Thorne.


Results: The first singer of Group C to be unmasked is…Bear! Last guesses. Most derived because of the many mom clues: Nicole: Christina Applegate Jenny: Candace Cameron Bure Ken: Jodie Sweetin Robin: Tina Fey. And the bear is…Sarah Palin. NO I AM NOT KIDDING SARAH PALIN. Excuse me while I barf.

Tina Fey was an interesting guess, as looks-wise they are dopplegangers. Tina played her in SNL skits. 


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