The Masked Dancer Recap and Results: It’s the Premiere! (Video)

The Masked Dancer premieres tonight on FOX, and we are liveblogging the performance and results here.

Ken Jeong from The Masked Singer sits on the panel next to former American Idol and SYTYCD judge Paula Abdul, actress Ashley Tisdale and former The Masked Singer contestant Brian Austin Green. Actor and comedian Craig Robinson hosts.

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The short season features 10 costumed celebrities. Tonight we meet five: Disco Ball, Tulip, Cricket, Hammerhead and Exotic Bird.

The show begins with a football themed dance routine from the backups. The announcer introduces all 10 contestants, but only 5 will compete tonight. 


Oh. Look. The fake audience is back.


Clues: Surf music! There’s a burger and a coffee cup. He became fame “almost too quickly.” He realized he just wasn’t happy! Now he’s…paining? What’s that clock? 

Performance.: Everybody by Backstreet boys – The routine will contain clues. He’s jumping around with a beach ball. I have a feeling he’s a sports figure of some kind, rather than a trained dancer or performer. Each contestant will say one word called “Word Up” without voice modulation. Hammerhead’s word is “DRAMATIC.” Ken thinks he’s Carrot Top. Paula guesses Joe Jonas. Brian guesses Zac Efron


Clues: An old fashioned alarm clock with “tick tock” printed on it’s face. The No. 11 on a cereal box.   She was teased growing up. Glee Club. Hm. Her confidence tumbled. She clicks her heels like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Scrambled eggs?

Performance: Fergalicious by Fergie – She’s tap dancing! She’s obviously a trained dancer. She finishes with some extra fancy tapping. She’ll be sticking around. Paula is so excited that she taps and confirms “Definitely a trained dancer.” Her word is “Triple” Triple threat, says Paula. Ashley guesses Tik Tok star Charlie Demilio (I have no idea who that is). Paula guesses Ariana Grande because Tulip has her hair in a ponytail (NO ACTUALLY BIG STARS WILL COMPETE ON THIS SHOW!). Ken guesses Heather Morris (He played her father on Glee.)


Clues: He’s always bet on himself. He has been unlucky in love, until he found the right person. 90201 flashes on a slot machine, in a Las Vegas themed clue package. He’s ready to jump for his love.

Performance: Jump (For my Love) by Pointer Sisters – Cricket is very tall! He’s also a pretty terrible dancer! The routine consists of him shuffling around and jumping up and down. He could definitely be eliminated tonight. Cricket’s word is Accomplished.  Ken guesses Ryan Reynolds. Brian guesses Ian Ziering. Ashley thinks it’s Ashton Kutcher

Disco Ball

Clues: He grew up in a “rough block” and lost his parents at a young age. There’s a shark in swimming pool. A judges gavel.

Performance: Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars – Just like Cricket, Disco Ball is shuffling around the stage. A couple of points and sidesteps, and that’s it. Oh. he knocks his knees together a few times. That might be his big move. Definitely a candidate for elimination. Disco Balls word is “Grammy” So is he a singer? Paula reminds everyone that comedians can win grammys too. Ashley guesses MC Hammer. Brian guesses LL Cool J. Ken guesses Smokey Robinson.

Exotic Bird 

Clues: She’s on a race track. A gun shoots a flag that says “Bang.” She’s a little competitor. She started as a teenager. But it wasn’t easy after that. She felt attacked a lot. She breaks some eggs. There is a narrator…so maybe a sports figure? She’s very tall.

Performance: Con Calma – She does some Latin ballroom at the beginning. I don’t know if she’s trained, but she possesses natural rhythm. Paula is impressed by the footwork, calling her a natural performer. Exotic Bird’s word is Scored. I think she may be a basketball player. Paula thinks she’s Jennifer Hudson OH C’MON PAULER YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THAT. Ken guesses Venus Williams


The first dancer of Group A to be voted off is…Disco Ball! Each of the judges will ask questions. He’s been on the big screen and smail. He’s possibly on the radio. He’s won awards other than the Grammys. He was famous in the 90s. Brian thinks its LL Cool J. Ken thinks its Smokey Robinson. Paula thinks its Ving Rhames. Ashley thinks its Lionel Richie

And Disco Ball is Ice T!!!!!


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