The Masked Singer 2 Spoilers: Week 2 Clues and Predictions

THE MASKED SINGER: The Black Widow © 2019 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker/FOX.

The Masked Singer week 2 brought the show back to it’s 1 hour format. Only four celebrities performed, with the remaining 4 set for week 3. One singer left the competition. Laila Ali, boxer and daughter of the great Mohammed Ali was the Panda. But she was also the weakest singer. And the weakest singers go first. I don’t know a ton about her, but apparently the clues were pretty obvious! She loves to cook–she has been on the food network. And the references to Papa Bear, etcetera had Leila wondering why the panel didn’t guess correctly.

Three celebrities survived: Black Widow, Leopard and Flamingo. Let’s see if we can figure out who they are by the clues. By the way, producers promised bigger stars this season? Not really! The ratings would have to be Super Bowl sized to attract real A list talent, I think. I have NO idea who this week’s celebrities are. I DEFINITELY needed your help, and an assist from the internet. 

But anyway, a commenter on last week’s post linked to a Youtube video from an audio engineer who slows down the the sped up speaking voices. It’s helpful, but not perfect. For instance, he needs to tweak The Rottweiler. While we KNOW it’s Chris Daughtry the undoctored speaking voice sounds nothing like him. On the other hand, I have an ENTIRELY NEW prediction about who The Skeleton is after listening to the unaltered voice. He is, without a doubt Paul Shaffer from the David Letterman shows. I am 100 percent sure about that. Check out last week’s post.  And if you are interested in this week’s The Masked Singer Pitch Correct video. Do check it out HERE. Like I said, it’s not perfect, but definitely helpful. 

Also, the producers ARE trying to make the clues harder. In the initial batch of clues, they avoid pointing to what the celebrity is actually famous for. For instance, I’ve seen people INSIST that the Rottweiler is an athlete. The football clues, I think, are deliberate subterfuge. Same with the Skeleton. Most clues point to Skeleton being a comedian, when actually he is a MUSICIAN who WORKED with famous comedians. 

You guys are doing a much better job than me figuring out the puzzle. So please keep guessing in comments!

Black Widow Clues: “I’m the Black Widow, because like me, they hide in plain site. And when they strike you know it. Frankly, I’ve been packaged my entire life. And after years of living in the public eye, You’re in my house now. Welcome to my empire. And now I get to be here to share the real thread of who I am. So consider this the director’s cut of my life. Where you’ll find I’m a little edgier, darker and more alien than you know me to be. Maybe what you find in the deleted scenes. You better believe on this stage I’m going to be good as hell.” Visual clues:  A portrait of a peach, an old fashioned TV, a jeweled crown. She drinks from a chalice. There is also a film clapper and can labeled “director’s cut final cut. deleted scenes.” There are crystals and tarot cards. 

Predictions: Raven Symone is the popular guess. She’s from Georgia, she’s been in show business since the Cosby Show in the 80’s, She’s got a show now called “Raven’s Home.” 

Leopard Clues – “Because I am adaptable, and can survive anywhere, even under the harshest conditions. And I know what it’s like to be at the top. In my career, I’ve been a heavy hitter. No one could catch me. But now, all anyone wants to talk about is the celebrity aspect. You know, I really don’t care what they say about what I’m wearing. Or even my relationships. But now I’m stripping away the headlines and everything that has come to define me. Behind this mask, I will show the world why I’ve been and always will be the leopard. Visual cues: Newspaper headlines: “Crazy game ends with win for Leopard,” “Out of Hits and Out of Time,” “The Runaway,” There’s a bar with selfie takers.  The security guards rip apart a hotel room. 

Predictions: First off, watch the performance. That’s black skin underneath the costume.  RuPaul is a popular guess. He’s very tall. Also, as a drag queen, he’s a man who performs as a woman. However, Ru LIP SYNCS always. He’s also a very busy and popular celebrity. I can’t see him making time for another reality show. Billy Porter, star of the FX series Pose, is another popular guess. But he may not be tall enough, either. Also, like some of you have said in comments, he’s too popular right now for this! There are some sport related clues. Could Leopard be Dennis Rodman? He’s probably ripped apart a few hotel rooms in his time. And he has recorded an album. Another intriguing guess is the singer Seal, who is very tall! Hm. He’s had his share of bad headlines over the years, including a very messy breakup from Heidi Klum

Flamingo Clues: “What’s up everyone? Welcome to my ZooTube channel. Bird’s the word. Where I’m going to tell you the real story of becoming a flamingo. I’m going to let you in on all my tips and tricks–from beauty to fashion to life advice. Listen, I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your career. So I left. Now, I’m trying to take back control of my destiny. It’s why I chose the Flamingo. Because they represent new beginnings. It’s about dam time this bad-a** birdie got to show her feathers again.” Visual clues: Makeup jewelry, a boom box, and a cross are part of Flamingo’s “Zootube.” There are books “Spanish,” “Little Woman” and “Women’s Health.” Flamenco busts out of a cage. She holds up a giant pink glow stick. 

Predictions: The clues point to a celebrity who runs a Youtube channel. In which case, I have no freaking clue. A really popular guess is former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon who now runs a popular Youtube channel. Leaving her career could mean quitting the Cheetah Girls? But it’s a little confusing–after her performance she claimed NOT to be a professional singer. Adrienne has been singing all through her career. Maybe she’s referring to her current status as a beauty influencer? Hm. Could be another subterfuge. 

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