The Bachelorette 9 – Week 9 – The Men Tell All (VIDEO, POLL)

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Join us at 8p/7p on ABC as we live-blog The Bachelorette 9 Week 9, Desiree Hartsock’s The Men Tell All (MTA). Ben & James take the hotseat, as does Zak Waddell. Will Zak be our next Bachelor? Will the guys back Ben & James. Watch as past Bettes like Emily, Ashley, and Ali give Des some much-needed advice & tips. And find out what might happen in the final 2 episodes of this Journey.

As usual, I’ll live-blog off an East coast live internet feed so long as it works, then again off the West coast live broadcast.


While you wait, here are some recent media pieces to prep you for this episode –

The Rose Forecast: the Men Tell All
via ABC’s The Bachelorette channel on

The Men Tell All: Desiree Hartsock’s Question for James
via ABC’s The Bachelorette channel on

Note : all the videos that get played after either of these two are various clips of Zak in succession. Ummm…Zak for Bachelor?!

Bachelorette Hometown Recap — Plus, Why Is Men Tell All Happening Early?

via POPSUGAR Entertainment’s YouTube channel

‘The Bachelorette’ Tells All About the ‘Men Tell All’
video via Yahoo TV’s Prime Time channel
Note: Des endorses Zak for Bachelor in the above vid!

SCOTT & TODD talk to ZAK
audio via Scott & Todd’s SoundCloud channel
Note: Zak admits that the guys knew that Des was into Brooks!

Tweets from Bach Nation

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    I’m so thankful I didn’t have to go on #MenTellAll Just watching this gives me anxiety

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    With @psshwillreese @michaelgarofola at #MTA after party #bachelorette

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The Party Bus

The episode starts with Chris Harrison and Desiree Hartsock crashing what looks to be a Mothers-Daughters Bette viewing party.

House #2: A large co-ed viewing party. In fact, dudes with wine come to answer the door!

Next up: NYC Manhattan to meet Ashley & JP.
Together they all crash a couple of NYC viewing parties.
Des: They are America’s sweetest couple.
Ashley: The fans are welcoming us with open arms.
JP: And open bars!

Jason, Molly, and baby Riley and Trista all join in on the party-crashing. Together they all hop aboard The Party Bus, along with the viewing partiers!

Trista: I love Des, so genuine, so deserving of happiness.

    Molly Mesnick ?@MollyMesnick 4m
    Well well…that was a fun little surprise seeing the Mesnick fam on TV tonight :) totally forgot about our party crash. So fun!

    Jason Mesnick ?@jason_mesnick 4m
    Would you rather see @JuanPaGalavis or @RealZakWaddell as the next #Bachelor?

    Andrew Kimmel ?@andrewkimmel_ 58s
    #bacheloretteblowout! @deshartsock @tristasutter @jason_mesnick @jp_rosenbaum @ashhebert @MollyMesnick…


The Bettes Give Advice on Bad Boys

Bettes Emily, Ashley, and Ali join Des outdoors poolside with drinks as they advise Des on how to handle the villains at the Men Tell All.

Emily reviews how she handled Kalon.
Ali asks why Ben was so bad.
Re Brian, Ali reviews how she handled Rated R.
Re James, Ali talks about true intentions & manipulations.
“Cheers to putting guys in their place!”

Bach Nation Weighs In

    Ashley L. Rosenbaum ?@ashhebert 6s
    Wow, thats the most quiet I’ve been… Ever. #Bachelorette lol!

    Diogo Custodio ?@DiogoCustodio 2m
    They didn’t invite me… :( “@realangeladawn: @DiogoCustodio why werent you apart of the show?”

    Jef Holm ?@jefholm 5m
    I hope @KalonMcM is the next bachelor, so all 25 girls can go backwoods hood rat on his ass.

    Kalon McMahon ?@KalonMcM 14m
    I hope @jefholm is the next #bachelor so they can do a Mormon edition where he just gets to marry all 25 chicks #herum

    Sarah Herron ?@sarahherron 14m
    I just might have to Bach-Chat tonight. #FeelingInspired #TheBachelorette #MTA


The Guys

In attendance:
Robert, Dan, Nick, Brad, Johnathan, Brian, Brandon, Will, Zack K, James (boo’d), Ben (boo’d), Mikey T, Juan Pablo, Kasey, Michael G, Zak W.

Chris H spends a lot of time talking to Juan Pablo. More talk time than he ever got on the show!

Chris H to Juan Pa: Looks like you’ll need security to get outa here.

Zak W to Chris H re being on The Bette: I had no expectations. It was so easy to let myself fall in love. I would do this over and over and over again!

Juan Pablo: It was a lot of drama, man! Interesting Drama!

Michael G: I was surprised, most of us got along. 25 guys competing for 1 woman, you expect more (drama).

Then they show us clips from the first night –

    Des as Beautiful Bette, Wholesome & Pure (per Casey)
    Zak W as Shirtless Guy
    Johnathan as Fantasy Suite Guy
    Brian as ExGF Guy – a repeat of Stephanie’s high-pitched squeal uggh!
    Ben as Using His Son Guy
    James as Next Bachelor Guy

Michael G: Ben is my least favorite guy in the house, but the biggest douchebag, that would be James.


Jonathan: First & foremost, glad I wasn’t boo’d!
Michael G: That’s cuz no one remembered you!
Jonathan: He says it was a joke gone wrong. He apologizes to the viewers, the guys, and to Des. Casey defends Des’ honor.

Chose not to show up. Mikey T and Ben call him out as a coward. Casey blames Brian for ruining his 1-on-1 date & thus his chances.
Ben (as the Voice of Reason?): He cheated on her on national television and expected not to get caught? Seriously?
Brandon: You don’t do that to a woman, ever.

Another random Chris H callout to Juan Pablo
Chris H: Were you surprised at the competition?
Juan Pablo: To me it’s not a competition. At the end of the day, Des is the one deciding. I can’t win every competition, I can’t win the Lone Ranger.

Looks like they are seriously considering Juan Pa for Bachelor. Looks like TPTB have been reading our polls!


Ben in the Hot Seat

We see clips of Ben & his son (“and best friend”) Brody emerging from the limo, Ben & Des stealing a 15 min car ride in the blue Bentley.

Des notes that a guy being an outcast in this great group “says something” about Ben.

FF to the 2-on-1 date, with Michael calling Ben out for not attending Easter service.

Ben’s exit limo ride gets boo’d by the audience.

Ben: I had just been dumped by a girl I really like. And I got to see the guy who she chose me over. For eight hours I was bashed.

Ben: Where I come from, you pursue a woman pretty hard.

Mikey T is this season’s “voice of reason” at the MTA. There’s always 1 guy who we rarely heard from all season who dominates the MTA. Think Nick P during Bette Ashley’s MTA.

Dan says Brody & his mom found Dan in Vegas and told him her story of Ben. Not exactly flattering. Like that Ben cheated on his GF with her.

Zak W: Compares Ben & Juan Pablo as fathers, saying that Juan Pa brought his daughter up in every conversation.

Bach Nation Speaks

    J.P. Rosenbaum ?@JP_Rosenbaum 3m
    I really think those who don’t make it longer than a week should open there mouths at this thing #TheBachelorette #mentellall

    Emily Maynard ?@EmilyMaynard 4m
    I don’t think I’ve ever even seen half of these guys. #Bachelorette

    Frank Neuschaefer ?@neuschaefer 4m
    “Where I’m from, you pursue pretty hard.” …I mean, you know how they do it in Lubbock, Texas!

    Ben Scott ?@BenScottTX 5m
    Wouldn’t y’all be hurt if you just got broken up with? People say things out of anger #noexcuse #mentellall #Bachelorette

    Ben Scott ?@BenScottTX 7m
    Nothing Dan said was true my son’s mother would never say that. Just dumb gossip #Mentellall

    Jason Biggs ?@JasonBiggs 12m
    Nice to see Juan Pablo’s sweet man tush again. #Bachelorette

    Brandon Andreen ?@onlyonebrandon 1m
    Fire! You don’t treat a woman like that, ever. #SorryNotSorry

    Krisily Kennedy ?@krisily 1m
    Why do all these guys look so much better tonight than they did all season?! #thebachelorette


James in the Hot Seat

James out of the limo: Love is Loyalty
Des: the Atlantic City date was one of the best she’s had

Playback the scene where Casey, Drew, and Michael G all confront James. Then James crying to Des: “And if you think that, then I should go.”

James limo exit: “I got bullied. How did I come off to be such a bad person?”

James explains his conversation with Mikey T: “We had a conversation that real men have.” “My words were twisted.” “My connection with Des was so strong.” “I think a few guys that owe me an apology. I don’t care what Casey or Drew have to say any more.”

Bach Nation Sounds Off

    John Wolfner ?@jwolfner 29s
    “@RyanBowers22: Every top guy talks about the what ifs! So funny these dudes get mad”
    I was so drunk and mad at you dude, well mostly drunk

    Stephanie A ?@StephTweets 4m
    Each time I hear James say “Why me?” I have flashbacks of Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. #Bachelorette #MenTellAll #iceicebaby

    RealitySteve ?@RealitySteve 5m
    Guys who wear suits with no socks shouldn’t be trusted.


The Guys Fire Back at James

Mikey T: Brooks got the group date rose. Clearly Brooks is nothing like Mikey T or James, who are similar and both live in Chicago.
Casey & Mikey T argue. But then Casey explains in detail.

I have to admit, Casey is both detailed and articulate in this high-pressure situation. He explains quite plainly that Mikey T was on his way out anyways, but James is telling Des he’s falling in love and meanwhile saying these things with Mikey T.

Chris H asks Juan Pablo his opinion?!?!
Juan P: He’s a great guy, but I don’t want my daughter or my sister to date him.

Chris H to James: Would you be the Bachelor?
James: I’d have to consult my family & friends. I do want to find love though.

    Ali Fedotowsky ?@AliFedotowsky 14m
    I am SOOO team Kasey right now! #thebachelorette @eonline


Clorox Bleachable Moment Winner

Johnathan’s limo entrance & the fantasy suite card.

    Chris Bukowski ?@chrisjbukowski 2m
    @realjamescase @MikeyTenerelli so about this boat.. Way to hold your ground boys. #Chicago #Bachelorette

    Someone wants to make sure her F1/F2 are NOT the next Bach LOL!
    Emily Maynard ?@EmilyMaynard 2m
    Juan Pablo is still a babe.

    Coastal ?@AftertheRose 29s
    @ashhebert Who knows, but it seems different than past seasons. How they aren’t calling it FD’s and MTP/LCD’s? Makes you wonder what’s up?

    Many fans would agree…
    Chris Lambton ?@ChrisLambton13 2m
    @CRAIGR1 watching the #Bachelorette #mentellall makes me realize what a great group we had @Tybrownmusic @neuschaefer @Roberto_M_Jr


Juan Pablo in the Hot Seat

Chris H: In the history of the show, no guy has gotten to be so popular with less screen time. Let’s meet the Fan Favorite that we barely got to know!

Juan Pablo’s limo entrance. Juan Pablo in a mini-speedo. Juan Pablo teaches Des to salsa.

Des: Juan Pablo does stand out from the group because he’s charming in that Latin lover way. Juan Pablo has the most edge. Soccer players have the best butts!

Juan Pablo tells Des about his daughter, born in 2009. We see footage of him Skyping his kid. The guys appreciate his connection with his kid.

Juan Pablo’s RC exit ITM, tearing up.

Building up sentiment for Juan Pa as potential next Bach. He is hoping to find somebody to have a family with – a wife and 2 more kids. Hard to date because I have Camilla (the kid) all weekend every weekend.

Hope it works out for him! ;)

BN Women Approve!

    Erica Helaine Rose ?@EricaTheRose 3m
    I wanna date Juan Pablo #thebachelorette

    Frank Neuschaefer ?@neuschaefer 3m
    Let’s hear it, Juan, you’re a born again virgin, too, right? #Bachelorette

    Paige Vigil ?@paigevigil 4m
    Probably won’t be so hard for Juan Pablo to find a date after this. #TheBachelorette

    Rachel Truehart ?@RachTrue_ 6m
    Ummmm @JuanPaGalavis for next #Bachelor please! #gettherose

    Jaclyn Swartz ?@JaclynSwartz 7m
    Forget English. I’m buying Rosetta Stone. #Bachelorette #gettherose

    Ashley L. Rosenbaum ?@ashhebert 7m
    IM SOLD!! Juan Pablo for the next bachelor!!!!!!!


Zak W in the Hot Seat

Highlights reel –
“Will you accept these abs?” limo entrance.
Zak presents Des an Antique journal with his thoughts.
Zak wanted to be a priest. Zak gives Des a ring.
Zak’s RC exit. “What the he&& just happened?”
Zak’s limo exit – “Going back home to kind of a dark place.” “The life I had is a lonely life. I just want to spend my life with somebody.”

Chris H asks him to explain his feelings.
Zak: Just a feeling of defeat. I always come on a little strong, I take some risks.
Zak: I literally spend half the year out on the rig. Not a lot of girls out there. All my friends are married, kids. I don’t wanna be that creepy lonely guy chasing after girls.

Journal has a poem in invisible ink. Zak allows Chris H to read it aloud. “Love is our only hope for happiness.”

Chris H: Are you still in love with Des?
Zak: Yeah. It won’t just go away.

Poor Zak. Another strong Bachelor Nomination Performance!

If I were 20 years younger, both Zak & Juan Pa would be on my list!

BN is on fire tonight!

    J.P. Rosenbaum ?@JP_Rosenbaum 3m
    Oh please god, no more poetry this season/ever. #thebachelorette

    Jenna misses the point about girls proximity to oil rigs
    Jenna Burke ?@TheOverAnalyst 4m
    Join Tinder Zak #Bachelorette

    Dana Weiss ?@Possessionista 7m
    When Zak refers to that “dark place” I think he’s talking about Mystic Tan. #Bachelorette

    Zack Kalter ?@ZackKalter 8m
    I should have just made really awkward facial expressions to everything everyone said and did. #MenTellAll


Bette Des in the Hot Seat – The Villains

Des: “It’s not every day that you get to see all your ex-boyfriends!”

Johnathan apologizes to Des wholeheartedly. “Mainly I feel bad if I made your journey start off on the wrong foot.” Reputation redeemed.

Des re Ben: “I couldn’t gauge emotion in his eyes when he talked. It seemed insincere. [His limo exit] was very arrogant. Putting on a persona”

Michael G admits that he “ran with that” too far in putting down Ben during their 2-on-1.

Des to James: “Watching back the show, it was clear that you were manipulating me. We were in a relationship.”
James to Des: “Yeah but you were in a relationship with 25 guys.”
Good comeback, James.

    Ashley S. ?@AshleySpivey 1m
    But you have the best bangs of allllll time!!! RT @RachTrue_: “@AshleySpivey: I miss Des’ bangs. #bachelorette” agreed

    Rachel Truehart ?@RachTrue_ 2m
    Lovin Des’s dress!

    Jonathan Vollinger ?@TheJonathanV 2m
    @RyanBowers22 Thanks buddy! Sometimes you just gotta fall on the sword. Thanks for the advice btw. Think it went well.

    LiveBachelor ?@LiveBachelor 15m
    Juan Pablo is now trending more than the royal baby. #thebachelorette

    Ashley Elgin ?@BachelorExpert 15m
    I think Jonathan realized there was no #BachelorPad this summer and felt he needed to get it together. #Bachelorette

    Krisily Kennedy ?@krisily 13m
    So I feel bad for Jonathan the fantasy suite guy he seems pretty sincere ! #thebachelorette


Des in the Hot Seat – Potential Bachelors

Juan Pablo: Why didn’t I get a 1-on-1 date?
Des: Most women will think you are mucho caliente!

Des: You hid behind a smile, just like Sean said I did when he let me go.
Zak: I get that now. Thank you for saying that.
Zak sings Des a song he wrote. Good country-music voice & twang!
Des: (with a mix of awkwardness and humility) you are gonna make me cry.

    Courtney Robertson ?@bugrobertson 26m
    Does anyone else think Juan Pablos a young latin Christopher Walken?My boyfriend thinks so, he won’t stop yelling Juan Pablo 4 #bachelor !

    Kalon McMahon ?@KalonMcM 26s
    Zach has got a legit Chris Isaac thing going #kudos Well played sir #bachelorette

    Ali Fedotowsky ?@AliFedotowsky 1m
    Did Zak really write a song? This is a joke right? Is he trying to get a record deal? #thebachelorette @eoline



Hope we’ll find these online and attach them here.

    ashlee frazier ?@ashleefrazier 41s
    Man!! Y’all didn’t like the song? I did. Boo to me then :( #TheBachelorette #mta

    Rachel Truehart ?@RachTrue_ 1m
    Favorite line of the night goes to @chrisbharrison saying ‘how about next time we just stay at a Marriott?’

    Jen Marcus ?@jenmarcus 3m
    This RT @1chicklette: @jenniferweiner I’d watch Juan Pablo yodeling on an endless loop #thebachelorette

    Will Reese ?@PsshWillReese 3m
    @ZackKalter @RobertGraham24 remember that one time we went to #mentellall? oh yeah. me neither.

    Good Point!
    LaRae Davenport ?@considerthelily 7m
    GUYS! How can you bash @realjamescase for discussing reality and not see Zak singing a song as wanting a record deal?! #bachelorette


Sneak Peek at the Two-Part Finale

Chris H: The most emotionally intense finale we have ever had. I know I say that every season, but this time I mean it.

Des: I wanna love someone who I can give my heart over to, knowing they will never ever want to break it.

It sounded like Drew declared “I’m Gay”.
I’ll have to double-check that.
No, he said “I don’t get it.” really fast.

So the new preview makes it look like she dumps both Chris & Drew and hits a riff with Brooks. Who knows?


Audience Reaction

Various audience members are surveyed on camera. Most are sympathizing with Des, wishing her her happy ending. Upset, emotional, empathy, looks like she ends up with nobody.

BN Concludes

    From TPTB lips to our ears…
    Robert Mills ?@Millsy11374 2m
    Coming soon my #Bachelornation children’s book “The boy who cried most shocking ever”

    Jaclyn Swartz ?@JaclynSwartz 3m
    If they made these previews better than the finale actually turns out to be, I’m killing @theyearofelan & @peterjscalettar. #Bachelorette

    Justin Rego ?@JustinRatedR 7m
    @AliFedotowsky @eonline I have a question.. Why do #TheBachelorette fans have to see you each season 3yrs after yours?Drop the “poor me” act

    Ben Scott ?@BenScottTX 19m
    To my buddies that spoke up for me at #MTA but weren’t shown, thx! @BradMcKinzie @ZackKalter @PsshWillReese @realjamescase @RobertGraham24

    Mikey Tenerelli ?@MikeyTenerelli 29m
    Tonight my hard work and dreams come to fruition, is LIVE! Please check it out and let me…

    Juan Pablo Galavis™ ?@JuanPaGalavis 7m
    Gracias, TOTALES / Thank you ALL…

    Ana C Rodriguez ?@AnaChristinaRod 38m
    Watching this comedy show on tv right now w/ @RyanBowers22… #bachelorette

    James Case ?@realjamescase 5m
    My mother taught me to be an honest Man! #notsorry!!

    Michael G. ?@MichaelGarofola 3m
    @MikeyTenerelli Congrats, bud! Does this mean the blonde women are now a foot taller and the boat has been upgraded to yacht? I kid. Ha.

    RealitySteve ?@RealitySteve 3h
    There is absolutely nothing worse on the “Tell All” episodes than forced facial reactions from the audience. Nothing.

    Looks like Des is hanging out with Ali’s GalPals tonight!
    Desiree Hartsock ?@DesHartsock 5m
    So fun having girl night with some awesome girls @KaleyCuoco @AliFedotowsky @Amy_Davidson @haileyduff #MenTellAll


Exclusive Sneak Peek (during Mistresses)

Des walks down a pier… “I’ve always loved the wrong people. Honestly for me, it’s over.”



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