The Bachelorette Recap: Katie Makes New Connections, Jealousy Ensues


On this week’s The Bachelorette fourteen remaining suitors breathe a sigh of relief as they declare FINALLY ALL THE GUYS ARE HERE FOR THE RIGHT REASONS! Of course, there is no relaxing on The Bachelorette, as Tayshia drops the bomb that Katie added another Bachelor  to the mix–Blake Moynes from her season.

Later on the massive group date, Bachelor Nation favorites Wells Adams and Franco stop by to introduce and commentate on an intense game of something called Bash Ball. Unfortunately, some of the men take the name too seriously, resulting in Katie stopping the game early.

Katie and Andrew S. have an important conversation about their future and Hunter gets greedy with Katie’s time. Spoiler alert: NEW VILLAIN!

Blake faces a hostile group of guys

Blake fully realizes that the current suitors will all be BIG MAD when he shows up. What’s more, co-host and former Bachelorette Kaitlyn warns Katie that the guys will be mad at HER when they find out she invited Blake to join them.

Tayshia drops by to give the guys the GREAT NEWS! She admits straight up that she introduced the new suitor to Katie and she invited him to join the fellas. That man will be here soon, she says, without revealing who he is.

As the guys give Blake the cold shoulder after he walks in, he offers, “I know exactly how you guys feel. I know you don’t want to see me here.” The guys can’t understand WHY he came half way through the show.

Blake gets the one on one with Katie

Making the guys even madder: Blake gets a one-on-one date with Katie on his first day. Hunter, who hoped to finally get some solo time with Katie is especially disappointed. Katie arrives and greets a bunch of  really mopey dudes “I do value every relationship here.” She admits there is “good chemistry” between her and Blake before adding, “I have to follow my heart.”

Katie insists that she’s getting the date with Blake out of the way. If they don’t hit it off immediately, she’ll send him home. Their date involves horseback riding. Blake loves his wildlife trips to Africa. Katie also loves the outdoors. She says it’s easy to be with him. And he’s a good kisser.

A warning card flashed ahead of the next segment “The following segment explores themes of consent and sexual assault. Viewer discretion is advised.” ABC must have received complaints after the episode where Katie shared her story of sexual assault

Katie and Blake talk about consent

Blake asks about how she became so sex positive, and Katie again describes how, 10 years ago, she had sex with a man without giving her consent. She entered a relationship with him, which really messed her up. Healing from that experience helped her become comfortable with sex. Afterward, Blake says all the right words, albeit a bit awkwardly. Katie, however, finds him “easy to talk to” and she gives him the date rose.

I don’t know. Blake seems really boring. And the kind of insincere guy who will say what a person wants to hear.

American Idol’s Laine Hardy serenades Katie and Blake

Afterward the two celebrate. OH IT’S AMERICAN IDOL 2019 WINNER LAINE HARDY SINGING HIS SINGLE “MEMORIZE YOU” AS THE COUPLE DANCE. Katie namechecks Laine and declares that “Memorize You” was the perfect song to dance with Blake. (Watch the performance HERE.)

An innocent game of bash ball goes wrong

Time for the group date: Greg, Quartney, Aaron, Mike P, Michael A., Andrew M., Josh, Justin, Brendan, James, Connor B, Tre, and Hunter. It’s a big group. Andrew S. gets the one-on-one. Hunter is not amused.

The date takes place out on a big outdoor field. Katie explains that she loves sports. Bachelor nation “legends” Wells and Franco will officiate and offer color commentary. The name of the game is bash ball. The winning team gets extra time with Katie at an afterparty. Winning is the suitors only shot at the date rose. 

The guys are dressed in ridiculous outfits featuring short shorts, and hearts on their a****. Hunter, still butt hurt over Blake, is playing very aggressively. The game gets “chippy” as they say, as Aaron aggressively tackles Michael A. from behind. He’s down and can’t breathe. Aaron apologizes after. But Katie calls the game, deciding to invite the entire group to the afterparty.  

Hunter makes the right move, the guys hate him

Katie pulls Michael A aside to say she felt horrible that he got hit. The day before was his late wife’s birthday. They confirm their growing bond. Another contender, Connor B., pulls Katie aside to sing a little ditty he composed, while strumming a ukulele. Katie is charmed. 

The guys dispatched with Thomas last week, now it’s time to set a new suitor in their sights. They all turn on Hunter from getting aggressive during the Bash Ball game. Hunter has not had a one on one date with Katie, but he remains confident he can win her heart.”There’s no one else like me here,” he brags. In their chat, Hunter brings pictures of his kids to show Katie and she’s all “I LOVE THAT.” Hunter acts like he pulled off the perfect move. He’s thinking he’ll get the rose.

Michael A shares his pain with the group

Michael A finally shares with the rest of the men how he lost his wife of 14 years to cancer two years ago. Greg is sympathetic. He can’t believe how Michael remains positive. Tre is actually crying when Michael shares that his wife’s birthday was the day before. Michael breaks down. Greg cries as he confesses to the camera,  “He puts life into perspective.” Michael stresses that we are here for a finite time. “Don’t waste your time.”

Katie notes Greg’s “resting sad face” and his jealousy of the other guys. He admits that he’s falling for her, and is willing to fight for her heart. Greg seemed so sad, Katie was afraid he would leave. But he promises that he’s in it for the long haul. 

Hoo boy Katie gives the rose to Hunter. “Everything is falling into place,” he says. Greg’s “resting sad face” is back in full force. Now, the guys are really gunning for him. 

Katie and Andrew have a hard conversation about race

Katie and Andrew S’s date is late at night. They take lanterns into the woods. Katie plugs a thing in, and a bunch of hanging lights come to life. Envelopes dangle from the trees with instructions for the couple.  Andrew shows off his “signature dance moves” in addition to attempting animal imitations (he’s bad!) It’s a pretty lame date.

Still, the two bond over their poverty-stricken childhoods and dysfunctional parents. She loves the energy they share.  Andrew’s dad ended up in jail. Playing football was an escape. After growing up with an absent dad, Andrew pledges he’ll be there for his kids in the way his father was not. Katie’s parents divorced, and she can relate. 

Andrew wants to talk about them being an interracial couple. A woman he was with worried about having interracial children. Katie admits, as a white woman, she’s naive. But she doesn’t give a f*** what people might think of their children. “I’ve really fallen for your heart” says Andrew. She thinks he’s fantastic. They end the night with champagne in the hot tub. She gives him the date rose. 

The group sets their sights on Hunter

Hunter has a rose, but he still pulls Katie aside. He brought a telescope from home. The guys who got no time with her are MAD. James decides to interrupt them. Hunter is all NOPE. James walks away, but still hovers. In the meantime, Hunter presses Katie for a one on one. But in the middle of all that, James pulls her away. Katie appreciates his assertiveness. “I do have feelings for you. They grow every day.” 

Hunter has it out with James, Tre and Aaron about stealing time, despite being safe with a date rose.Hunter doesn’t give a crap. “I’m only here for Katie,” he insists.

Three men leave the competition

Time for the rose ceremony: Greg, Aaron, Michael A., Connor B., James, Justin, Mike P., Brendan, and Tre get roses. Blake, Andrew S. and Hunter already had date roses.

Leaving this week: Quartney, Andrew M. and Josh.

Hunter vows that he will not allow the other guys to steal his joy. He believes he could marry Katie. In other words, he’s about to get the rug pulled out from under him. 


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