The Masked Singer 2 Recap: Week 7 Results Live Blog (VIDEOS)

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The Masked Singer is back this week with more costumed performances. Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon hosts and is an executive producer.

This week, four costumed celebrities compete, including Rottweiler, Flamingo, Flower and Leopard. The hilarious Joel McHale sits on the panel as guest judge. ONE Singer will be eliminated by the end of the episode. 

Oh right. Joel and Ken both starred on Community. He was on the show last season, and I completely forgot. Lame. 

We’re back to face offs. Flamingo vs Leopard and Flower vs Rottweiler. The losers will face each other in a SMACKDOWN. The loser heads home.

Flamingo is probably Adrienne Bailon

Clues – “After weeks of my nerves getting the best of me, I feel like things are starting to click. Welcome to my beautiful home I like to call my chateau. I’m soaking up all the incredible things the panel have said about me. I’m realizing this experience is teaching me to love my own voice for the first time in years. And adios mio–can I be strait up? I’m finally finding my center. And now, with my new found confidence, tonight I’m throwing the biggest party this stage has ever seen.” There’s a photo of Paris–Adrienne was married in Paris. Also, a photo of India–one of her Cheetah Girl movies was set there. Also, the Spanish language and Latin props–Adrienne is Latina. 

Performance – Lady Marmalade by Labelle – HEY THAT’S FLOWER’S SONG HOW DARE YOU. Heh. The remaining masks are ALL good singers. It’s going to be a tough elimination tonight. Flamingo is giving it her all up there, with the dancers, and the high notes and grabbing the mic. Robin used to think Rottweiler had the best voice. “I’ll see you on the finals girlfriend,” says Jenny. Flamingo is crying. The  show has helped so much Jenny guesses Adrienne Bailon. Ken thinks its Bella Thorne. Joel thinks it’s Jillian Michaels, the celebrity trainor. Robin guesses his pal, Fantasia. NOPE. Jenny is correct. It’s Adrienne Bailon

Leopard – Is likely Seal!

Clues – “I never imagined how liberating this competition would be for me out onto this stage. When I was a teenager I set myself free for the first time.” Seal was passed around to different family members, and foster families. He was finally out on his own as a teen. “Since then I’ve done my best to treat the world as my cat walk.” Seal was a model and was married to a model, Heidi Klum. “Whether I’m in New York or Gay Paris, I always try to channel my inner “glamison” and champion.” There’s a British flag! Seal was raised in London. “I’m singing a song that celebrates the best of the past, because I never want to forget that moment when I chose to be me.”

Performance – September by Earth Wind & Fire – Leopard is really hilarious. The mask takes the character to the hilt, which is really in the spirit of the show, I think. Ken calls him a master of theatrics. Leopard refers to him many kids. Ken guesses Donald Glover. Hm. NOOOO. He’s not that tall. C’mon. Nicole guesses SEAL!!! DING DING DING YOU WIN. Robin agrees with Nicole. Joel guesses Alec Baldwin because he has 13 kids. Heh. It definitely is Seal

Results: The audience and judges vote. Flamingo wins the Faceoff! She moves on to the next round. Leopard will perform in the smackdown.

Flower is most definitely Patti Labelle

Clues: “It’s been nerve-wracking trying to both impress and make you guess each week. But it’s been such a wild ride getting to do what I love like never before. Like a bud to a bloom in my career, I am always changing. Being here has proved that sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and try something new. Now, let’s get to it, because I can go on like a rolling stone. I may have a legendary aura surrounding me, but tonight I’m going to show that my voice alone can carry me to the finals.” Labelle was the first African American vocal group to land a Rolling Stone cover. The security dudes play “Patty-Cake” Her name is Patti, and there is also a cake named after her. 

Performance: Alone by Heart – Oh man. This song gives flower the opportunity to hit MASSIVE HIGH NOTES. She lays on a whistle note at the end. It’s pretty crazy. Robin compares her to a true jazz artist. “I performed all around the world,” says Flower, but the Masked singer has been “PHENOMENAL.” Jenny guesses Miss Patti Labelle. Robin agrees. The judges are guessing them all tonight! Joel McHale guesses Barbra Streisand. He’s completely unserious. ANDDDD Ken is sticking with his Bjork guess. In reality Jenny and Robin are correct. It’s definitely Patti Labelle

Rottweiler – Guess: Chris Daughtry!

Clues: “Truth be told, I’m terrified of the panel finding out my true identity, and judging me because of it.” Because he was judged on American Idol. So I’ve been training every day to make sure I won’t be unmasked anytime soon.” He’s wearing boxing gloves that say “Boxing day.” Chris was born on December 26, which is…boxing day! A security guard dude holds up a “platinum” ring. The band Daughtry has gone Platinum a bunch of times. “Because here, I can finally be seen for just my voice and pure talent. Everything is Zen.” A calendar with “September” circled. “September” is a Daughtry song. There is a row of awards. Daughtry has been nominated for Emmys. There is also a statue of…Abraham Lincoln? The clip ends with Chris standing alongside the security dudes. It looks like a Daughtry album cover!

Performance – Grenade by Bruno Mars – The girls behind him look like bat girl. Heh. You know, I know, every American Idol fan knows this doggie is Chris Daughtry. He’s doing his Chris Daughtry thing! He’s a great singer. But can he compete with Patti’s high notes? It’s kinda unfair! Chris says the experience has helped him to believe in himself more than he ever has. Jenny guesses Gavin Rossdale Ken guesses Billy Joe Armstrong. That’s actually not ridiculous, for once. Kevin guesses Mario Lopez. That IS ridiculous. Robin guesses Darren Criss. And Nicole agrees. The only singer NOT guessed correctly tonight.

RESULTS: Time to vote. And the winner of the Face off is… DRAT COMMERCIAL. The winner is ROTTWEILER! CHRIS WILL SING ANOTHER DAY!!! YAYYYYYY! Still, in what alternate universe does Chris Daughtry beat Patti Labelle in a singing contest!!!??

Leopard will face Flower in the SMACKDOWN. 

Leopard – Don’t Cha by Pussycat Dolls – I hope Leopard doesn’t go home tonight. He’s so much fun! He delivers a cheeky performance. DON’T LEAVE US LEOPARD! Nicole says he sang the song better than her.

Flower – Eye of the Tiger by Survivor – No high notes. Flower wasn’t even trying. I think she’s going to lose.

Leopard wins the Smackdown!!!! Flower is eliminated. 

Final guesses: Nicole, Robin, Jenny guess Patti Labelle. Ken is sticking with Bjork. Kevin guesses Dionne Warwick. Dionne can’t hit those high notes anymore, sadly. 

And THE FLOWER IS MISS PATTI LABELLE! Nick calls her the Godmother of Soul. Oh. She’s the Godmother of his kids with Mariah. He knew it was her immediately. 


  • The Price Tag with “13” on it in Flower’s package hints to Patti’s 13 Grammy nominations. 
  • The apartment number 524 in Flower’s package is a clue to Patti’s birthday, May 24
  • The Greek God Apollo in Flower’s package is a clue to Patti’s iconic performances at the Apollo theater


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