The Bachelorette 9 – Finale Part 1 – Analysis & Recaps Roundup (VIDEOS, POLL)

I’m just a girl,
standing in front of a boy,
asking him to love her.

Notting Hill

Kinda sums up what we saw Monday night, eh? Actually the movie Notting Hill has a lot of similarities to the Des-Brooks drama. Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) is a movie star; Des is the star of her own reality TV season. William (Hugh Grant) and Brooks are both tall, charming, affable, curly-haired, bumbling, mumbling, and confused about love. The girl chases the guy for most of the movie/season, while the guy thinks the girl has other choices (Anna bcuz she’s a movie star, Des bcuz she has a marem of 25 suitors), so the guy protects his heart and doesn’t invest completely in the girl. When the guy is suddenly blindsided by how deeply the girl has fallen for him, what does he do? In Notting Hill, Anna leaves William, but William tracks her down and HEA (happily ever aftah). In Bette 9, Brooks leaves Des, but… is there an FRC or an HEA for our star-crossed reality duo?

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The Bachelorette S:9 | Episode 10 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow
with Bach Charlie’s F2 Krisily Kennedy

via AfterBuzz TV’s YouTube channel

Chris Harrison blogs ‘The Bachelorette’ finale — part 1
by Host Chris Harrison

In the history of this show we have never seen an episode like this. As I lived through this, and as I watched this back, I was trying to think back through the years to compare this situation to something… but there’s nothing. It was strange watching it all happen in an “exotic” episode — which is usually filled with Fantasy Suite talk, loving embraces, and speculation about an eventual proposal.

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The Bachelorette: Desiree Hartsock Blogs About Being ‘Blindsided and Heartbroken’
by Bette 9 Desiree Hartsock

I never wanted to believe that maybe this experience was more than just hard for Brooks, and that he potentially wasn’t on the same page as me regarding our relationship. From our dates, notes passed and words spoken, he led me to believe that he was on board and wanted this to work out. I had such strong feelings for him that I couldn’t imagine not reaching the full potential of a proposal.
I was surprised watching the episode and seeing the conversations Brooks had with his mother and sister and with Chris Harrison, expressing his doubts and feelings. He never expressed those concerns with me until it was too late. I was completely blindsided and heartbroken by his exit.

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Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelorette Blog: A Shocking Departure! Plus, Ali’s Confession About Roberto
by Bette 6 Ali Fedotowsky

Honestly, more people should think this hard about proposing before doing it on the show. So many people jump into it. He didn’t do that. I have so much respect for him and his decision. I’ve never said this publicly before, but I think I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that I wasn’t 100 percent sure I should have gotten engaged to Roberto. I didn’t really know him then. All I knew is that I was falling in love, swept off my feet in Tahiti, and believed in my heart that I would be ready to get married to him after some time passed. And in my case, as time passed, it didn’t work.

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by Bach Jason and Molly Mesnick
Click here for – Episode 12: Jason turns the tables
Click here for – Episode 11: Proof that reality TV is fake
(many revelations about producer manipulations are revealed!)
via KIRO Radio On-Demand podcasts

Jillian Harris’s Bachelorette Blog: ‘I Think Brooks Was So Courageous’
by Bette 5 Jillian Harris

Even though my heart hurt for Dez last night (I almost couldn’t watch until the end!), I KNEW that even though she was SO devastated, she would heal, come out of this stronger, and find her TRUE love. Furthermore, I think Brooks was so courageous to do what he did. I can think of a certain someone who should have done the same thing. Sometimes it’s easier to just go along for the ride and try to protect someone’s feelings. You think to yourself: “Oh, this person is such a good person and I SHOULD be in love with them, so maybe if I keep on trying it will happen.” That’s called leading someone on, folks. Brooks could have gone along with the ride, gotten engaged, rode the roller coaster, and wasted two years of Dez’s life. But what he did was so brave and 100 percent the right thing for Dez.

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Natalie Getz recaps The Bachelorette: Will Brooks show up next week?
by Bach Jason’s Natalie Getz

After spending the night with another man, Desiree claims she doesn’t even love him and is excited to see Brooks. My thoughts on this situation: Brooks is actually into Desiree. They’ve been dating for six weeks, but not exclusively. He probably knows he wouldn’t propose right away, but wants to date and see what happens. That’s the logical thinking most normal people have. He isn’t falling for the hype of the show and a forced, rushed proposal. If the producers told Brooks he needs to be ready to propose or get the eff out, then what is he supposed to do? He isn’t some a**hole who would propose for the sake of the show, he’s a man falling in love with a lot of pressure behind him. Don’t worry. I predict he’ll be back next week after realizing that he does love her, and that he realized it when he saw how real her love was for him.

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Chris Harrison On ‘Bachelorette’ Blow-Up: There Were Warning Signs
ABC News interview Host Chris Harrison

I’d never seen a Bachelor or Bachelorette say “I love you” before the finale.
It’s been said before. We just choose not to show it all the time. Obviously with this one, it was a bit of a mislead because of what happened, but it needed to be shown because if we got to this point you wouldn’t understand how she felt when this happened. Obviously we knew this happened so I think it was important to establish how in love she was with this guy and then how just how uncertain he was. It was such a bizarre situation that has never happened on the show before where we got to the end and had this curveball. The final two episodes are usually happy and we do the “Men Tell All” and it’s explaining which one of these great guys is it going to be and this beautiful music — and now we’re like, “Okay, do we have a show next week?”

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Chris Harrison on Good Morning America discussing Des-Brooks
includes sneak-peek at Finale Part 2 starting at 5:00

via Dreamer on OnTVTwo’s YouTube channel

Bachelorette Desiree Recap & My Thoughts on the Passing of a Radio Legend
by “Reality Steve”

Sooooo, do we really need to discuss Drew and Chris’ dates? I mean really? Does anyone even remember they had dates during the show last night? I certainly don’t. I highly doubt anyone got to work this morning and said, “Man, did you watch the ‘Bachelorette’ last night? Drew and Des’ date was incredibly sexy!” Uhhhhh, no. When the show started, we had clips of her journeys with all three guys as Des gave a voiceover while the clips played. I gotta say, Des has zero future in voiceover work because she couldn’t have been more obvious she was reading from a script as she was describing all three guys. I figured usually that stuff is audio taken from ITM’s, but this was clear she went into a booth and read word for word what was written on paper and it sounded horrible. Even the sound quality seemed off like she was in a studio reading this while the clips were playing. It was all quite bizarre.

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BachCap Week Nine [mislabeled by blogger – should say Week Ten]
by “zack the bearfighter”

I know ONE big thing happened, but really, nothing happened and venom coursed through my veins overtaking the bourbon like our troops on D-Day as I watched. There were at least three segments separated by commercials where it was just the same shot of Lady Tom Brady holding his graying hair (we caught you) and crying with the saddest girl in the history of Antigua (and I am sure in the pirate era there were some pretty downtrodden pirate wenches if you’ve ever watched any of the classic true stories of the Spanish Main “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

More at Lost Angeles (Bach Ben’s buddy)

Bachelorette Recap: Bye, Bye, Bye Brooks
by Lincee Ray

After a nine week journey that took her to amazing destinations around the world to find her one true love, Des unfortunately got the rug swept out from under her in Antigua. Clearly her “I’m running to the finish line” metaphor fell on deaf ears as a defeated looking Brooks confessed to Chris Harrison that he just didn’t feel anything in his heart for Des.

Welcome back to the starting gate Des.

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by Jen Frase

I cried like a little b. I cried like a big b actually. Like a * baby, good lord.

Let’s dive in – Smitty says, “The television event of the summer starts now.” Well, THAT’s bold. And not correct. He should have said, “The television event that will make you cry like a * little b and then hate yourself for it…starts NOW!”

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Bachelorette Finale Part 1 Recap — Brooks Dumps Desiree | POPSUGAR News

via POPSUGAR Entertainment’s YouTube channel

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“Episode 910 –Season Finale, Part 2” – After enduring heartbreak when Sean Lowe sent her home last season on “The Bachelor,” Desiree Hartsock refused to give up her fairytale dream of romance, and she returned for a second chance at love. After surviving shocking twists and turns, Desiree narrowed down the 25 bachelors to three fabulous guys – Brooks, Chris and Drew. While she was ready to give her heart completely to Brooks, he did not share her feelings. Desiree was expecting fireworks when she met Brooks in Antigua, but when he broke up with her very unexpectedly, she was left crying at the edge of a dock, devastated, heartbroken, hopeless and ready to go home. In this week’s emotional conclusion, Desiree must decide if she can move forward with the other two men or if her hope of finding love has been ruined. Part 2 of the Season Finale of “The Bachelorette” airs MONDAY, AUGUST 5 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Then, emotions run high as Desiree sits down with Chris Harrison, live, to talk about her three final bachelors from this season – Brooks, Chris and Drew. She will take viewers back to those final days in Antigua when Brooks, the man she fell in love with, decided to go home. She will discuss her feelings in those finals days, her relationships with the final three men and the heart-wrenching decisions that she had to make that changed their lives forever. Brooks, Chris and Drew are back to discuss the shocking outcome of the season. It’s the poignant ending to Desiree’s heartfelt journey to find true love, live, on “The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose,” MONDAY, AUGUST 5 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET).

More at ABC Media Net



Most dramatic Season Ending Ever Concludes with
Part 2 of the Season Finale, Airing Monday, August 5 at 8:00 p.m., ET

WHAT: Teleconference call with host Chris Harrison.

WHO: A special opportunity to talk with Chris, who will discuss the season finale, including last night’s surprising exit of fan favorite Brooks and how his decision changed everything. In addition, he will talk about next week’s episode, which includes his emotional and potential game-change conversation with Desiree as she decides if her relationship with either of the remaining two men has the potential to be as intense as the chemistry she had with Brooks — who she thought was the love of her life — and as she weighs the possibilities of married life with Chris or Drew. Drew, a sweet, compassionate and caring man, is completely in love with her while Chris has remained confident in their connection throughout the emotional rollercoaster ride. And the discussion even turns to the possibility of Desiree walking completely away from the experience, leaving Antigua without a proposal.

WHEN: THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 12:30 p.m., ET/ 11:30 p.m., CT/9:30 a.m., PT

More at ABC Media Net


In case you missed it Monday…

The Rose Forecast: The Finale, Part 2
Sneak Peek at the Dramatic Conclusion!

Brooks Breaks Up With Desiree
which just got renamed to
Desiree says goodbye to one of the guys
why rename it? a hint that Brooks isn’t coming back??

The Bachelorette faces a tough goodbye
The ending moments of the breakup

via ABC’s The Bachelorette channel on





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