The Masked Singer 2 Recap: Week 5 Results Live Blog (VIDEOS)

FINALLY. After a two week World Series break, The Masked Singer continues on FOX. Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon hosts and is an executive producer.

It’s a double header tonight. First, six celebrities will sing a second time. After the audience and judges vote, ONE singer will be unmasked. Next, five celebrities sing for a THIRD time. The night ends with another elimination. Hour two features guest judge Anthony Anderson

The Rottweiler 

Clues: I’ve been judged since the moment I entered the game. CLUE! PUP IS DRAWING!!!! Chris also does art. He recently collaborated on a Marvel comics cover. A body guard is sitting in a box labeled “Carolina.” Chris is from North Carolina. But what does “Lil Pete” and “Kale” mean? Still the football imagery. What’s with the trophy and the #1 ribbon? Maybe referring to Daughtry’s albums hitting No 1 on the Billboard 200. WHe mentions “musical theater.” Chris starred in stage musicals back in high school. Oh there are a ton of clues. A TON. This is so Chris Daughtry.

Performance: Love Runs Out by OneRepublic. THIS IS SO CHRIS DAUGHTRY. GOOOOO CHRIS. The. End. He ends his performance collapsing on the floor. That was awesome. Nicole says he doesn’t even sound real. Robin can’t figure out genre. He guesses Brian Littrell from Backstreet Boys. Jenny thinks he’s young (Hm. Not really). She guesses Kevin Jonas. These guesses are bad. Ken guesses Pat Monahan. Closer! But nope. “My heroes growing up were Bruce Lee and Boys 2 Men.” Rottweiler says, “You’re never going to guess who I am. ” Har.

Joey Fatone aka The Rabbit drops by to say hi. 

The Ladybug 

Clues: Her world growing up was completely upside down.  She’s choosing a song that makes her feels powerful. She won an award for best host. 

Performance: Juice by Lizzo – The judges think Ladybug is more confident this week. I actually don’t remember her first performance! The trouble with a two week hiatus. Jenny says, “You came to win. You are the Lady Gaga of LadyBugs.” Jenny guesses Paris Jackson. Ken guesses Lindsay Lohan. Ladybug is insulted! Hoo boy. “The queens of the world taught me how to be a lady.” Nicole guesses Ashlee Simpson

The Tree

Clues: Her parents are famous and there are tons of Christmas clues?

Performance: Think by Aretha Franklin. Wow. She’s really soulful. I thought she was Carnie Wilson maybe. But now I just don’t know. She’s a very good singer, better than I remember her initially. Ken agrees her performance was better this time. Nicole guesses Amy Sedaris. Uhm. She doesn’t sing like that. Ken guesses Zooey Deschanel. She can sing but not LIKE THAT. Robin is sticking with Rachael Ray. Hm. Pretty sure this is a singer or an actress who can sing. Jenny thinks its Padma from the Food Network. “I have been a brand ambassador and it does relate to food.” 

The Penguin 

Clues: Penguin was always relegated to the D list. She’s had tragedy in her life. “New adventures of old Penguin” and “I never curb my enthusiasm.”

Performance: All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor – She was in the smackdown last time. She’s not a singer. But Penguin is quite the fancy dancer. Therefore, tonight, girl is in danger. Jenny guesses Nicole Byer. But she says, once again, Sherri Shepherd. Nicole guesses Star Jones. Robin guesses Wanda Sykes or Mindy Kaling.    “I’ve been in many relationships with many of the presidents.” Actually, all previous clues strongly point to Sherri Shepherd. She and Jenny were on The View at the same time. I bet she knows.

The Flower

Clues: She’s never taken a voice lesson in her life. She’s just a girl who never left her garden. I must have had that X Factor. The “524” address could be 5/24 – Birthday. Patti Labelle’s birthday as a matter of fact. And a French flag. Lady Marmalade lyrics! “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” Pretty sure Miss Labelle is the flower! So is most of the internet. 

Performance: Cheap Thrills by Sia – Last week Flower she sang a million glory notes. This week, she toned it down–waiting until the very end to throw in a big note. That’s smart.  Ken guesses Bjork again. So dumb! Nicole guesses Shirley Bassey. Jenny guesses Anita Baker. “My favorite band is Kings of Leon.” Robin guesses Jennifer Hudson. Nope. It’s Patti!

The Fox 

Clues: He grew up in a rough patch of the woods. There are clues FOX was bullied and didn’t fit in In an illustration, Fox is holding an Emmy. ETA: Convinced The Fox is Wayne Brady. He’s won FIVE Emmys. Also, Wayne stuttered as a child, and was bullied by other kids, according to his Wikipedia page.

Performance: Hey Look Ma I Made It by Panic at the Disco – Fox is definitely a seasoned performer. Not only does he sing, but does choreography as well. Again. Very sure Fox is Wayne Brady. This person has been on stage, for sure. Robin guesses AJ McLean. Ken guesses Jamie Foxx. Nicole guesses Ne-Yo. “It’s ironic that I’ve spent most of my life in costume. I imagined that I’d spend my time in uniform.” 

OK. Time for the first vote.

RESULTS: The Penguin is eliminated! Final guesses: Jenny says Nicole Byer. Ken says Wanda Sykes. Nicole says Star Jones. Robin guesses Mindy Kaling.  Nick thinks he knows who it is. AND YES It’S SHERRI SHEPHERD. She was Jenny’s first guess. She’s who Nick guessed (to himself). Her son wanted her to do the show. 

Second hour will feature FIVE MORE celebrities. Anthony Anderson will guest host.

The Black Widow

Clues: She mentioned Memphis and Bel Air. Lots of home decor hints. Her arm is broken!

Performance: Believe by Cher – She covered Carrie Underwood last time. Black Widow is crossing genres. Ken compliments her crouch game. Ken guesses Raven Symone. Ken guesses Miranda Lambert. WTF? Each singer will bring something from home Black Widow brings whipped cream and crackers. “I’ve spun webs around these tasty treats.” Anthony guesses Drew Barrymore. The Raven Symone clue fits all the prior guesses. And Raven can sing. 

The Thingamajig

Clues: He’s used to his voice winning over the ladies. He likes to break break with the homies. SHOES seem to be a major clue.

Performance: Ain’t Too Proud to Beg by Temptations – Thingamajig has a pretty good voice! But he’s NOT a singer. Not even close. I don’t think the judges will ever guess him correctly. Clues point to Thingamajig being Victor Oladipo. He’s a basketball player, but not a super famous one. Hm. This performance wasn’t as good as last time. He lacks the necessary groove to pull off Motown. Robin guesses Montell Jordan. Jenny guesses retired NBA player Tony Parker. Nicole guesses Dennis Rodman. Oh the rehab clue from last week was a ruse. NOT ALCOHOL. Basketball injury! Victor spent months and months coming back from surgery. Ken guesses Ron Devoe. The revealing item: American Sign Language Dictionary. Interesting “This book taught me to communicate with others.” ETA: Victor’s sister Kendra became deaf in second grade.

The Butterfly 

Clues: She was shocked last time during rehearsal. Oh noes.  There’s a reference to”Joyful Noise” and a gospel choir. Also a reference to winning a Brit Award. Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams is a gospel singer and has also starred on stage in London’s West End.. 

Performance: Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones – Butterfly is so obviously a singer. What’s more, the clues have really given her away. Especially the London/Brit clues. Butterfly is most certainly Michelle Williams, who has appeared on stage in London. Nicole notes her texture. Someone from Destiny’s Child she says and guesses…Michelle Williams. Jenny agrees. They guessed! Robin disagrees. He guesses Leona Lewis. They are confused by the London clues? Are they discouraged from using Google? Butterfly’s revealing item is a forensic kit. “I once had a chance to choose life or death.” Ken guesses Norah Jones. He’s ridiculous. 

The Leopard

Clues: Star Strikes a Pose. Slow Jamz plays at the White House. RU going to go my way. So many clues are phrases from newspaper headlines. He’s the fresh new edition of the “old me.”  

Performance: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry – The crowd loved that! Nice, raspy vocal. Ha. Leopard is kneeling before Nick. Is he proposing? Ken guesses Bobby Brown. He is not that tall. Ken is just thinking up the stupidest guesses he can.  Anthony has no idea. Everybody else thinks it’s Billy Porter. NOPE. In older clues Leopard hinted at an unhappy childhood. Billy had a very stable childhood in Pittsburgh. His revealing item are old fashioned cameras “I much prefer being behind the lens.” Nicole guesses Tyler Perry. I think Leopard is Seal

The Flamingo

Clues: She hated the sound of her own voice. She had stage fright. She’s acted, sung and dances her way to the top. This bird is anything but basic.

Performance: Never Enough by Loren Allred – This is the big performance of the night. She hits those high notes. Everyone is on their feet. Flamingo is not going home. Jenny calls it the best of the show yet. Robin guesses Fantasia. Oh c’mon dude YOU KNOW FANTASIA. Not her. Anthony agrees. NOOOO. Jenny is sticking with Adrienne Bailon. And that is correct. Her revealing item is an NAACP award. 

Oh man. There were no bad singers tonight. I have no predictions. 

Results: The Black Widow is eliminated. Final guesses: Nicole guesses Raven Symone. Robin wrote a song for Raven. He agrees with Nicole. Anthony knows her too. But doesn’t think it’s her. He guesses Drew Barrymore (she can’t sing like that!). Jenny guesses Amber Riley. And Ken sticks with the ridiculous Miranda Lambert guess.  AND as everyone already knew. The Black Widow is Raven Symone


The Penguin: Sherri Shepherd
The Black Widow: Raven Symone


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