The Fix is in For The Top 4? Seriously?

Initially, I posted this gossip item from The New York Daily News in today’s headlines thread, rather than in it’s own post, because it seemed kind of silly.

I mean, am I the only one who finds it hard to believe that a) the entire Top 4 is fixed and b) there’s some random AI staffer who is privvy to this information?

One of the hit show staffers is running around telling anyone wholl listen that the team of producers and judges has already picked the final four contestants ‘  despite the fact that 11 kids are still battling to be the latest pop star.

The female …AI worker told a …group of people that the last four are going to be Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert and Alexis Grace, said our insider. Asked if this was opinion or actual fact, the staffer vehemently retorted, …Those ARE the people, saying it wasnt mere speculation.

It’s not that I don’t believe TPTB might have an idea of who they would like to be in the Top 4 and will try their hardest to manipulate the outcome.   But I just don’t believe the show is fixed.   And I don’t think there are staffers running around naming names and claiming the fix is in.   If they are, they are lying, or off their meds.

If there is some secret list of Top 4 wannabees TPTB are gunning for, it’s possible there’s at least one stealth TCO on that list who isn’t yet a front runner–Matt Giraud or Michael Sarver perhaps.

The thing that really made me question the report was this:

…Adam Lambert and Lil Rounds are better singers and musicians than Gokey and Grace, but theyre too much like past winners and ‹A successes, the woman said. …Adam too close in style and sound to Chris Daughtry, while Lil Rounds is a dead ringer for Fantasia. Even their background stories are similar!

…The producers really want it to be Danny or Alexis. They think theyre very commercially viable, have a good image and a great story.

Adam Lambert = Chris Daughtry? Really? Lolz.

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