The Bachelorette 9 – Week 8 – Hometown Dates!! (VIDEOS, POLLS)

Welcome! Join The Bachelorette 9, Desiree Hartsock, as her Journey (TM) for Love takes her back to the USA for her four Hometown Dates (TM) with

    Zak Waddell in Dallas, TX
    Drew Kenney in Scottsdale, AZ
    Chris Siegfried near Portland, OR
    Brooks Forester in Salt Lake City, UT

escorted by our genial host, Chris Harrison.
Who will Des send home? And who will take himself out of the running?

Join me as I live-blog TBette off an east-coast live feed, then fill in the gaps off the live west-coast broadcast. If my east-coast feed fails on me, I’ll just live-blog off the west-coast broadcast tonight.


Meanwhile, do you think Brooks is Ready For Marriage (TM)?
Here’s a preview of Des questioning Brooks’ mom on his commitment level.

via ABC on Hulu
Brooks’ mom thinks they have “kind of a love look” for each other. <3

HTD 1 – Zak in Dallas
“Des is the Perfect Woman!”

Afternoon with Zak
“If you think I am crazy, wait till you meet my family!”, warns Zak.
Des can’t believe the shirtless guy out of the limo is one of her HTDs now!

Zak recounts a dream he had about Des, a beach, a hot sun, melting into the sand, snowing, ice crystals, cups of sno-cones, and 100 kids running out from nowhere. She didn’t follow it. Neither did I. But I did note the “crazy-guy” score playing in the background. Little did we know, Zak was foreshadowing what was to come next…

BACH FACT: If they play “crazy-guy” music during your HTD, you can bet your bottom dollar that your head is on the chopping block!

Foreshadowing… “You know with Zak I never know what I’m gonna get!”

Zak’s family snow-cone truck appears. Zak & Des drive it to an elementary school, where they are met with a gaggle of geese, oh I mean *kids*, lined up for snow cones. Zak surprises Des by appearing in a penguin suit. No, not a tuxedo – I mean an actual penguin costume!

Des: “Zak would make an excellent dad!”
Zak: “Des would make an excellent mom!”

Des: “I can totally imagine a life of goofiness with Zak.”
She’s really, really reaching… ;)

    Dana Weiss [email protected] 47s
    An awesome twist would be if all those kids were Zak’s. You know, she’s got 5 boyfriends, and he’s got 30 babymamas #Bachelorette

    Robert Mills [email protected] 1m
    Apparently drilling fluid engineer is a fancy talk for Shave Ice Technician #Bachelorette

    Ali Fedotowsky [email protected] 3m
    Is this a date with Zak or a commercial for his business? I’m not totally sure #Bachelorette @eonline

    Dana Weiss [email protected] 4m
    All these guys will give Des a headache, but only Zak can give her brain freeze #Bachelorette

    Robert Mills [email protected] 3m
    And now we see why Zak’s not allowed within 200 yards of a school #Bachelorette

    Trista Sutter [email protected] 6m
    On night #1, I knew Ryan had everything i could fall for, but when he took me to Vail, i felt the start of a hard fall. #bachelorette

    Julia Flajnik [email protected] 1m
    Ohhhh hometown dates

Dinner with Zak’s family
“I’ve been completely naked at least 3 times”, declares Zak.
Whadya mean, Zak – on TBette? in front of Des? in life?

Zak’s dad is quite the Silver Fox, isn’t he?? ;)
Actually, Zak’s sis & bro are quite attractive & photogenic, too.

Pow-wow Des + Zak’s mom
Mom: “How do you know when it’s the right guy?”
Mom’s mom: “You know, there’s just this spark.”
Mom observes: “Are you kidding me? They are amazing together!”

Pow-wow Des + Zak’s sis
Sis: “Has he broken *through* the friend zone?”
Des: “Yeah, he’s definitely broken through!”
Sis: “Zak loves life, he loves people, and he will *love* someone forever!”
Des: “I’ve never seen Zak so happy; he walked in with a glow about him I’ve never seen. I’m a little scared, I guess, I just don’t want him to get hurt.”

Pow-wow Zak + his mom
Zak: “She doesn’t care about material things. She’s just a beautiful person!”
Mom: “I thought you had lost your idea of real love. I’m really happy for you!”

Zak & family sing Des a song that Zak wrote!
Is this a Bach/Bette first?
Des: “Those words like hit my heart!”

ILY Declaration #3
Zak gives Des a ring! Des wells up with tears.
“Des, I love you. I do.”

“It’s gonna be the most beautiful day of our lives.”, Zak pontificates.

    Chris Bukowski [email protected] 1m
    The worst thing about getting the first hometown date is having to wait.. And in my case wait to get dumped. #Bachelorette

    John Wolfner [email protected] 3m
    “@AshleySpivey: I would feel super awkward during this Brady Bunch musical moment. #Bachelorette”
    Uhh me too!

    Jaclyn Swartz [email protected] 4m
    Nothing makes me feel more uncomfortable than a family sing off. #bachelorette

    Ali Fedotowsky [email protected] 4m
    I would totally give Zak’s family a rose. They are so fun! #Bachelorette @eonline

    Diogo Custodio [email protected] 23s
    Hope @RealZakWaddell is the next #Bachelor! Such a cool dude!

    Courtney Robertson [email protected] 3m
    Zak and his family won me over, so genuine #Bachelorette

    Trista Sutter [email protected] 4m
    Zak is a class act. Showed America his abs on night #1 & left showing America how kind, fun, & classy he is. #bachelorette

    Andrew Kimmel [email protected]_ 6m
    The Waddells performing for @deshartsock #thebachelorette #bachelornation #texas #familylove #hometowns

    Deleted Scene – Zak’s Bro makes Des an offer she can’t refuse!
    Stephanie A [email protected] 2h
    #Bachelorette Deleted Scene Video: Zak’s Brother @RealZakWaddell @dentwad The Waddell brothers are supastars now. :)

HTD 2 – Drew in Scottsdale

“Today is my day to throw Des in the deep end and see if she can swim.” Romantic. Not.

Afternoon w/ Drew & Melissa
Drew rattles off a long list of relatives that Des will meet.
Eleven, to be exact!

Bach First? – This will be the first time that Drew’s dad will visit Drew’s mom’s house (they are divorced and Mom is remarried.)

Sister Melissa is severely handicapped mentally – can’t feed or bathe on her own, can’t speak. Zak has never taken anyone to Melissa’s house before. Melissa is super excited!

Very moving moment, actually. Melissa is precious.
Hope Melissa’s heart does not get broken after this is over.

“I haven’t said ILY, those words in that exact order, yet. Today is the day that I tell Des that I love her.”

Wait a minute – Didn’t Drew just tell her ILY last week?
What a spin doctor!

    Andrea Lavinthal [email protected] 3m
    Ignore me, Drew, I’m just pissed that you look prettier in pink than I do. And I like that shade of blush on you. #bachelorette

    Ashley S. [email protected] 4m
    No more snarky tweets during Drew’s date because I have serious love and respect after that segment. #Bachelorette

    Jillian Harris [email protected] 2m
    After a 13 hour day I’m plopping Down to watch @BacheloretteABC … This date with Drew has me in tears. The things we take for granted…

    Ali Fedotowsky [email protected] 4m
    The way drew is with his sister is so sweet. Brings tears to my eyes #Bachelorette @eonline

    Sarah Herron [email protected] 4m
    OK…. swoon. #Drew

Evening with Drew’s family
Eleven members in this family. And they didn’t wear nametags.

Des w/ Dad
Dad: “Have you ever met an angel?” “Melissa is our angel for us.”
Dad: “You are real. We would welcome you into our family.”

Drew w/ Mom
Mom: “Are you ready to propose to her?”
Drew: “I can see myself getting down on one knee.”
Mom: “I can too. I can too.”

Drew w/ Dad
Dad: “Gorgeous. Feet on the ground, head on straight. Dead center. An exact match…. If you want to marry this girl, I will throw a party. Go for it. Really!” The excitement & acceptance is palpable! “Bring this girl back into our family, will ya?!”

Des VO: “I want to join Drew’s family right now. I want to stay!”

ILY Moment #3.5
Drew to Des: “They love you. I love you, I do. You fit right in. I love at you, I see happiness, I see all of it.”
Drew to Us: “Her kisses tell me that she’s right there with me.” “The next time I see my family, I will be an engaged man.”

    Coastal [email protected] 1m
    I got to say, Drew’s HTD was one of the best I’ve seen in the Bachelor/Bachelorette history! #bachelorette

    ashlee frazier [email protected] 1m
    Love Desirees nail polish color. Good pic lady @DesHartsock xoxo #TheBachelorette

    Jenna Burke [email protected] 3m
    Bring back @ZackKalter #Bachelorette

    J.P. Rosenbaum [email protected]_Rosenbaum 3m
    In all seriousness, this is the most heartfelt hometown. Warm/welcoming/good people. Kinda familiar. #TheBachelorette

    Rachel Truehart [email protected]_ 6m
    Ok tearing up over how Drew’s dad talks about his daughter being an #angel How sweet was that?! #gettherose

    Ali Fedotowsky [email protected] 8m
    Drew’s dad and mom both have me in tears! Such sweet parents!!!! #Bachelorette @eonline

    Jillian Harris [email protected] 6m
    This hometown date of Drews has got to be the best in #BachelorNation history. Besides my own of course ;))) #Bachelorette

    Robyn Ross [email protected] 19s
    Get ready for the most awkward part of the episode — brought to you by Chris’ nose #TheBachelorette

HTD 3 – Chris in McMinnville, OR

Afternoon: Chris & Des play Baseball in matching blue uniforms
Friend zone’d: “When I’m with Chris, I feel like I’ve known him for a while. I feel comfortable with him.” But then again, “Athletic, adventurous, poetic, romantic.”

Chris: “She’s got an arm! She can hit! This is perfect!”
Des gives Chris a piggy-back to their picnic. Wow, she’s strong.

Des shows Chris some drawings “she” made of Chris. (“She” = production)
Chris: “Let’s go meet the fam.”

    Andrea Lavinthal [email protected] 2m
    Des just called Chris poetic. Somewhere Zak is sobbing into a palette of watercolor paints. #bachelorette

    RealitySteve [email protected] 4m
    Even Roberto is thinking this hometown date playing baseball is a bit much.

    Ashley Elgin [email protected] 4m
    Will we make it through a date without poetry? That is the question. #Bachelorette

    RS is not without rumors this evening…
    RealitySteve [email protected] 42s
    Chris says the last time he brought a girl home was a year and a half ago. Ummm, not true.

    William Holman [email protected] 3m
    im glad she named who was who in those drawings. #confused #Bachelorette

    Jaclyn Swartz [email protected] 31s
    I’m clearly no love expert, but I think Des should pick Chris! #Bachelorette

Evening with The Fam
Chris’s dad George gives the most pseudo-philosophical toast I’ve ever heard. Something about those that love those who love can also love them. Yikes!

George, a chiropractor, also gets the “crazy guy” theme music as he adjusts and aligns and cracks Des’ back.

BACH FACT: If any member of your family is portrayed as odd or crazy, you are also on the chopping block this week.

Chris: “I’m worried about my overprotective mom.”

Des w/ Mom
Mom to Des: “The last one hurt him bad. I don’t want to see that happen again.”

Chris & Sis
Sis to Chris: “You know I didn’t like the last one. Something from day one. Even grandma said so.”

Chris & Mom
Mom to Chris: “What happens when you get back into the real world?”
Ahh, the voice of reason!
Mom goes on: “Too many women are plagued with insecurities their entire lives. Des is not. She’s welcome to our family.” Mom tears up.

At dinner, Mom tells Des: “Chris wanted it to be you. From the airport, Chris texted us: ‘Mom, guess what? It’s Des!'”

BACH FACT: If the episode warns us that an F4’s relative on HTD is overprotective or skeptical, it’s always a rouse to set up a conflict that never comes to bear. Note both Zak’s sis and Chris’ mom both very quickly gave their tearful approval.

Chris re Des: “There’s no possible way these feelings are being expressed with anyone else. It just feels too right and too real.” Typical F2 overconfidence.

BACH FACT: TPTB often pump up the F2 with so much confidence regarding their Journey with the lead that they often make overconfident statements like the one above. It’s not that Chris is cocky; it’s just that TPTB have continually reassured him that the lead is into him. Meanwhile, they pour lots of doubt into the F1 (see: Forester, Brooks) such that either they aren’t sure of the lead (in most cases), or as in Brooks case, they aren’t sure about themselves (i.e. where they stand, what they want).

    Jaclyn Swartz [email protected] 11m
    Acid wash AND contrast stitching?! Hello Chris, you are in the bad jeans club. #Bachelorette

    John Wolfner [email protected] 7m
    Lets forget about the nose adjustments & lets get ole sis to the dentist.

    Desiree Hartsock [email protected] 11m
    Good thing Chris’ dad isn’t a gynecologist… #TheBachelorette

    West Lee [email protected] 14m
    Am I the only one hoping that the family portion of Chris’s date turns into a poetry slam? #Bachelorette

HTD 4 – Brooks in SLC

Brooks continues to hold himself back from falling in love.
Brooks F1 journey or hurdle: getting comfortable with The Process (TM).

Afternoon with Brooks
While practically sitting on his lap over a picnic on a lawn by a lake, Des reminisces with Brooks about their Journey so far together by reading him her journal entry. Brooks is impressed with her hilighting “the little things”.

They hop into a ready-and-waiting canoe on a lake and quickly almost flip into the water!
Brooks: “Kinda feels like we are in a relationship and on a date on a Sunday afternoon.” Maybe that’s what Brooks has been waiting for – normalcy.

    ashlee frazier [email protected] 22s
    Every season needs a canoe… @LesleyMurph @DaniellaMcBride @SelmaAlameri @sarahherron @clmgiudici @RobynRHoward #TheBachelorette

    Jaclyn Swartz [email protected] 3m
    Are you allowed entry into Utah without skinny jeans? #bachelorette

    Key to every season’s plot: notice who the lead is chasing…
    Robyn Ross [email protected] 4m
    Des acts like Brooks is the Bachelor when she’s around him, right? #thebachelorette

    Bachelor Snark [email protected] 6m
    Wait a second Brooks isn’t head over heels in love and ready to get married after 5 dates?!?! that’s SHOCKING. #Bachelorette

    Michelle Money [email protected] 35s
    BROOKS BABY!!!!! I want @DesHartsock to move to UT! RT @AddisynBieber: @MoneyMichelle who are you rooting for her to pick? #TheBachelorette

Evening w/ Brooks’ Burgeoning Family
So many family members that they each are wearing name tags.
The bros make her the center of a Desiree sandwhich. Call this the Desiree Convention!

Pow-wow Des w/ Mom
Mom, questioning: “Important to choose wisely… Have you had enough time?”

Pow-wow Brooks w/ Bros
Brooks: “It feels like we have a relationship.. Loving, sarcastic, witty, looks for the best in people.”
Bro #1: “If Des were gone from my life, can you live without her?”
Bro #2: “Do you think you could make Des happy for the rest of her life?”

Pow-wow Brooks w/ Sis
Drew idolizes his sister’s relationship with her husband Jason. So he asks her what qualities he should look for in a partner & a relationship.
Sis: “Is it hard for you when you leave your partner?… Best friend… Experience life with… Do you feel like that?”

Pow-wow Brooks w/Mom
Brooks: “I feel closer to [getting to marriage] than I ever have… Walls I had put up around my heart… With Desiree, I’m pleasantly surprised by it, to be where I am at.”
Mom: “I think you are very compatible with Desiree.”

Brooks Bro 2 to Des: “Thanks for not being a huge waste of time!” ROFL!
Notice that Des & Brooks hands are intertwined. The only HTD in which Des holds hands with the guy while chatting with the family.

Tender kisses btwn Brooks & Des. Much more tender than any other HTD kisses. Sorry to Chris, Zak, and Drew, but this is Brooks’ to lose.

BTW How much does Brooks look like Johnny Depp?

    Michelle Money [email protected] 5m
    Real Question to @JaclynSwartz If you were stuck on an island with onl ONE of the final four who would it be? #don’tlie
    – Jaclyn Swartz [email protected] 4m
    @MoneyMichelle Zak. He’d entertain me, and himself… #ineverlie. YOU?

    Stephanie A [email protected] 3m
    @brooksforester The Foresters rock! The name tags were priceless! Can see @DesHartsock fitting in in this fun-loving, warm, close family! <3

    Jenna Burke [email protected] 7m
    “@JaclynSwartz: Brooks has game. #Bachelorette” eh not like the boys I’ve associated with

    Trista Sutter [email protected] 9m
    I loved Zak’s family, but i LOVED Brooks’ family!! He just stepped up a notch because of them!

    Courtney Robertson [email protected] 6m
    Brooks = Realistic #Bachelorette

    Ali Fedotowsky [email protected] 5m
    Brooks – your sister gave such good advice. Mary the person you always want to be with! Your best friend! #Bachelorette @eonline

    Lindsay Yenter [email protected] 7m
    I love this family! So sweet! #TeamBrooks #TheBachelorette

Des confronts her brother Nate

As the villain music plays, Nate appears at Des’ apartment.
Nate to Des re Sean: “You were mad for a little while. You’re mad right now!”
Des: “I didn’t expect you to screw it up for me!”
Nate: “That’s how it was meant to be…” LOL.

Des breaks down the F4 for Nate –
Zak: adventurous, just like me, same outlook on life
Drew: sweetest, kind
Chris: athletic, active, good at everything, humble, excellent husband & father material
Brooks: funny, quirky, get each other without having to try to, in the moment, we have fun.

Des to Nate: “I’m worried about what you will say to the guys!”
Nate: “I’m happy that you are in charge of this situation.”

TPTB club us to death with this same theme, over and over…
Nate to us: “I guess Des is worried about how I will react to the guys.”

    Chris Bukowski [email protected] 3m
    Nate would destroy Drew in various ways.. #Bachelorette

    West Lee [email protected] 4m
    This season would’ve been 1,000 times better if Desiree’s brother showed up in every episode to screw with the guys. #Bachelorette

    Dana Weiss [email protected] 5m
    Desiree doesn’t want her brother to be as awkward and hostile as last time. But I kind of do. #Bachelorette

    Final Rose [email protected] 5m
    Will Nate re-use the word playboy this season? #Bachelorette

    Sophienette [email protected] 10m
    OK… final judgement on HTDs… 1) Drew, 2) Brooks, 3) Zak, 4) Chris…(only for HTDs!) #Bachelorette

    Michelle Money [email protected] 5s
    Side note….. @DesHartsock looks amazing in her skinny’s. The end.

    Trista Sutter [email protected] 4m
    Des’ brother may have been physically present during their conversation, but he wasn’t even close 2 being emotionally present #disrespectful

Des chats with Chris Harrison

Chris: “3 of these guys have thrown themselves at your feet…. But you love Brooks… Has Brooks said ILY?”

Des drops another bombshell.. another Bach first!
Des: “I’m hopeful for a proposal… with Brooks!”

But then Des realizes what’s she’s done and tries to recover…
Des, half-heartedly: “But after Chris’ hometown, I’m not so sure.”

Uh, huh.

The Rose Ceremony (TM)

Chris H: “There are some *seriously* strong feelings tonight. That makes tonight so much harder.”

Des’ silver lame is stunning and fits her so well.

Des: “Meeting your families makes this decision so much harder.” Des tears up.

Getting Rose’d (in order): Brooks, Chris

Chris H: Final rose spiel. As usual.

Final Rose’d: Drew

Zak looks crushed. Absolutely crushed. The chipmunk cheeks get inflammed. Eyes well with tears.

Eliminated: Zak

The guys deliberate: “At this point I thought Zak had built up a pretty good relationship with her.” “I’m sure she’s having a hard time right now.” “She’s never gotten that emotional in a rose ceremony prior.”

Des & Zak chat
Des: “You of all people deserve the absolute best in the whole wide world. The ring was such a kind gesture. I don’t think I should keep it.” Des gives Zak back the ring.

The Limo Exit
Zak: “Completely numb… WTH just happened… I let myself completely fall… I thought the HTD… When I tell her I love her and she cries… Yet I’m here going home now… I don’t get it… Going back home to kind of a dark place… I tried to find love before and I just can’t find it… I really thought that this would work out for me… Now I don’t want to go back to the life I had… I spent too many years alone… I just want to spend my life with somebody.”

Defeated, Zak chucks the ring out the limo window.

Don’t worry, Zak. Something tells me that your final performance on TBette will completely turn your life around. ;)

If that limo exit wasn’t a bid for The Next Bachelor Lead, then my name isn’t Rosewise. Zak might have been honest in what he said, but it was extremely well-played. Huzaah, Zak!

Kinda like Des-to-Sean’s “you’re making a mistake”.

    Ashley S. [email protected] 7m
    Hold up – did Zak give her a diamond? Holy hell. #bachelorette

    J.P. Rosenbaum [email protected]_Rosenbaum 7m
    Thats strike 2! RT“@Possessionista: Des gives back the ring. As do all of the #bachelorette eventually” cc: @ashhebert

    Rachel Truehart [email protected]_ 8m
    Wow I’m kinda shocked by this one! Next bachelor??? #gettherose

    West Lee [email protected] 9m
    Start the petition now. Zak for Bachelor. #Bachelorette

    William Holman [email protected] 10m
    Its ok Zak. you get breakup sex. #Bachelorette

    elan gale [email protected] 2h
    I ? Zak

Cliffhanger setup
Des cries while chatting with Chris H: “I just wanna go home.”

via TVTymes YouTube channel

via – click here for Fantasy Date Spoilers!

End Credits
The “Des + Drew = Destiny” word game, put on at Drew’s HTDs.
Would you choose Pancakes over Waffles??

Next week: The Men Tell All!
Ben Drama. Brian Drama. James Drama.
Is Zak still broken-hearted??
Drama Drama. More Drama. Drama Drama Drama.

via TVTymes YouTube channel

    Paige Vigil [email protected] 3m
    Brooks has it in the bag. #TheBachelorette

    Robert Mills [email protected] 8m
    For all of your questions about Drew let me say this. He may have the steamiest of the three fantasy suites: #Bachelorette

    Michelle Money [email protected] 2m
    I am so loving @brooksforester and @DesHartsock together!!!!!! It is so obvious that she is so crazy about him! don’t you think?????

    Rumors? Final? Nah… False Alarm… Read On!
    The Bachelor Fansite [email protected] 13m
    The Next Bachelor Has Been Announced! Who Is He?!

    Bachelor News [email protected]_Gossip 1m
    EXCLUSIVE: Bachelorette Winner @JesseCsincsak Gives A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Hometown Dates … via @Hollywoodite

    A shoutout from the Queen Bee herself!
    Desiree Hartsock [email protected] 6m
    Arizona, Texas, Oregon and Utah! All great places with wonderful families! Thanks for all of your hospitality! #thebachelorette #HOMETOWNS

Sneek Peak at the MTA (aired during Mistresses)
Prior Bettes visit: Emily, Ashley, Ali.
Zak, are you sad now? Yup, being set up for The Next Bach. They always get singled out at MTA.
Male Drama. Ben, James, Brian. More Male Drama. Drama Drama Drama.

Bach Nation Updates

See y’all next time!

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